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Intel lets loose with 3rd gen Ivy Bridge tri-gate chips


Where can I get a 6000x4000 monitor? to fit my 16 mp digital photos without any need to "actual size" them only to end up viewing only a small portion of the photo with any oridnary HD monitor..

Russia and NASA plan to COLONISE the Moon

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First.. an outhouse!

No colony can be built without an outhouse dug out first!

Dell to buy AMD?


Cisco not Dell..

Cisco is the most logical buyer of AMD, that is, if they are interested. IBM is the second most likely suitor. Texas Instruments is the distant contender.


Cisco is the Logical Buyer of AMD

I was trying to think of someone who can buy AMD... Dell? no, Oracle? no, HP? no, I was trying to remember who I thought about before until I read an article about CISCo and Intel recently. Pow! yeah, it can be CISCO... CISCO USE INTEL CHIPS IN ROUTERS AND SWITCHES , WHY EXPENSIVE INTEL CHIPS?? WHILE AMD CHIPS WILL DO..

MS hits back in Security Essentials row


Too Many Dumb PC Users!!

I keep running into PC users who dont understand what AV updates (definitions) mean. They thought that all they have to do is just plop in the installation CD and it is done. They also dont understand that they have to pay to the AV piper every year to keep current. What it shows is that the competent AV purveyors are not doing a good job of explaining to the many dumb PC users that they need to download new definitions on a regular basis and to pay annual subscriptoins. I met so many of them at Facebook!!!! They are so dumb! !

Intel slashes Xeon, Core 2 Duo prices


Intel Gluied Two Core 2 together...

Like before with Pentium D chiups or somehting... Intel just glued two chip together to make dual chip. now Intel did it again with Quad. AMD is pure Quad and X2 from the stratch, n o wonder AMD had hard time getting it produced on time. Guess honesty doesnt pay, huh? Soon enough, Intel will glue four Core 2 to make 8 core while AMD is working on native pure 8 core as always. Who knows, AMD may win big this thime..

AMD thanks Ruiz for courageous ability to lose money

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5% to 20% of market share

Under Ruiz regime, AMD increased market share from 5% to all high best of 20% or so. Dell had bveen a long standing sore thumb all along for refusing to user AMD chips until too little too late.it is not the CEO's fault, it is the squirrels' faults!!!


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