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Why so shy, Samsung? Weird Find my Phone push notification did not only affect Galaxy mobes

Shaun Blagdon

I got the notification on my OnePlus 6T... not sure if they share infrastructure but that's really wierd.

5G SIM-swap attacks could be even worse for industrial IoT than now

Shaun Blagdon

Re: Disable SIM swapping by default

> To transfer an account, you would have to go back to the old-fashioned method. Cancel account, make

new account, get new (non-transferable) number.

And thus destroying all competitiion in the telco market, killing off all new MVNO's business plans and what about lost or damaged SIMs?

Hapless engineers leave UK cable landing station gate open, couple of journos waltz right in

Shaun Blagdon

The site should have guards at the main gate. You can't leave physical security to engineers

To Hull with the crap town naysayers: UK Culture City's got some amazing... telecoms

Shaun Blagdon

Re: Needs more than culture

Sysmon: Literacy also includes the ability to read dates, the article you quoted is from 2011.

Shaun Blagdon

Re: Needs more than culture

Highest rate of illiteracy? Complete bollocks, Hull came above average in the last education league table

Telstra proclaims free data day to make up for epic TITSUP

Shaun Blagdon

Sacrificial Lamb

Blaming a single techy for such an outage is scapegoating in the extreme. A restart of a single node should never take down the entire network. This looks more like a network design, capacity issue that Telstra are trying to hide by blaming some poor soul.

Ericsson boss sticks a pin in Google’s loony Loon bubble

Shaun Blagdon

Re: Not a panacea

Network can help develop rural economies, look at mobile banking in Africa, mobile healthcare systems etc.

Live in the middle of nowhere? CONGRATS. Some of you can pay EE for 4G

Shaun Blagdon

I do hope this the Regs attempt at humour. You sound like a Tory Peer talking about the desolate wastelands of the north.

Mobe operators, need to check your network? There’s an app for that

Shaun Blagdon


Of course each operator know about other operators coverage. It's just a matter of putting another SIM in the test kit and going for a drive. Also, plenty of engineers move around the different ops and plenty of operators site share.

Shaun Blagdon

Why don't the operators offer a small incentive to customers to run the app on their own phones?

Nokia turns a PROFIT. Sort of

Shaun Blagdon

Re: Mark Twain said...

This is the first quarter Nokia has ever paid a dividend actually

30 years ago, at flip of a switch, the internet as we know it WAS BORN

Shaun Blagdon

Most of the comments on here are disrespectful and very self-absorbed into the writers own personel experience of computing and the internet. A lot of them spewing criticism of the IP/TCP protocol that where obviously learnt after it's invention. Saying "It's been downhill ever since", talking about how we should all be on IPV6?? It was never invented to handle such scale as IPV6, it was invented as a way of getting a few hundred computers networking not the billions of devices it handles now. Can't we just celebrate the invention of a couple of very clever men, who simply and probably at the time unknowingly, took the world to a new level. Saying "the internet was born" on that day is incredibly disingenuous as well. If you want to go way back to start of the internet, look at cave paintings, if you want to expand that.. talk! Take if further, writing and then printed press. If you want to talk computers, look up Mr Babbage... Who discovered silicon is a useful conductor? Did anyone see that bloke Tim who featured in the Olympic Opening Ceremony?...................... Let's just celebrate the invention of Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn, 30 years ago and thank them for the step forward they showed us.

Ofcom insists on emergency roaming

Shaun Blagdon

They could do it tomorrow

Why wait until the end of the year to implement emergency call roaming. It's one single parameter to change in the Core.

Scotland Mountain Rescue turns on Ofcom

Shaun Blagdon

Have you actually tried to complain to OFCOM?

Just been on the OFCOM website to post a complaint about this. It's bloody impossible, just links to more and more 'Guidelines' for simply making a complaint, no links or email addresses to just simply put a complaint in.

New Symbian launches mobile free-for-all

Shaun Blagdon

Phone Settings

Andy, check Settings, Application Manager, Software installation, change from Signed Only to All.


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