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Get James Bond in here: 13 million account passwords plundered from 000webhost


Have an account with them so not surprised to see my username pop up on the pwned website. So they reset all passwords with 'still' zero communication to their users about the breach.

They have this notice on the log-in page for members: "Important! Due to security breach, we have set www.000webhost.com website on maintenance until issues are fixed. Thank you for your understanding and please come back later."


Twitter launches vox populi index for US presidential race


From isidewith.com ... Top was Gary Johnson(77%), followed by Obama(75%). I found to my horror that I sided 52% with Mitt Romney. Oh well, thank God I'm not American.

Evil Android Trojan records your calls


Price for being famous

As Android growth accelerates rapidly, we'll be seeing more of these kind of stories, unfortunately. It'll only be a matter of time before Google tightens it's hold of the Android Market i.e more Apple-like

Want to keep Android apps from spying on you?


Good Idea but I want a full changelog from the company showing the changes to the stock Android ROM

Nice Idea, but the looking at the files, it seems their script would issue the command 'oem unlock' to unlock the bootloader. It would have been much easier to use .zip files and flash them through a modded recovery than use fastboot to flash the included .img files

Think the the Reg should included a warning that their software would 'Unlock' the Bootloader on the Nexus One and Nexus S phones which may or may not void the warranty on the phones.

New Obama-style missile defence scores test goal


The Reg does my head in

EKVs, ICMBs, GBIs, .... the US likes inventing new ways for Lockheed Martin, Boeing and BAE to make more money.

My Taptu


good choice

I use My Taptu as my primary source of news from my favorite sites, The Reg, Guardian, Telegraph et.al. The preference to choose from Marilyn British news sources is a great feature and one reason I don't use pulse news reader

PS: The writer unashamedly portrays himself as a lefty

John Mayer tweets remorse over Playboy interview


At Last!

The Reg finally has got an opportunity to use the "n-word" in the disguise of reporting. I must say I am truly proud of the feat you have achieved and I hope to see more more full mention of the "n-word" in future.

Ten of the Best... iPod rivals


Where the Zune ??

I searched for the Zune and lo' it couldn't be found...am thinking it is because it is not yet on sale in the UK, right ?

Cable broadband shines in Virgin Media Q2



They are the best ISP for bittorrent files(legal)...lol

Southeast London is card fraud cesspool


@ Anonymous Coward

To quote you "What might be more interesting is to look at the demographics of the population in the area"......summarized as meaning "BLACKS". Coward !