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US mum calls 911 over Grand Theft Auto


blame the laws

the child protection laws give the kid the power to have mom arrested if she spanks or disciplines them... so who do you turn to, the same police that would lock her up for parenting.

One third of workers open to bribes for data theft


klondike bars

They should have offered Klondike bars, people will hand over the root password for one...

Proof of age system moves net ID a step closer


Can they verify who is using the data or is at the computer?

So what happens if the innocent kids borrow a parent's information, or daddy forgets to log out his user info on the browser...

Online age and identity verification is not really going to happen, no system can not be gamed to allow those you want to keep out from getting access

Court defends America's right to online smut


never going to happen...

Considering the ease by which a person can get the information to falsify adulthood online there will never be any real verification.

Only sure fire way would be something that would make big brother squeal with glee due to all computers having a biometric scanner linked to a world wide database to verify who was at the computer accessing the information.

Anything else is wishful thinking