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OMFG, what have you done?

Prof O. Und

"Most Commented" is stuffed or you've excluded this article

Why is "Most commented" picking up articles with 20 - 58 comments (at the time of writing), such as new UK road signage, yet excluding this article, which has far in excess of 300 comments?

Prof O. Und

Monged-up like a Sky News / Apple mash-up

Why OFn why? I know your logo's red, but did you have to make it look as tabloid as the recent SUNning of Sky News' site?

Atleast put 4 columns across and fill a better bit of the screen. If anyone's still using VGA, screw-'em. And for iPhone trolls, try to give them content that does whatever's the equivalent of an 'unhappy Mac'.

Haven't read the other comments just spun through to get the general sentiment via the icons.

OK, now to ensure I don't entirely P you guys off (I take it you like it) - lovely to see that you've murdered that little annoying b@$t@rd - The Crazy Frog.

Prof O. Und

Like any good computer user knows....

.....set a restore point before buggering about with regedit.

UK launches major road signage review

Prof O. Und

Tim Chiverton so nearly got there.....

I reckon NuLabotomy will hire in a stylist who advises that every sign with a bit of red on it should be bordered on either side with great big b0770cking grey panels, so that the information on the sign is less legible; written in a duff font; and maybe have space for an advertising hoarding.

They will also have dumbed-down symbols, so every Twoc'ing 11 year-old can recognise them from daytime TV.

The coat? It does seem familiar, but I fear it's actually made from vinyl, rubbed in vain with a few drops of patchouli oil.

Hadron boffins: Our meddling will not destroy universe

Prof O. Und

Just in case the world ends...

.... how's about a nice Tuesday's-worth of being Moderatrix'd????

Suicide squirrel knocks out Swiss TV

Prof O. Und

Except for surface-mount squirrels........

do you think that they could me impedence-tested and some coloured bands put around their tails to indicate whether they'll short out the electricity supply, or just slightly lower the voltage?

Prof O. Und

The Swiss - part 1

Chocolate: 20 Swiss Francs

Chronometer: 3000 Swiss Francs

Helecopter ride to mountaintop: 600 Swiss Francs

De-smugged by a squirrel: Priceless

UK bank chief stung in ID theft scam

Prof O. Und

Maybe the banks will believe it happens now and take appropriate action?

Sorry, I've been overcome with a raging bout of optimism today.

I think I'll take a rest.

Old timers rattle zimmers at 'Elderly Persons' sign

Prof O. Und

Damn, 'Age Concern' unfortunately isn't an anagram of....

.....'Moaning Bunch of Tossers'.

Next the electricity companies will complain that their Eco electricity isn't shown as a green lightning flash on signs warning of the risk of electrocution.

Let's just take down the offending signs and let Darwinian behaviour take its toll.