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Mozilla plots Firefox interface overhaul

Charles Fraser-Hopewell

This constitues a title.

What the hell is the obsession of hiding the sodding menu bar? Will there be an option to bring it back, if you don't happen to swallow the cool-aid?

At least they can't hide the damn thing in OS X.

Apple snips Nine Inch Nails app

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Be a Patriot - Be an Informer.

I believe that this is part of the art that fits the concept of the album (which is about a dystopian, near future) rather than some sort of pro-copyright message.

NHS study produces ejector-seat ambulance design

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Pasty Tech

Looks like an uncooked pasty on wheels.

US warboffins update Where Eagles Dare gizmo-bombs

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Thumb Up

Surely I can't be the first to say...

Broadsword calling Danny Boy, Broadsword calling Danny Boy....

Apple iPhoto gets in your face

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There are several ways to directly access your photos in the library.

As mentioned before, ctrl/right clicking the iPhoto Library in finder will give you the option to "Show Package Contents", now you can access the originals and edited folders to your hearts content. A word of warning though, don't start renaming or moving or your screw things up (this is why Apple hid the folder structure in the library, at users request if I recall) just as it would in any other "pro" app like Aperture or Lightroom.

You can right click on an image in iPhoto and choose "Show File" - a finder window will now open showing that image's location.

Or, select a photo and choose File>Export from the menu bar. In the resulting dialogue change the "Kind" drop-down to "Original". This will export a copy of the original to a location specified by you, which you can then edit in Photshop/GIMP/etc to your hearts content, without the danger of borking your library.

Olympus E-420 digital SLR

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@ Greg Eden

Sorry, but you're wrong.

The Traditional photopaper sizes (5x4, 10x8, 16x12, etc) have always been based around the ratio of the 5x4in (quarterplate) format, it wasn't until Oskar Barnack decided to stick 35mm movie film, sideways, in his new Leica camera that the 3:2 format was born. It is that which has been continued in current DSLRs.

Charles Fraser-Hopewell

@ 4:3 is dead

Your comment about widescreen ratios makes sense, however, 4:3 fits nicely onto traditional photographic paper sizes, such as 5x4, 10x8, etc, with little cropping. This was the reason that the 6x7cm medium format negative was (and still is) regarded as "ideal format" when producing printed material.

Spice up your Apple applications

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I'm with AC on this.

The reason they're a "drab" gray colour is exactly as explained - to remain neutral when doing critical colour correction work.

Totally agree with Danial Harris too, the fonts in Aperture are far too small.

Edinburgh Fringe ticketing chaos continues

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Bloody shambles.

We tried, without luck, to get tickets for several days. In the end my Mrs ended up going direct to the Venue's website to get them.