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Apple is Fisher-Price of sound quality, says Neil Young

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Neil Young is the man and when it comes to sound and music... the man knows what he's is talking about. No one is more dynamic than he... take a look at his career...he's done EVERYTHING!!! HAS HAD A 40 plus year career and still sells records and tickets... and is high respected in the music biz. I've seen the guy 14 times! The man has a close relationship electricty! WHO ELSE IS STILL WRITING AND PERFORMING THEIR OWN SONGS?, GOOD SONGS BY THE WAY! Ipods do suck for sound... you cant beat the conveince its true, but the sound is terrible.. there is no warmth at all. Nothing beats vinyl records.... NOTHING. If you have a good record and a decent player....they sound... by far, way better then a CD. The music feels like it's in the room with you and you can listen a lot longer...where as a CD or MP3 starts to wear on you nerves and you ears. We have been going backwards in this department. Neil is not a crotochty old fart... you'd be surprised at the shape he's in. He's a musician and many are coming out against the MP3... not just older folks. They want their music to (surprisingly!) to sound good! Most people I know who are really into music collect and play only records..cause they know what music should sound like. We need more people like Neil Young to speak out against these shitty standards offered to us today. ROCK ON NEIL!


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