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Nokia hails hacks for New York Lumia WinPho gig


It's part of the Reg culture

Private Eye's no different except their in-jokes stretch back decades.

Museum gets free NFC phone-tap exhibit cards from Nokia

Thumb Down

Do you have

a lead-lined tin-foil hat too?

New Symbian launches mobile free-for-all

Dead Vulture

Oh come on people

You mean to say that you can't navigate your way around the Symbian Open Signed site? Yes, the site where you can upload the freeware app you want to install and receive, via email, a signed version for your device?

Try: https://www.symbiansigned.com/app/page/public/openSignedOnline.do

It doesn't even require a sign up.

Symbian are between a rock and a hard place on this. Informed technical users want to be able to install whatever they like on the device they own; network operators want to make sure that they're a) not inundated with support calls from non-technical users saying "I installed X and my phone doesn't work" and, b) badly behaving apps don't hose the expensive network they've spent years investing in and prevent people from making calls (don't laugh - they're actually worried about this).

So, Symbian, and S60 (+others) have a compromise. There's a signing process which prevents Joe User installing whatevertheheck.app on their phone without understanding the implications, and a (now) relatively lightweight mechanism for the savvy to get applications onto their devices.

Symbian doesn't allow the net-ops to protect themselves == Symbian doesn't get taken up by handset manufacturers who have this requirement placed upon them by net-ops == 1) Symbian makes no money with the obvious consequences, and 2) you lose the power of this actually very open OS.

So, when criticising anything (not just Symbian in this context) make sure you have all the facts, understand the lie of the land and the various players/concerns involved, and build your case on that. This is a better approach and will get you a more considerate hearing than "omg sybian sux, i cant install this cracked app my friend sent me".


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