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Feds defend Twitter dragnet on WikiLeaks supporters


What do you call....

If espionage is the spying of a foreign person against a government institution what do you call the spying of a government institution against foreign people?

We need new words.

CPS: We won't prosecute over BT/Phorm secret trials


Three little words

CLASS ACTION SUIT or what ever its uk equivalent is.

Get the names of people who have been phormed and see if they would be interested in a class action suit or similar against BT and Phorm and if you get enough people involved show that there is enough public interest to warrant a prosecution.

The cps does not decide that ignorance of the law is an excuse. its not up to them to decide the law there to do there job which in this case they have failed to do.

Go above and beyond the UK and go to the European courts with this one.

Assange gets appeal date


The funny thing is.....

As bad as the wikileeks supporters are, the other side is equally as bad. Refusing to even conceive of the concept that the accusations are politically motivated in any way.

On one side he is totally innocent and the other he is completely guilty so far i have not seen many people who simply think that it should be all settled out without any chance of political motivation be taken into consideration.

Btw the charges are not rape exactly as in most people minds that means non consensual sex by forceful means but it is some odd thing about condoms when one was meant to have split and something about not using one when they where meant to use one.

Any articles that refute this please post them.

While there is no direct evidence that any political interference has happened there is evidence that some sort of manipulation has happened in this case that would not normally happen that is what is setting people off.

I would like for this to be settled in an unbiased court of law but sadly i don't he would get a fair trial but that's my opinion.

EA coughs to Dragon Age II user ban 'mistake'


This shows....

That the pirate copies end up being the superior product lol

But it raises an interesting question.

What happens in years to come when EA no longer wants to keep the support servers up and running will they release a patch that allows install without been online or just kill the ability of people to install or even play the game anymore?

It has happen games that there multiplayer servers on consoles where after 2 years or less they kill the multiplayer servers and you can't play online anymore. Interestingly enough they do this after a new version of that game comes out primarily sports titles.

Is Japan ready for Nintendo 3DS launch?



You still bought a Wii as well with this bullshit tactic heh

TiVo calls time on ageing set-tops

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The answer is yes.

This is the problem with any item that requires continued service from its manufacture.

If they updated the boxes with a version of the software that allows continued function without much hassle then that is fine they can just walk away but to disable the boxes is wrong.

This is similar to what Sony did with its ps3 with it disabled the otherOs feature of its console after selling millions with the function.

In the future i forsee a lot more companies following suit where they close down there service to stop people from operating there products especially in the area of software where many software and games now require online activation, it will take a big case and a company to lose big time for a change in the way these companies operate.

Major Facebook redesign, smoothed-off Zuckerberg unveiled

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What is wrong with this guy?

Everything he said that is now on the public listing can be used to either stalk you or rob your identity more easily.

Never mind advertisers scraping facebook for information on you, scammer and criminals will be doing the same now.

APB: All Points Bulletin goes titsup


The truth

Check out this blog from one of the ex employees http://lukehalliwell.wordpress.com/ a real interesting read.

It gives a good background why it failed even with 100m in investment.

'Industry giant' fragged UK games developer tax break

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They are mistaken

They will not be making any savings what they mean by 190m is that its the total tax they will take from the computer game industry by not giving them a tax brake. Sadly tough what they fail to understand is that the computer game industry will eventually just leave the UK to go to countries who do offer tax brakes mean that in the long term they will get less tax.

Also the industry will not grow as who will want to start up or move to the UK when it is financial better to go else where.

And remember that a company with a tax brake still pays tax else where mainly though there employees(income tax) and other taxes, remember everything has added to the tax somewhere along the line. More business in the uk even tax free ones will benefit the country.

Mutated genetic supertrout developed in lab


Whats the problem?

Every natural fish is a mutant compared to every other natural fish out there so why is it ok to eat natural mutants rather than ones mutated by ourselves?

You know when you cook and eat something what its dna was before does not really matter after it has been though a cooking process and our digestive process.

Anyway we have been genetically modifying creatures for are plates for thousands of years now though elective breeding, you think the pig that provided the pork your eat is a natural creature? what about the beef from cows or chickens? none of them are as they where in the wild yet a lot of you have no problem eating them.

Btw after watching the video i can not find where the guy said that these fish get bigger with the same food but if he did say that all it could mean is that they grow quicker which means they process food better, you do not fully consume every thing you eat you know a lot of it gets flushed though your system.

Hmmm i wonder why no bioscientist has not gone nuts yet and filled an island with really mutated creatures Dr Moreau style.

Bogus Playstation emulators pack Trojan payload



Why would you need to go to the equivalent of a back street dark scummy ally of a website to get emulators? there are lots of good reputable ones out there.

Like http://www.ngemu.com for one.

US school comes out fighting over webcam spy claim


Are they stupid or what?

There excuse is that the remote webcam feature is only for tracking stolen laptops will only fly if that is what happened here, if the kid stole the laptop maybe from another student and they used the webcam to take a picture of the person using the stolen webcam than that changes everything.

BUT if it was his laptop then there excuse is deemed void as the laptop was not stolen and they should never have activated the webcams in then and the fact that a student was disciplined using a picture taken with the webcam shows that they are ready and willing to use the remote webcam feature for things other than theft recovery.

Aussie net censorship turning Chinese


Tell me....

At what point do you consider it to be the right time to write articles like this?

When Australian people cant access them anymore?

Isn't it to late then?

NASA scrubs Endeavour launch



So err does Shuttle V Cloud = Cloud wins?

Why does a low cloud ceiling mean the shuttle cant launch?

Lords mull Hail Mary penance for file sharers


I bet...

That none of them are thinking off adding any amendments that any money taken from people is to be accountable and can be tracked all the way to the artists and how much was given.

Unless clear and total transparency is given in relation to where the money is given this will simply be a way of legalising robbery.

Trojan pr0n dialers make comeback on mobile phones



Why dont the people who have hit with this malware do two things, number 1 get independent confirmation that they where hit with this malware that caused the fees, then 2 sue the operator who runs the premium numbers to give over the details of the people who received the money and sue them after filing criminal charges, and if the details are incorrect sue the operations of the premium service for adding and abetting criminals.

Start a class action suit even.

Should not be hard to track and find these people.

Samsung shows off e-book readers you can doodle on


The problem is.....

A lot of these companies dont seam to realise that the best and i mean best ereader they could make has the following specs



Big screen (at least same size as a standard paperback book)

Easy to use menu

Minimal buttons(On/Off, Back, forward, up-down-left-right, confirm, cancel, menu) Think like a game controller

SD card slot or similar

And that's it, no flashy touch screen, colour or sound. No wifi or connectivity. No flashy tech at all you no basic...like a BOOK

o yea and make it cheap

Any company that makes that ereader will take over the market, hint hint to anyone reading this that is in that industry.

Some people want a simple electronic book not a tablet, not a pda, not a multimedia device just a simple electronic book.

Someone will get the idea eventually and they will take off.

Filesharing laws to hit websites and newsgroups too

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Why is Mandelson even suggesting this as he knows the next election he and his party is out...simple as it states in the article he has cross party support i.e. more than him has been bribed and as such he is simply doing what the people who have bought him want.

Hmmm i wonder if hypothetically if when this law goes into effect say a group flooded the p2p and file sharing networks with face ips of uk people and watch the thousands maybe even hundred of thousands of false allegations arise will this bill stay much longer when ordinary people get accused falsely and can not defend them selves.

Hmmm interesting

Cheerleaders in danger from cheerleading


Something along these lines

I thought this was done before by foamy?


Mossad hacked Syrian laptop to steal nuke plant secrets

Black Helicopters

You know

Governments need to be weary of doing stuff like this because it can set a president for other countries to do it to them.

Electronic ink: The whole story in black and white


All i want is....

A simple eBook that has the screen size of a standard paper back page, no wifi, no sound, no touch screens, no keyboards. A simple set of buttons, up down left right confirm and cancel and a menu button, also a left and right page button set some where easy to reach but out of the way for turning the page...think the buttons from a old game controller.

Make it have a SD card slot be able to read a few formats that are not there own special brand and sell it all or whats left for under £100 then i would buy it. and so would everyone else.

I dont want an ibook i want an ebook basicly an electronic book that does everything and only everything that a normal book does, i.e. display words and turn the page.

Why make things complicated when simple will do...

As for the price thing, remember when mp3 players where a couple of hundred pounds for a gig or two, compaire the price drop to what these ebooks will become.


CCTV website recruits video vigilantes

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Whats to stop someone from using a screen capture program and record the cctv of the site?

If you see a murder or high profile crime whats to stop the footage been recorded and sold to the media before the case can be investigated there by making the crime unpunished as a jury is influenced before the court case.

Interesting to see how they get around that one.

Amazon Kindle to burn into to UK next week?


Seen them

Thanks i have already seen them, when they get a it more popular and the screen gets bigger by an inch or two i will consider buying one.

I would like something a bit bigger than 6" and 5.1" Screens

But it will happen, remember when a 1 gig ipod cost £500 or around now you get the equivalent given away as freebies at conventions and stuff.

The ebook readers have been made and shown to work with till china rips them off and mass produces lots of them then we will get are cheap and easy ereaders heh


What i want is....

Give me a eBook reader that has a screen size the same size of a standard paper back book page, that comes with a SD card slot and can read more than DRM formats but text, html and pdfs as well.

One that does NOT have a keyboard attached or lots of buttons(up down left right select/cancel menu and an easy to use but not in the way next/previous page buttons, think a standard game controler button amounts), I do not want it to have a speaker or play mp3's nor do i want it to have wi-fi or bluetooth and connect to tne net.

A simple electric book is all i want why cant they do that?

If they can make what i suggested and price it for under £100 they will be come mainstream.

Brooke Shields pic exposes real/online rift

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how soon till....

How many classic art are now going to be destroyed because they feature nake paintings of children and child like cherbs and such?

Game censorship crusader sues Facebook for $120m



Is...Is...Is...he referring to him self in the third degree in his letters to the company?

USB 3.0 webcam streams 1080p video



They may not have any plans but now that it is shown to be working others will follow and make them.

Happens all the time.

Japanese boffin boasts electrospray OLEDs


I think...

That what they meant by self illuminating is that it emits light itself rather than use a back light unlike LCDs which require a light source behind to illuminate it.

US health-care debate clogged world's inboxes



If 94.9 per cent of all emails sent are spam how much bandwidth is been wasted by useless unwanted mails?

How much pollution is been made to make and send these spams?

If someone can calculate and post the total waste both virtual and real that spam makes maybe it will open peoples eyes and get something done about it.

Pressure group aghast at Hillingdon ID card scheme

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...Local public services are restricted to local residents only then local residents should be the only one who pays for it only, i.e. if the local library does to give access only to residents then why should the rest of us pay for it? The funding for that library should only come from residents then.

High Court shields database state from blame


I wish...

That people in this country would realise and understand that the three major political groups do not CARE what so ever about the people they represent.

They lie, mislead and say anything and i mean anything to get into power.


Because they can, because there is no recourse what so ever when they get found out as they have in the past made the laws to make themselves immune to the law.

Look at this, a court cause is decided against the wronged person because "It would set president" wtf? when the hell does justice mean not deciding on a person because it might effect future cases?

In this case the court screwed up and it caused a person to lose there business and even after finding the problem they still did not correct it properly.

You don't like this? The only thing you can do now is when the next election comes up don't vote for any of the big three parties, and speak to three other people get them to change there vote to anyone but the big three and get them to talk to three other people.

Otherwise anyone who does not care enough to vote or talk to people about how the current three are ruining everything deserves everything they get.

Amazon sued for sending 1984 down Orwellian memory hole



Anyone with a kindle check the amazon website can you check a few things.

1: Does it say Buy the book or licence the book?

2: Does it say licence the book ANYWHERE outside the terms and conditions?

3: Is the price of the ebooks the same or close to the physical books?

If any of these are true then amazon could be held to account for false advertising, It does not matter what you say in your terms and conditions if you make false claims on your public representation of what your selling.

Guns N' Roses blogger dodges time in slammer



The ironic thing is that this is what would happen in communist china lol where you get a crimal sentince for a civil crime.....and yes it is still a civil crime no matter how they change it.

MPs turn to Black Blob to preserve their dignity

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I might be wrong but....

Isn't this so called private data on purchases done with public money? You know from hard working tax payers (btw which i don't include mps as there tax exempt)?

So what right to privacy do they have when they used public money?

If the purchases where private shouldn't they have used o i don't know THERE OWN PRIVATE MONEY?

They sign an oath that the expenses they charge are to do with there parliamentary duties and only there parliament duties, rules or no rules if they charged private stuff they should get done for purjory firstly then fraud next.

Regulators and law don't protect UK net neutrality

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I wonder....

Does BT and other isps rent the use of the land they have cables run through or is it given to them? or did they buy it?

Are the telcom lines public and leased to be and other providers?

Cos there is 50p tax on all broadband from all isps to fund extending the telecom lines to rural areas that means that the lines are tax payed so publicly owned not BTs, or any other such company.

NOW if the telecom lines are public owned or funded or leased then the ones who lease them must abide by the lease agreements.

Change them to say that any commercial use of public telecom lines must not include the conditions of shaping or interfering in any way other than what is sold.

I.e. unlimited means unlimited no *reasonable use applies*

Unmonitored and unshaped.

There using public lines OR running there own lines through public land they have to respect the public in privacy and sue.

US record industry wins $1.92m from file sharer

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Pissing of the judge is grounds for a hearse penalty?

Is that justice?

That judge should be struck off for making personal feelings i.e. been pissed off affect his judgement.

Sweden: IP numbers are personal...unless you're a pirate

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Hmm how can this be abused.....

Whats to stop anyone private or law enforcement simple "accusing" someone using an ip address of copyright infringement and getting there info that way. Nothing in the ipred law thing says that the accusations must be proven now does it?

And if anyone thinks that a government organisation or private company will not use that loop hole let me tell you here in the uk local councils are using anti terrorism laws to investigate peoples bins for recycled material and people letting there dog foul the pavement.

Like the current people in charge here are finding out when you piss of the people you get your backside handed to you at election time.

Maybe more people should campaign for laws that allow the people to kick out and reelect there government if a loss of faith arrives at anytime not just ever so many years.

Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui


Hmm this reminds...

...of a song.....from a movie.....old one....called the wizard of Oz....

Cant remember the words but something about a ding and a dong?

Can anyone remember it?


Europe, Russia discuss 'orbital shipyard' plans



Are they decomishioning the station before or as soon as it is completed?

Hell Mir was up for 12 years when it was meant to be up for 2


What will they do with it once they finish? to big to burn up in the atmosphere.


Trade in secondhand BlackBerries booming in Nigeria


Why is it....

When you ever hear of criminal actions on the net its mainly Nigeria or a Nigerian doing it?

I know that a lot of the gangs in other countries does illegal online stuff but they usually go after business rather than individuals.

And btw if airports are selling potentially private and personal sources of data i.e. lost data sticks and who knows what else cant they be held as accessories to any crimes committed with that data?

I mean if i found a set of car keys and after a time to one claimed them and i sold them on and someone used them to steal a car i could be held accountable as an accessory, and i know that physical keys are different than data but memory sticks do contain electronic keys sometimes and can be used to steal as well

Wonder if anyone has ever figured out that data lost at an airport and sold on was used in a crime against them.

-Jacket because because I'm looking for my memory sticks where did i put them


Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines

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@Lee Jackson

I'm not going to troll but i will answer your correctly

Firstly this was NOT a good verdict because the prosecution did such bad job with the case and yet still won, remember this was a criminal not a civil case as such to find someone guilty of a criminal accusation you have to have proof beyond a doubt of there guilt the prosecution did not do this.

Further more copyright infringement is not stealing its copyright infringement and as such you can not compare examples from totally different crimes as an example to a different one now.

People lose jobs when profits are up as well when profits are down it has nothing to with loss of profits.

The fact that you are happy these guys are going to jail btw if there appeal fails shows what kind of person you are.

Here's a hint of the people and companies you support: Ever single penny of that money if it has to be turned over will never see the pockets of ANY artists or the pockets of the so called small people who's jobs you said will be lost because of a loss of profits, NONE of it will be used to save those jobs.

Think on that before the next time you support people who would abuse the court abuse there customers and abuse there clients i.e. the artists


EU launches pirate talking shop



They write it into law that piracy can be defined as copyright infringement it will still be classed as crime on water only.

And as it is usually classed as an international crime it will have to be amended internationally which it so far has not so legally you can not class copyright infringement as piracy.

The Oxford English Dictionary does not make the laws of the land what they where probably saying is that in society piracy means two things now but legally it is still one crime only and as such should not be officially used in any form to mean copyright infringement.



I cant not believe a proper organization would put into print the word PIRACY when meaning copyright infringement....THER TWO SEPORATE THINGS....

Piracy has been and still is the name for the crime of committing robbery, or criminal violence committed on water.

it is not and i repeat NOT anything to do with the Internet or copyright infringement this conference could be sued for misrepresentation and anything that comes from it can be deemed invalid as they have specified the wrong crime.

This also works in any court of law if the other side ever brings up the word pirate or piracy get the case thrown out there and then as they have brought the wrong thing up in court.

And with the word piracy been brought up more and more into the social conscious this will happen in a few court cases lets hope the defendants lawyers are bright enough to spot it.


-Joke Alert as this whole thing is a bloody joke

Pink Floyd's Gilmour backs McKinnon protest gig

Black Helicopters

It is well know that...

American governmental agents "hack"(shudder) computers outside there country and as such outside there authority but under international law that America is trying to get this guy extradited on shouldn't that mean that Americans who do it even if ordered to do by the government should still be extradited as well?


Mormons demand ICANN plugs net smut hole


I have a radical idea....

Why not ban everything they are saying they represent of port 80 and onto there own port.

Let port 80 be the free port, the wild west of ports where what ever happens goes and your responsible(terrible word to those people) for what you see and click on.

Make a new port that you have to register and sign a contract that what you upload is "family" friendly and respects all cultures and religions...even if they don't respect each other anyhow,

Make that port and the net it forms separate from the rest of the public net and let that one be monitored and restricted and filtered.

Then make it so that parents can select that new port for there family Internet and save the rest of us the stupid cries of ban this or poor them.

Why is it when people object to what you are doing they want to change you and your activities rather than realise that the net is virtual and infinite and they can just go away and MAKE there own "clean" version of the net for them to use.

But then again.....do they really care about having a clean net to use or are they just using it to censer and get rid of stuff they don't like....kind of unAmerican or so i am lead to believe....

Anyhow there you go the solution to everyone's problems make a separate "safe" net for them to use and leave the rest to us who like it how it is.


Last day for anti-snooping petition

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I wonder

How does phorm or the other companies put in there adds?

Do they over ride the current banners you see?

If you make a search engine search does it add in "related" adds?

Does it redirect your pages?

I have no idea how phorm can put there own advertisement without effecting current ones in place or effecting your internet use?

If they replace banners or insert there own advertisement over website or by inserting webwords or something then they are interfering in another sites business and layout.

I mean take the register a mainly uk site, what would happen to it if the revenue from the advertisements drops because the banners are been redirected OR if they start messaging with the layout of the site y adding those stupid webword links in over the site that make the sites visitors less likely to come back.

And collecting your data for marketing or what ever purposes doesn't that breach the data protection act? Can bt a MAJORITY holder of the uks internet access abuse there position and force you to agree to these terms and conditions that you agree to wave your protection under the act so that your data can be collected especially for commercial purposes?

If it goes live i bet there will be a lot of lawsuits asking for the government to step in and brake up bt into different companies as a whole they are abusing there monopoly position.

We'll see how it goes just remember a single person can make a difference. one guy took the banks to court over unfair charges now there facing billions in refunds.


Phorm: BT system 'most definitely' online by end of 2009

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No matter what bt has in its terms and conditions they cant add stuff like phorm and have it come under the same terms and conditions if you signed up the day before this happens and they change the terms and conditions they are not legally allowed to charge you the rest of the contract or force you to abide by there new terms and conditions there are protections in this country to protect contract holders from one side changing the terms and conditions at there whim even if they say in the terms they have a right to.

You can not make a term or condition that goes against the laws of the land i.e. no if you brake this contract i will legally kill you, sort of thing.

The only problem is that a lot of people don't know that this will happen and that they can quit there contract with no penalties and will just except it...i hope phorm is paying bt enough money for the loss of revenue from the people that leave them because of it.


UFO ruled out of wind farm prang



But that is what they want you to think.....like if a real ufo ever crashed into something......who says lorry drivers are the only ones watching crap while there meant to be driving......they would admit it.

Harry Potter Lexicon published after judgment-guided edit

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Fan made content is one thing but

All this guy originally did was just ctrl-c and ctrl-v large segments of the books into his so called "guide" that's where jk had the problem.

Its not as if he wrote a comprehensive guide to her books in his own words a lot of the words in the guide where letter for letter ripped straight from her books, that's why she and her publishers where pissed.

If he had bothered to do the work and write a proper guide and not just do a copy and paste with comments then I would feel bad for him but he tried to make some quick cash from something that as originally an online guide where 50% and more of the writing was not his.

I have no problem with anyone using a copyrighted material if the end use is for free and non derogatory. When you try to exploit it that's where i think the line is crossed.


WTO backs US in Chinese piracy dispute



Everything is made in China or neatly everything isn't this just going to hurt the US and the rest of the WTO?

The US better watch it's self cos how many of the trillions of debt does the US owe to China? The US places sanctions on China...China asks for its debt money back or asks the WTO to foreclose on the US as they have defaulted on an international debt and cant be trusted with banking with the WTO

Interesting to watch