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Samsung must cough up Android prototypes to Apple

Farmer Hackit

This has to be sarcasm right?

I have a Galaxy Tab right here.. I can see, USB Cable and a SD Card slot. no HDMI though. Sure the data connector/power cable looks similar but it's practical. Start filling the devices up with sockets and you get something looking like a cheap laptop.

I've used an iPad right next to my Galaxy tab, I was comparing to see how similar they really were...

They are utterly different.

iPad is WAY bigger - like a laptop screen, Galaxy Tab fits neatly into a jacket pocket.. odd that iPad2 is smaller.

Galaxy Tab has 2 cameras.. iPad1 has none.. strange that iPad2 has a camera now..

Galaxy Tab can be used as a Cell Phone and a wifi hotspot.

The wife has a Galaxy S phone.. some friends have an iPhone.. they operate and look a little similar but Galaxy S has more buttons. As far as the icons go, the only one similar is the green phone icon.. A phone handset on a green background.. innovation incarnate.

I have a HTC Desire HD phone and it looks pretty similar to the GalaxyS in terms of Graphical style and rounded corners. They should be suing HTC too.

But basically, Samsung should be suing Apple for copying the Galaxy Tab and making the iPad2 closer to it than it's parent.

..Or they can just suck it up and get on with competing with each-other so we get awesome devices without lawyers wasting development money and stagnating the market.

Do Apple seriously want to be the only phone maker in the game? Can they handle the demand? Would they still innovate?

Mine's the one with the Galaxy Tab in the pocket... which is not to be confused with the coat with the iPad in the pocket, that belongs to Hagrid.

Microsoft Skype: How the VCs won and Ballmer overpaid

Farmer Hackit
Gates Horns

Quite worried about this TBH

I use Skype everyday to work with my Team in the states in order to run a business.

I use all of its features. Text messaging, Regular calls, Video calls, Screen sharing, Skype numbers, Calling US landlines.. everything - on a Mac, on Windows and on several Android devices. I pay, but on the whole, it's very reasonable.

While Microsoft appears to have been better behaved of late, I'm worried that they're going to pull the rug on this awesome product or change it to make it something that it's not. Or force changes in how I use it. Basically, they're gonna mess me about, reduce my options and charge me more for it.

I'm perhaps reacting in a knee-jerky kind-of way but I wonder how long the good times will last?..

Ford unveils all-electric Focus for 2012

Farmer Hackit

All the naysayers and their mislead opinions..

I for one am really happy that at least some movement is being made in Electric car tech.

Without the current car manufacturers getting on board, there'll be no options to deal with the dwindling oil supplies, rocketing costs and associated political turmoil until it's much too late..(read expensive)

The fact that centrally generated power is MUCH more efficient than millions of independent ( and often badly maintained ) Internal combustion engines. ( something along the lines of 80% of a car's engine is used... to move the parts of the engine )

By the way, Producing petrol is very expensive. It takes a bucket load more energy to find, drill for, protect, pump, ship, refine and transport to your petrol station than most people realise.

At least electric cars have the benefit of using the best tech available for power generation. Be it Coal, Gas, Wind, Solar, GeoThermal, Tidal, Nuclear Fission or perhaps fusion soon.

You seriously want to be stuck with needing petrol or diesel?

Breakthrough paint blocks top-end spectrum

Farmer Hackit

Pah! Old news.

My house has been painted with RF blocking paint for years. My Wireless LAN is a joke.

US forces want man-hunting robot wolfpacks

Farmer Hackit

Looks like only the educated will survive..

the robot uprising.


Fire to confuse their thermal imaging.

Fiat unwraps 'leccy buggy concept

Farmer Hackit
Jobs Halo

Beaten by Sleepy

My 1st though was It's the Warthog from Halo.

My 2nd was, Where can I get one.

Steve, 'cos of the Halo.

US Air Force outlines combat raygun safety

Farmer Hackit

They forgot the most important one...

Don't cross the streamers...

..that would be bad.

Chinese boffins crack invisible-shed window problem

Farmer Hackit

Why waste all this money?..

Just make tanks and sheds out of the same materials as motorbikes, afterall, the evidence is there that it works. How can a thousand *SMIDSYs be wrong?

*(Sorry Mate I Didn't See You)

Mine's the... ermm... now where did I put it?

McKinnon loses Lords appeal

Farmer Hackit

He did it here, he should be tried here.

So what's next... the USA going after the Chinese hackers? http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/06/02/chinese_blamed_us_power_outage/

Oh.. China looks after it's own (in it's way) and doesn't send it's own citizens overseas for a kicking.

Here's an example.

You live next door to a loud neighbour who's constantly beating up other people in your street, but he's fairly nice to you so you don't say anything and anyway, the people he duffs up annoy you too... even though he's very violent, for some reason, the police do nothing..

Then one afternoon your boy throws a brick over the fence and breaks a pane of glass in their green house, and because he likes the noise, the breaks a few more too. Damage is done and the boy needs to be punished.

Now, you tell him off and he promises not to do it again. You ground him and tell him that he's not getting any pocket money for a month.

Next thing you know, the violent neighbour is banging on your door demanding that you send your boy next door for some punishment...

... what would you do?

Bebo users to summon superhuman alien pop-fancier invasion

Farmer Hackit

What's good for the goose...

has anyone thought about the possible consequences of said Aliens thinking that this is how we communicate on Earth and bombard us with similar..

Alien Pop music and bad jokes... well, at least Eurovision will be interesting.

Poker-faced Ballmer explains Google beating plans

Farmer Hackit
Gates Horns

MS has a search?

Why don't they just focus on making a few great things, rather than try to beat everyone else at games they didn't invent but wish they had. watering down their own image in the process.

Once again failing to innovate, but trying to steal the market from those who did.


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