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Doro PhoneEasy 338gsm

John Goodwin
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Ello Moto

I purchased 2 of the Motorola F3 phones. One for the car, and one for my dear parents.

Not to everyone's taste but the screen works beautifully. Low battery consumption to boot because of the 'electronic ink' display...

The only grumble is that SMS texts take up the whole screen and get sent in lowercase but I rarely use it for texting.

Kept in the car for when I forget my own mobile, and purchased them for 9.99 GBP each with 15 quid airtime - an absolute bargain compared to the Doro!

Microsoft: Don't rush to download Windows 7 RC

John Goodwin

Jaunty versus Windows 7

I'll still be keeping my workhorse as Jaunty has been dead reliable. But although a UNIX afficionado, I've delved in the dark side and have been pleasantly surprised with the Beta and now RC1.

Running in a virtualbox session with 512Mb, it just seems to run faster than Vista ever did - and I'd go so far as to say - on a par with XP.

As for the shutdown every two hours, last time I experienced that nastiness was way back in the day of Win98.

I'll probably whack it on the laptop and see how it goes. The girlfriend is Windows only, and gasps when I boot up with a different GUI hehe ;-)


'World's Worst Banker' joins Lads from Lagos

John Goodwin

I hate the man

How dare he besmirch my good character?


Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users

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For the love of God and all that's holy

Smell the coffee ;-)

£38 (equivalent) a month for a pony 1.5Mb connection with 8%-9% packet loss on average. Come to Uruguay and enjoy the benefits of the monopoly that is ANTEL. Trying to kill someone online on CoD4 takes at least 2 seconds, after which I'm lying on the floor with a bullet in my head. At least I don't get frustrated any more since my 60Gb PS3 broke for the second time with the legendary YLOD. Anyway, I digress.

Having said that, I agree with all the previous comments regarding ISPs and their inability to provide what the customer has paid for. I was on Virgin in the UK up until Feb. this year. The ISP business model is well phukked as they can't supply what they offer. Shameful.

And as for the poor deluded souls who moan on about BitTorrent being the root cause of it all, what complete and utter dullards.

Boeing sets (another) date for first Dreamliner flight

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@@@@shows what happens

Or by spelling the word 'materiel', I suppose he could even be French?

iPhone owners to help clean up vomit

John Goodwin

Shitting their dogs all over the place?

Must be painful arf arf

Microsoft preps IE 8 for the web-challenged

John Goodwin


From a company that has produced non-standards compliant browsers since day dot, I think it's high time they got a taste of their own medicine.

Not exactly 'Peter and the wolf' syndrome, but the analogy is similar.

"Oooh, we're doing things properly now - please spend ages fixing your websites so it looks nice in IE"

I haven't used IE in years thank goodness, and neither have 90% of my PC bitches that I support.

Firefox is making great inroads and it looks like it will grab even more market share with IE8 ;-)

Skull and crossbones, because they've thieved lots of my precious time in the past....

MP calls for Jezza Clarkson's head

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How utterly reliable

There's always one who fails to appreciate the humorous nature of the fuzzy-haired, pot-bellied man's banter.

MP in question is now probably after anyone who tells jokes about the 11th of September. What a dull man.


Cable broadband shines in Virgin Media Q2

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Paris Hilton

Be thankful

I was on 20Mb broadband through BlueYonder aka Virgin until I left old Blighty back in February.

Here in sunny Latin America (Montevideo, Uruguay to be precise) - I'm shelling out £35 a month for a 1.5Mb connection with an average packet loss of 8%. How's that for value? Goes against the grain of 'Rip-off Britain' I feel. Oh, and the fact that I lose DNS regularly. It dropped 137 times in 1 day.

I yearn for my old connection, truly I do. ISO images of the latest Linux distro downloaded in hours, not days. I believe Virgin are doing a good job and are one of the best. Shame I didn't live down in Kent where the trials took place ;-)

Paris, coz she ain't no Virgin (apologies if the lame joke's been said before)


Suprise at spelling snafu sanctions

John Goodwin

I salute you Mike Crawshaw

There are no words full enough in the English language to describe my support for your post, Mike Crawshaw.

I've been called a pedant before for my attention to punctuation and grammar errors on office correspondence and the like. I don't care. I know that I'm right, and the dullards who can't spell or don't know how to use an apostrophe are just cretins.

Simply visit any street market in the UK to see prolific use of apple's, pear's and the like. I like to confuse them by asking "The apple's what?"

<Pedant mode off>

Don't accept it!

Heart, because mine died a little reading this - similar to a previous poster.

Ex-Googlers reinvent web search

John Goodwin

cAsE specific search, and links blocked due to leeching?

Since I'm an old fart, I thought I'd try looking for info on the classy old stalwart of the 70's, the Rover P5B.

Simply typed in rover p5b, and cuil got it's knickers in a twist. Tried with P5B and got this result from a link clicked on:


Leech (computing)

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Access denied: remote loader detected.


This request has been identified as coming from a remote-loading website. This is not Wikipedia, please update your bookmarks. Access Wikipedia only through *.wikipedia.org.

A remote loader is a website that loads content from another site on each request. The content is typically filtered, framed with ads, and then displayed to the user.

The remote loader either:

* Pretends to be the source website, perhaps using a deceptive domain name; or

* Converts all instances of the name of the source website to some other name.

We consider remote loading websites to be an unfair drain on our server resources, and so they are systematically blocked, as this one has been.


I think I'll be sticking with Blackle/Google to be honest.

Mine's the one with the leather elbow patches, and walnut pipe.

World's biggest ISPs drag feet on critical DNS patch

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Pony Uruguyan ISP

I shouldn't really expect anything less to be honest.

Average 8% packet loss and 35 UK notes a month here in sunny Montevideo for a 1.5 smeg connection ;-)

Your name server, at, appears vulnerable to DNS Cache Poisoning.

All requests came from the following source port: 33208

Requests seen for 7a29f8f05811.doxdns5.com: TXID=23352 TXID=39952 TXID=41029 TXID=3363 TXID=57739

Thumbs down as Paris is always getting thumbs up.