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Fedora 22: Don't be glum about the demise of Yum – this is a welcome update


Re: Gnome3

"As for Fedore its the distro I look at and wish it could be simpler. I hate the default security set up and ive never liked the package management, ive always got on better with deb packages. With this new package manager I might give them a look in again."

Default security is fine as it is. Applications must adhere to that policies as the hard lesson with Portal 2 steam bug on Fedora 20 shows to avoid possible security vulnerabilities.

The package management of Fedora runs smoothly and some Debian users prefered to deb . There are no much difference of packaging format between rpm and deb, only the policies and packagers behind. I personally find rpm packaging much easier to maintain with only a single file to generate source and binary.

Fedora 13 – Linux for Applephobes


dependency hell

"Does Fedora still use rpm files?"

Rhetorical question: does Debian/Ubuntu still use deb files?

"Has the dependency hell of rpm installs improved?"

Ever tried to use only dpkg command, not apt-get, to install/remove package? If so, "dependency hell " exists on dpkg installs. The comparison with apt-get and rpm must be left dead because neither belong to the same category, Fedora uses yum as equivalent.

Re-jigged Intel mobile Linux stack dumps Ubuntu


apt =!= rpm

Amazing how some posts are comparing two different packages managers for sheer of misconceptions or ignorances. Better compare apples (dpkg and rpm) and oranges (apt-deb, apt-rpm, smart, yum, urpmi, zypp and tutti quanti).


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