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Neanderthal woman could whup Schwarzenegger

Philip Bergen

Also weaker than gorillas

and other mammals that we are not in family with. The Neanderthals, were not members of Homo Sapiens.

In fact the current theory on the extinction of Homo Neanderthalensis is that they were all eaten by the superior (thanks to brains, not muscles) Homo Sapiens. Brains rule.

Apple is Fisher-Price of sound quality, says Neil Young

Philip Bergen
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Apple fan agrees - much to my own surprise!

Actually you have all heard the sound suck in various ipods, I'm sure. Especially if you use the EQ, there will always be some obvious distorsion. I never understood why Apple could not fix a seemingly simple bit range saturation problem. At least they have finally fixed it in the new iPhone, which sounds great.

But here comes a real life story: I believed VBR 192 kbit/s would suffice for everything. I even made blind tests to confirm that 160 was the limit where the compressed sound was undiscernible from CD original.

Then I got a pair of high end speakers and a burr-brown equipped receiver (for the interested: Gamut Phi7 and Onkyo SR 805). Still everything sounded great. I was as happy as any man with new high effect toys can be. And then I switched from signal cable to optical.

It completely DESTROYED most of my music (especially modern rock suffers badly). It sounded awful, hard and crashing sounds escaped my previously fabulous setup. I started checking for errors and found none. Then I inserted the original CD and this time chose Apple lossless. Fantastic detail at any volume! Gorgeous nuanced high resolution sound! Wow!

The funny thing is I had no idea that the previous sound was below par. It sounded great. Now it is greater. And ears are picky indeed, now most everything sounds poor, because I have experienced Hi-Fi.

Morale: do not buy great hi-fi equipment unless prepared to suffer the consequences Mr. Young is suffering in these posts. Everyone will (rightly) start calling you a snob.

/Philip Bergen, snob.


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