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Apple patent will see Siri remind you to keep taking your meds

Andrew Kemp

Apple patenting ideas again...

Punters flocked to all-in-one desktops in 2011

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"Will there be any room in future markets for traditional PCs?"

Oh god, not that one again...

Hidden Windows 7 costs worry upgraders

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And that is Microsofts fault because...?

"...upgraded from XP to 7 and in general really like it. What I hate is filling up my trashbin with perfectly good hardware (mostly USB stuff) because drivers aren't available..."

How is that the fault of the OS developer? If you changed to Linux/OSX and couldn't get a driver, putting you in the same situation, would that be the fault of Linux/OSX...?

Google forced to use humans to support Nexus One

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Nope, check the facts first

Some people need to check their facts first. The executable gets installed in the main memory, supporting files can go on the sd card.

AMD ATI Radeon HD 5970 two-GPU graphics card

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3 outputs

To answer the question posed by an AC above regarding why get this or a TH2Go unit over two cards is that you can make the three screens apear as one in an application, something you can't do with a single monitor on a single output.

Two twin output cards are not going to allow you to play a game over three monitors. The Eyefinity function of the ATI 5 series cards or a Matrox TH2Go do...

Kingston SSD Now V 40GB boot drive

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@By Simon10, re Paging.

"Paging, what's that? Get enough RAM and you probably won't need paging ever again... I've had mine turned off for years (even in w2k)."

Then you need to read up a little on paging since you know nothing about it...

And you're still paging even without a page file...

MS dual-screen tablet to arrive next year?

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@alistair millington

Time to grow up alistair and stop acting like a dick - the anti-M$ crowd is getting a little dated.

Philips Cinema 21:9 56in LCD TV

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So, adding the bit lopped off the top and making this back up to a 16:9 screen, what size would that be then...?

I'd rather just put up with horizontal bars when needed rather than having stuff squashed to fit in this.

Amiga Forever updated for Windows 7

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Babylon 5

...wasn't really Amiga produced though. Those were video toasters with big graphics and processor boards that did the grunt, the Amiga was really only an interface to it running the software. Still great though.

Had an A500 myself then added a GVP hard drive an 8MB RAM to it (whoo, 110MB hard disk). Then took the guts out and put it in a PC tower (can't rememember the name of it, came with a board that the A500 motherboard plugged into and gave the same sort of slots as the A2000) - external keyboard as well...

Added an external graphics board that did a sort of HAM on the HAM mode itself to give 24 bit output - except other than the pictures that came with it I didn't really use it with any software...

Upgraded Agnus to a Super Fat model and Denise was done as well (ah, why don't they give chips such names these days...) - had 10MB in total in there at the end, never really used it of course but when the PCs in work at the time had only 1MB it made me feel smug! Ahh, happy times...

Triangular buttons key to touchscreen typing success - inventor

Andrew Kemp

@Frank, alphabetical keys...

I assume that was a joke Frank...

Windows 7 — It’s like Vista, only less annoying

Andrew Kemp

...sad buch

The usual MS bashing crap... Have you actually used Win7...?

It's a lot improved in terms of speed over Vista. To those pulling up the same old and out of date garbage about security, Vista/Win7 with IE in secure mode is more secure than anything else.

"Why upgrade, what's new over XP" - yeah, I bet you were the same moaners groaning when XP was new "why upgrade, what's new over 98..."

"Lots of pretty icons and taskbars", "turn it off" - yep, why use an interface at all, let's all go back to a command line and show how 733t we are...

And of course, they stole the see through taskbar off KDE, how dare they, can't they think up things themselves... Grow up, you think KDE invented their desktop interface? So what, using windows, pointers, menus, mice I guess is all copying as well, why can't these OS designers think up their own ideas - how dare they use something that works, they must create their own stuff whatever the case...

Boffins pump out pop-up touchscreen

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Not a latex-based touchscreen...

They haven't developed the first "latex-based touchscreen" - they've developed a surface where pre-defined shapes can be raised or lowered, hardly a touchscreen. Hardly something that revolutionary either...

They use a projector and cameras for the touchscreen functionality - same as the home made touchscreens many have done across the net.

Lotus offers to end e-car silent running

Andrew Kemp

Of course TIE fighters make a sound...

...they push a wave of charged ions behind them which disrupts the flow around your ship, this in turn inducts eddys in the air stream of your cabin/cockpit which your ears sense as sound waves... :)

Ten of the best... noise-isolating earphones

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Review = fail

Seriously, what is the point in reviewing £10 plugs?

And as others have said, where are the UE's?

Got a pair of SuperFi 5 Pro EB's myself 'cause I like the extra lows they give. Am contemplating a pair of UE 10's as well...

Philips prices up 21:9 ratio 'cinema' TV

Andrew Kemp


Give me the extra vertical height a 16:9 screen would give (or 16:10 for that matter) and then use black bars if needed. As said, a slightly larger 16:9 screen would show the same in addition to having the extra vertical space for normal widescreen resolutions.

I'd much rather 'suffer' black bars than the physical restriction such a ratio would give.

'Miracle' plane crash was no miracle

Andrew Kemp

GPS phone thing...

Why are people making it more complicated. GPS receivers in phones are common, have one in mine.

Could have a simple program that emails or sends a text message every n seconds/minutes to numbers off a pre-defined list that includes the last GPS co-ordinates. Simple...

Apple's latest patent brilliance: the iGlove

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Ahh, the mighty touch...

So this is their solution to the fact that because they use a capacitance screen, it needs the charge drain detection of a 'body part', i.e. a finger. As opposed to a resistance touch screen that would continue to work...

Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah set for top two spots in Christmas Day charts

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Best version is...

...the version by Katherine Jenkins. Far and ahead the best sounding and vocally talented version.

Microsoft issues emergency patch warning for IE

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'cause Firefox is the saviour right?

Quite funny to see all the FF fanboys proclaiming how they are somehow now justified, and all the crap about how now they can fulfill their plans to get all their supported staff using FF over IE.

Wake up guys, you think FF is that much better? Ha, emergency patch pushed out for FF just today!

Also, if you knew anything you'd know that with its protected mode mechanism IE can actually be more secure than the rest.

This is just another fuss caused by media getting hold of a story and making it far worse than it would of been and a load of would be geeks who think that being a geek means you have to love FF and hate everything MS does for the sake of it...

Atari promises it won't suck this time

Andrew Kemp

Phil Harrison...

...name rings a bell from my Uru playing days...

US Army in $50m video game upgrade

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Matt is spot on

...trouble is many here like "Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse" (that probably says a lot about this guy) are all too quick to mock the military - when they are nice and safe at home of course.

Anyone dumb enough to think that... anyone... serving in the military is somehow dumb for doing so needs to take whatever it currently is out of their back passage and live in the real world for a change and show some respect - of course they can't, they haven't got the balls to do so...

Police poison speed debate with fuzzy figures

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@Nic, agree with you 100%

Couldn't agree with you more Nic, glad to see there are at least a few of us with some sense.

To the guy who is proud to announce that he races up to cameras on his bike and throws them the V sign because of the lack of a front plate - you sir are a chasm amongst all the other a'holes and give all bikers a bad name.

Why is it so hard to keep below the limit, why is it so important to have to race from one place to the next. I personally wouldn't care if the statistics only showed that all the cameras only reduced road deaths by 1% - I can't actually believe that many of the numpties here actually think any percentage is acceptable...

Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills

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Speed loving idiots...

Thankfully there are a few sane, logical people commenting here but honestly can't understand the number of ignorant, imbecile, speed obsessed fools posting.

Speed DOES kill whatever the one idiot posted. Instead of thinking up different ways to avoid getting caught, how about actually obeying the law rather than doing what you think is right. That dial fitted to every single car will tell you all you need to know in order to remain within the law and it doesn't take more than a fraction of a second to check as part of your normal driving routine. Those speed obsessed idiots claiming speed cameras cause accidents because people are staring at their speedo's need to seriously look at the way they drive.

I really hope you never have someone in your family 'murdered' by an idiotic pillock who thought his definition of how fast he could drive was more appropriate. I guarantee every single one of you fools would be shouting for speed restrictions if such a thing happened to you.

The speed limit is a maximum for a reason, you don't have to drive on its limit either so should have no worries about edging over it between average checks, grow up and do everyone a favour.

The number of times idiots have come racing past us on country lanes (when we were doing a couple of mph or so under the limit) only for us to pull up behind them at the next roundabout./junction etc. is sad. Sad that they are willing to endanger themselves and others all for the potential gain of a couple of minutes.

To anyone who thinks any system to help prosecute those who speed is bad then you are a fool, plain and simple.