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Man hooks home into Twitter

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wide shagging neighbour

What a bore. MSN who can afford leccy goes green. Wife reverts back to batteries

RIP Personal Computer World

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A race to the bottom

Well all IT is done in India and there is little left for us in the UK to do now, apart from formulate debt repayment and exit strategies. I loved PCW and PC mags in general, would not buy them now as 'Programming' well thats not done here, nor is x,y or z.

May as well release 'Popular Aluminium Smelting' or 'Car manufacturer monthly' we have won the race to the bottom, now what?

Undead deleted photos linger on social networking websites

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Some arse is doing a PHD in social networking sites, thats akin to a PHD in brothels.

McDonalds for him

CSC freezes UK pay

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Most 'Bonus' schemes have targets, have yours risen in a soft market to an untenable level, if so then yes you can get a bonus if you make 10 gazillion dollars, and if you could do that you would not be working here, or have I got that wrong too.

Essentially its all offshore now, like cars and the like, so IT will see a steep decline, and pay cuts, this will filter through to people not buying anything, I for one am re-negotiationg payments with creditors and not buying any UK made items, sticking to the cheapest if i need something.

I realise this will kill the Global Economy, but its dead now anyway is it not?. The economy will ecover when all countries are at their lowest wages whch with UK stagnation and India growth is at the moment 4 years, yep 4 years till India and the UK are on level pegging.

Dont believe it ok then.

Last year your house was worth £200'000 which was $400'000, or 243'000 Euro

This year its worth £170'000 which is $243000 or 180'000 Euro

Your salary is the same

In terms of buying power you just lost over 30% of it.

Now if your country makes things, then this is fine, if its like the UK and the best money to be made is to screw the electorate (Banking, Politics) then not so good.

Whilst the UK is shrinking, India is growing

The uk will shrink again, the currency and your house will be worth less.

At the same time the Indian economy will appreciate and they will get wage rises usually @ 15%

A uk based programmer today is circa £30k and will be as there are no wage rises

An indian based prigrammer who is remote is on circa £15k in todays money

Now if they grow by 10% and we shrink by 4% thats 15% per annum

in 5 years, the circle is squared.

Thats how the wealth of nations works, and CSC and IBM know this, Accenture too (They are based in a tax haven for good reason).

So you will have ajob, and you will have bargaining power, the retail and banking industry will die, it has to before we grow.

We also need to get back to basics, not much point in being a salesman when nobody wants to buy. Also not much point i n moaning about pay when your government allowed Business to dictate where the jobs go, mist companies could close their US and UK operations tomorrow and be no worse off.

In the meantime, im off to watch some Government Ministers clearing their moats of reciepts.

Obama declares war on Ireland over tech tax avoidance

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Deep Impact

Like the film deep impact America now has a black president just when the country aint worth a shit anymore.

Flood of liquidations as credit dries up

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Its a drag....

These are the peope , businesses that got into trouble LAST year, who are probably being brought round to formal insolvency now, therefore this will get worse as these 'statistics' tend to drag actual events by a good few months.

Study finds IT heads not interested in power saving

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Gates Halo

has anyone told India?

Our servers are in India, and its Indian Electricity, its cheaper than UK electricity. We also use phillipine electricity which is cheaper that Indian.

Cant see this going anywhere, you simply outsource the problem and it goes away, simples :)

Zotac GeForce GTX 275 AMP! Edition

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whaddaf*ck does all this mean, is a ps3 still faster I need to know, its not just cards now I need platforms compared.


Obama pledges 3% of GDP for science

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So India wil be happy

As they said in 'Mosters vs Aliens' get our best brains on this one, somebody call India.

Now not so funny as its kind of reality.

Oh well, I hope my Indian overlords are kind to me when outsourcing some crappy IT support project.

IBM boasts Sun-HP server pact pillaging

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We are borg

Soon once we have all of you under the IBM cosh we shall change your terms and conditions just like AMEX in the spring of 2009......MUHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! *cough* HAHAHAHHAAAAA

O2 starts giving away iPhones

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IBM will give you a laptop for that

For £44 a month IBM will give its employees a laptop


However the terms are a little more restrictive, loads of great deals abound :)

For the not so thick, most carriers will give you a free whatever you want with a new bundle (WII, LCD,PS3, other....)

Vodafone confirms layoffs

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Vodafone layoffs outsourcing

Blah Blah, same old same old, sod this Im off to get a cushy government job in some English/Irish/Welsh/Zulu parliament, no need to work, no need for skill and no worry about cutting margins.

As for you sods, you have to vote for one of them, so its a win win :)

Eircom to block Pirate Bay

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Abandon Ship Ye scurvy sea biscuit!!

Eircom in dwindling subscription mystery.......

Fasthosts to offshore support staff

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liq uid ation

accounts overdue, means no redundancy for the romanians or the phillipinos, wonder if they will hack their redundancy, well romanians anyway... We use philipines for some items and they are process driven non thinkers, just what you need if you promise jam tomorrow.

US gooses economy with IT billions

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IT Industry

Reduced to the same level as making shirts, not what we want our children to do. My friend a 'Washing Machine' engineer makes more than me and I earn a lot as a J2EE Architect.

I have to work 16 hours for my slice and the threat of offshoring is always there, my friend is paid to examine machines in service stations and supermarkets and works 10am to 4pm.

I am taking an OU course on Heating and ventilation engineering and will be leaving my job soon.

I have a 1st class degree and am J2EE certified together with the wholly useless CIPD from the BCS.

Hopefully y'all need to keep warm in the winter :)

Mortal Kombat maker Midway goes titsup

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So thats how the credit crunch will get worse

If you go titsup, then all the companies that you owe $ to cannot cary that loss forward year on year.

Very interesting imagine evading tax on $20billion as a 'writedown' whilst also charging 'interest' on the capital amount lent that may realise in 2025.

They are all as guilty as each other.

Nigerian car thief turns into sheep

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I think they handle our AIX systems

The writing style is uncannily similar to that of our dedicated AIX support, however a sheep transformation would at least be something, as opposed to a lengthy report in abstract f*ckwittian on how they once again forgot all about UUID and Groups.

Mind you i keeps me in a job :)

Google mistakes entire web for malware

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Its still blocked!

Sacked Indian workers beat chief exec to death

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My doctor is Indian, my IT is Indian, my car parts are made in India, in my shopping centre the drains say 'India' on them (Braehead, just outside next) and the BT people who try sell me Tat are Indian.

Unfortunateley my management and bankers are still British.

Guess which ones work!

So what if this happens its a one off, did they loose close to $ 1000 billion in total this year?


And what can we do about it?

We cant buy cars, we cant enter into the sciences, we cant set up industries and now we cant even sell frikkin houses to each other.

About time we followed that example says I :)

Dell: We went green too early

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Electricity is cheap in India so who gives a toss about your green computers, I build datacentres and the UK vs India cost for electricity is a no brainer.

Some of you folk really need to wake the F8ck up !

Today be talk like a pirate day

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Lick a minge day

Arr I be misreadin yer bootynote,bein a full pirate oi be thinkin ye be promotin the 'Lick a minge ' day, which us northern pirates fear du to the girth of the cat.


London stock market floored by computer glitch

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Off and on

have the tech support wallahs been to be switching off and on and to be doing the needful?

If its an IT issue in the UK, then we best ask India to fix it, as there are sod all qualified tech people left here that would run this sort of mess.

Million bank details sold on eBay

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Welcome to my details

I cant get credit for toffee these days, if a fraudster gets credit under my name I would welcome a few tips.

UK.gov to spend hundreds of millions on snooping silo

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COUD Computing

Like the cloud computing and mass storage architecture of yahoo, only wothout any real order.

Cluster Of Useless Data ahem TM...

Spanish doc cuffed for webcam in toilet

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Makka Castor!

which i think is spanish for 'nice beaver' :)