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Hey, folks. Meet the economics 'genius' behind Jeremy Corbyn

Bill Murty

Economist in 'Trust us Economists' shocker...

Because Economists are totally brilliant at running economies. If I had a pound for every time...

Terminator-style robot busts leg in martial arts demo mishap

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US: We spied on you Europeans but we can still be chums. Right?

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Unless of course you're in a position as a cloud provider that in developing such strong links with the spooks, it helps underpin your continuation.? These 'links' between the giants of the web and politically managed secret organisations, forged through data sharing, will make the political elite far less likely to permit or authorise any strategies or actions that might threaten or restrict the relationship or the relationship with the organisation that's cooperating so willingly.

People with power have a very singular priority, keeping it. In that regard the wholesale leaking of information pushes buttons on both sides of that deal.

If you've never had it you don't miss it. But they have had the ability to acquire such vast swathes of data. And you can bet your last penny that they don't want to lose it.

Rogue toilet takes out Norfolk server

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Log In causes Log Out

Code for open-source Facebook littered with landmines

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Elgg is a free open source, network engine and has evolved much further

Elgg is much further down the road and has a large community with a long list of very well established sites that prove it's abilities.

I see only reasons to stay with Elgg, it has flexibility and though young, is well down the development road by comparison.

Am I wrong? http://community.elgg.org/

Microsoft's web Office: No love for Chrome, Opera

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Gates Halo

I use Opera

I am really shattered, my life now seems hardly worth living after this truely devastating news.

No, really.

As an Opera user, I love everything microsoft and every time microsoft try to make me use ie, I am unable to sleep for a month.

I am sure that microsoft online apps will change the world by being completely faultless and brilliant at everything. I'm sure it won't be riddled with bugs that they won't patch for eons and I am sure it will be very secure indeed in every way.

I am already loosing sleep because as an Opera user I've never encountered anything like this before and am very tempted to immediately move to a slower and far less secure browser.


ISP redesign unites the web in nausea

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I knew he was up to something.

David Blunkett hasn't been in the papers lately.

Wolfram Alpha - a new kind of Fail

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The sure sign of successful search engine ...

...will come when a journo types in his/her name and presumably sees a photograph of themself, accompanied by their date and place of birth and general words about how great they are?

There was a reasonable article about WA on the register(.co.uk) the other day ted, you should read it, it answers many of the questions you ask.

Digital Britain: A tax, a quango and ISP snooping

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Take me away

Why don't they stop dilly dallying and arrest everybody. It'll be easier than having to take all the computers away and have them searched for contraventions.

In fact I'm off to the court now to give them some money so I don't have to spend 90% of my online time trying not to break a law. I might aswell sign the sex offenders register while I'm there.

Excessive texting 'damages your health'

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a pain?

Receiving texts gives me a pain in the ass.

Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills

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"In the same direction"

The above text is apparently in the wording of the law. I heard a piece on radio 4 a couple of months ago relating to somebody that dodged an average speed camera fine because he had changed lanes.