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FTX crypto-villain Sam Bankman-Fried convicted on all charges

Szymon Kosecki

He's definitely fried now... But he was never a bankman /s

UK tribunal agrees with Clearview AI – Brit data regulator has no jurisdiction

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watershed moment for data slurping corpo machine

jeez, this is bad... our judiciary is either very inept technologically or ...well you know what I was going to say....

AI may finally cure us of our data fetish

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Prosthetic imagination

I thing the bigger threat from those ML models come from what I think will be negative effect on our ability to imagine things and creativity. It is an imagination crutch or for most a full prosthetics and humans generally loose what they dont use regularly.

Microsoft to offer ChatGPT-as-a-service from Azure real soon now

Szymon Kosecki

But what's the point of using it if you have no way of knowing if the answers are true without knowing the answer anyway, and whos accountable for mishaps steming from using this prostetic imagination machine?

Russians say they can grab software from Intel again

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Probably Intel been asked by intel agencies to bury some souvenirs for them in there... I doubt Intel would do it out of the kindness of their hearts....

IBM doesn't think Brexit is such a bad thing these days

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Replacing EU red tape with red white and blue tape.... Some win

Microsoft 365 invites users to 'Ask Me Anything' – as long as it doesn't require a clued-up exec to deliver clear answers

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Re: There's just soo much churn

Its probably a side effect of "Agile without a cause" ....

GSMA report: Sorry, handset makers, 5G is not going to save the smartphone market

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I would rather had a decent 4G coverage everywhere than another limited 5G rollout..

Office 365 enjoys good old-fashioned Thursday wobble as email teeters over in Europe

Szymon Kosecki

Shut your network adapter down, and try again... worst case - unplug at the back of the pc.

Gmail is secure. Netflix is secure. Together they're a phishing threat

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Re: Although...

It does not allow squatting as every such email address would still get delivered to your mailbox. It actually prevents squatting because of that.

Szymon Kosecki

This is non story and no bug.

It's not a Google promoted feature but a part of email address format RFC. The sole reason for its existence is exactly protection to protect from phishing and apoofing. That developer must have at some stage authorised additional Netflix account creation. No other way for this to work. He should be blaming himself and not the Netflix or Google.

UK Home Sec Amber Rudd unveils extremism blocking tool

Szymon Kosecki

Great! But will it block Amber Rudd too? Otherwise, it's hardly ane extremism filter... /s

PC repair chap lets tech support scammer log on to his PC. His Linux PC

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One could always send them to Lenny ;-)

Dieselgate: VW pleads guilty, will cough up $4.3bn, throws 6 staff under its cheatware bus

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Re: US of A - Galactic Jurisdiction?

It had hardly anything to do with a EU freedom of movement but with somebody being stupid enough employing a doctor not being able to speak English. (He was refused a position before due to his poor English skills and then someone stupid offered him a job that led to David Gray dying tragically)

Microsoft wants to be your phone company, at least for voice

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All eggs in one basket

I am more concerned with having all my proverbial eggs in a single failure basket than security agencies having access.

When it goes, and it will go down sooner or later, it will take everything with it.

FIVE Things (NOT 10: these are REAL) from the WINDOWS 10 event

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Re: Nobody talks to Cortana

Not sure if there's such a thing as an urgent text message. If it's really urgent, you call...

'Google catches us in an invisible web of our personal data without telling us'

Szymon Kosecki

If you have a problem with Google then do not use their services. Plenty of alternatives are available....

Microsoft fixes all those shaky GoPro vids nobody wants to watch

Szymon Kosecki

Finally something innovative from the MS stable... probably will be too cpu/time intensive for the phones but neat idea nonetheless

PlayStation daddy on new PS4: She's ALL 'PLAY', NO 'Station' this time

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Emulation anyone?

I am looking forward to XBox one and PS4 emulators for the PC. Surely now, it should be possible to get the emus going with a reasonable speed (assuming they will get created of course)

Google Drive goes titsup for MILLIONS of users

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Guess I am a lucky one....

Pothole-spotter app aims to stop arse ache

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have a look at fixmystreet on


does similar job, also grabs gps coordinates and attaches them to the report

Vodafone shocks data users with roaming price rise

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Yeah right,

The company is changing prices to actively lower its revenue? Yeah, right...What a load of b....

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Yeah right

Do they really think that the people will believe that they will actualy do so to lower their revenues? What a load of ... Yeah right....

UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users

Szymon Kosecki

what about privacy?

I can see good points on both sides of a dispute. My concern however is the privacy of my communications. Even if i only download legal content why is someone intercepting and analysing my traffic. Did someone changed the law to guilty unil proven innocent? This is a very serious issue and another step closer to a corporate police state. We pride ourselves on valuing freedom. well its being taken away from us little by little. btw. using bpi logic every uk male should be prosecuted for Rape. after all they all do have the right equipment...