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Chaos surrounds New Zealand iPhone 4 day

Tom Cook


There are hundreds of Vodaphone customers in NZ? I didn't think they'd learnt to bang rocks together yet.

Mine's the one with the boxing kangaroo...

Imitate Real Ale quaffers, save the economy, says biz prof

Tom Cook

It's a tad early, but...

Who am I to argue?

2012 Olympic mascots cop a shoeing

Tom Cook
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Kang & Kodos?

Is that you? NLRA on high alert...

Labour candidate tweets postal votes

Tom Cook

"Tweet in haste, repent at leisure..."

At here Majesty's (p)leisure, if there's any justice.

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles part 2

Tom Cook


Have a pint.

Database state breached 11 times

Tom Cook

It should be illegal

to have an ID car minister whose name is so easily misread as 'Hitler'. Caused me some strange mental gymnastics for a few seconds.

Mine's the one with the jackboots beside it.

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles

Tom Cook
Dead Vulture

The BOFH is dead

Long live the BOFH.

Amazon Kindle DX

Tom Cook

Yes but...

The e-reader I really want to see reviewed is the entourage edge (I forget how they capitalise it, but you lads are clever enough to find it anyway). Same price as the Kindle DX, with a >9" e-Ink screen, but ALSO with a LCD on the other side, a WaCom touch pad built in, running Android, with decent sound support. What's not to like? But I'd like to hear what you've got to say before I lay down the cold, hard cash.

Bloated Office 2010 kicks dirt in face of old computers

Tom Cook

So how about something informative in the article...

...like what the minimum specs are?

If we were interested enough to look up the specs on the M$ website, we wouldn't be reading the article, would we?

Mine's the one with the... oh, hang it, I can't be bothered.

Sprint and Hearst launch Skiff ereader

Tom Cook

Here's a business model

Why doesn't one of them steal a march on the others and RELEASE THEIR DEVICE OUTSIDE THE US???

Sick to death of UK publications fawning over the bloody Nook - As shiny as it undoubtedly is, YOU CAN'T GET IT HERE SO JUST SHUT UP ABOUT THE WHOLE THING. Yes, Team Register, I'm looking at you. You too, Guardian. Amazon are kind of getting there.

(Back) into The Valley

Tom Cook

War stories on Friday afternoon?

Where's to BOFH when you need him? Or even just a decent claw hammer...

Sun's Facebook-slapping hits wrong target

Tom Cook

Shoddy reporting from The Sun?

Next you'll tell us Microsoft isn't always completely honest about its competitors' products...

What does the girl on page 3 have to say about it all?

BOFH: The stupidity criticality

Tom Cook

Have to say I was hoping for more from the PFY here

> stuffing them in lead-lined drums, encasing the drums

> in cement and dropping them in the North Sea.

"You didn't... wait... so THAT'S why you took the missus to the seaside..."

Rigid sky-train to fly through magnetic rings on sticks

Tom Cook

Two words for the maglev-tunnel-hoop-train thing:

Power failure.

Volkswagen unveils Yorkshire-friendly e-car

Tom Cook


How much? I'm sick to death of auto makers pumping out flashy electric cars that are three times the price of a petrol equivalent. If this is going to be the Beetle for the 21st century, it should actually be like the Beetle - a car any family can afford.

IR35 tax is a huge failure

Tom Cook
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A bit optimistic, methinks...

Gordon brown may be obstinate, and he may be not stupid, but he probably has other, bigger things on his mind just now.

Supersonic stealth jumpjet passes hover thrust test

Tom Cook

Dropping standards in British maths...

41,000 - 40,550 = 450, not 550.

Dell launches well 'ard laptop

Tom Cook
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...or I could buy an ordinary Latitude for £650 (and quite a nice one for that money) and drop it and jump on it every nine months. It'd still be cheaper over this thing's three-year lifecycle.

Don't delay: Delete your DNA today

Tom Cook


Anyone know if this will affect the records kept on UK visa holders? Currently you have to have 'biometric data' taken to get a visa - does the ruling quash this?

Rock-solid Fedora 10 brings salvation to Ubuntu weary

Tom Cook
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Can we lose the gushing enthusiasm a bit?

Not to mention the inferiority complex. This so-called 'review' amounts to, "I like it, and it has Empathy... which is crap, but other than that, I like it. Now can we all stop hanging around Ubuntu like a pack of teenage boys around a girl and come try Fedora... please??? <grumble grumble smug Ubuntu bastards grumble>"

BOFH: Unfriendly ghosts

Tom Cook
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Friday afternoon fun

Well, I think we all knew how that was going to end. The only question: Will it be the 'terrible accident' in the stair well? Perhaps the 'faulty' freight elevator descending at high speed? Or the three-phase door handles for 'security reasons'? The 'cry for help'... on the way down from the fifth floor window?

No, it's the halon release. A bit last-century, but still a classic.

Stormtrooper helmet sales still legal in Britain

Tom Cook

Nnyeesss, sooo....

If the copyright on the outfits has expired in Blighty, then has the copyright on the films expired, too?

Ah, crap, now Ill get sued for suggesting copyright expires...

Airbus A380-800: an airborne treat for gadget fans

Tom Cook
Paris Hilton

Yes, and...

It only rebooted mid-movie once for me during my 12.5-hour Singapore to London flight. But when my wife made the same trip, the whole thing died about four hours in and didn't come back. An overheating problem on that particular aircraft, apparently.

Yes, the screen is nice a big; yes, the gadgets are fiddly and cool; yes, it still has some bugs to work out.

Paris, 'cos she likes a good workout, too.


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