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Altec Lansing inMotion Air wireless speaker


Make your own.

Being a proper geek, I made my own from a car amplifier & speakers off eBay, a computer PSU, a bluetooth receiver and a sheet of 12mm MDF.

I probably spent the best part of £100 on materials, but mine does have the advantage of being able to upset the neighbours 5 doors down.

Iomega SuperHero iPhone back-up gadget


Click of death

That was Syquest wasn't it?

HTC Desire HD


Re: It's good, but it's considerably too small & too thin

I think you must have a rogue app or similar if you're only getting 6hrs out of a charge.

I suffered similar, did a factory reset and was very careful about what apps I let back on and now get 1½ - 2 days out of it.

Also, Juice Defender is your friend.

Orange intros MiFi gadget, refreshes mobile data deals


They don't get it.

Orange data deals are such crap - as pointed out above, you get 15x the data for same money from 3

That's 1500% better (for any Apprentice candidates reading).

RIM lights a candle for the BlackBerry Torch


Why oh why oh why . . .

. . . couldn't they have put a higher resolution screen on it?

My 2 yr old Bold 9000 has 480x320 which is only 40px less in one dimension - and it's physically much smaller.

Apple ditches video evidence



Does anyone want to lay a bet that Apple will be back to an internal antenna for the iPhone 5?

Dell Streak Android tablet phone


Battery life

Why didn't they capitalise on the bigger form factor and cram a larger battery in?

Vote Lib Dem, doom humanity to extinction


"Believe humanity should travel to space one day?"

Not since I was about 8 years old!

'Norfolk Broads Idiot' nailed on YouTube



was he swimming towards the boat once he was in the water?!! To call him a fuckwit would be generous.

Acer 11.6in notebook-not-netbook demo'd on camera


Screen resolution?

Looks good but I hope they've given it more than 1024x600

Michelin strikes key 'e-wheel' deal


@unsprung weight

The clever bit of this design is the fact that it includes suspension - thus lessening the impact on unsprung weight.

Their prototype had a unsprung weight of 77lb on the drive axles which compares well with at Renault Clio which comes in at 84lb

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900



Like Max, I've got the Bold and use it with 3g switched off. The difference in webpage loading times is negligible.

The missus has got one of these and I wish I'd got one now - the camera is leagues better than the bold's and it's a dinky piece of kit.

La Cie's quiet fans


Extractor fan

Mmm. Wonder if this would work on the extractor fan in the bathroom which makes a god-awful noise.

Man hacks Mac OS X onto MSI Wind



Nice attempt to impress us all with how much you earn, but £3000/hr is pushing the limits of credibility.