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More iPhone 4 angst: fanbois howl over head sensor

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I'm pretty sure the definition of a "fanboi" means that they never complain?

El Reg's "hilariously" subjective coverage of anything to do with Apple is becoming tedious...

TechCrunch dubs Linux a 'big ol’ bag of drivers'

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Thank god for Ted and El Reg :)

Last.fm denies data handover to RIAA



Whenever I hear about TechCrunch, I'm instantly reminded of Ted Dziuba's brilliant description of them as "the Special Olympics of tech media".

Last.fm is a great service, and has worked hard to earn a name for itself since the Audioscrobbler days. It's a real shame to think users have abandoned it for no reason, all because some dickwad "journalist" (I mean, FAIList) would rather cash in a lunch ticket at someone else's expense, rather than be arsed to do his research. What a complete cod.

Run Mac OS X on a PC



I'm sure some people enjoy spending hours faffing about trying to get software to run. But I like to think that I have a life, therefore the whole arsing-about-with-hardware-and-drivers-and-configuration-and-worrying-about-updates-breaking-my-system thing is one of the main reasons I choose to use a Mac: I want to USE the computer to get some shit done, not waste time configuring and fixing it!

The snazzy OpenGL shizzle isn't the only nice thing about owning a Mac, you know. I hate to regurgitate a line spewed from Apple's PR machine here, but it is true - "it just works"!

BitTorrent crackdown cops fail to pay music copyright fees

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Truly outrageous

Oh, so in that case can the accused stand up in court and say "buying the record would require me to spend a significant amount of money, which I consider is better committed to buying food and paying for somewhere to live" and be acquitted? Somehow I think not!

There is a hidden third option - well, I say hidden, in fact it's obvious to anyone with even a heavily malformed brain - it goes like this: "don't play copyrighted material in your canteen if you don't want to pay the license".

This is utter hypocrisy of the highest order. How these ignorant self-righteous twunts have the audacity to come out and make a statement like that is beyond all reason - not paying PRS fees is in EXACTLY the same ballpark as not paying for an mp3 download - no physical material has changed hands but ultimately there is still a legal requirement to pay for the use of copyrighted material!

Total idiots. This just takes the piss. I'm furious.

Password pants-off at Lloyds Bank

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You're surprised?

This happens everywhere. You ring up, give them your details, and your password pops up in plaintext so the operator can check it to complete DPA requirements. If you can't remember it, they check some other details and set a new one for you. Standard process in pretty much any call centre for any company, not just Lloyds TSB - it's a bit unfair to make it seem as though they're the only ones doing it.

I bet this was one of those insufferable old bastards who refuse to use Internet Banking because "I don't trust it / It's not secure / I saw something bad on TV about it / It'll make my children smell like hammers". You trust some 19-year-old kid in a generic outsourced call centre getting paid £6 an hour, though?!

Paris because even she's not that stupid!

EMC management suite gets 'Web 2.0' makeover


is that

Ext JS i spy?!


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