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GSMA and Euro-telcos argue for exemptions from big tech tax crackdown laws

Terry Barnes

Re: Excuse me...

It’s mostly profits that are taxed which means there’s no need for a price increase because that would simply increase the amount of profits to be taxed.

Increased taxation usually results in lower investment or lower returns to investment. Sometimes it drives increased investment because that serves to reduce the profit the tax is based on.

Dog eats UK government's Hydrogen Strategy homework just as summer recess arrives

Terry Barnes

Re: Where does the hydrogen come from?

According to gridwatch, at the time I post, solar and wind are generating four times what coal is in the U.K.

A floppy filled with software worth thousands of francs: Techie can't take it, customs won't keep it. What to do?

Terry Barnes

There is no paperwork or customs between EU countries. That’s kind of the point.

Director, deputy director, CTO of Free Software Foundation quit after Stallman installation

Terry Barnes


Indeed. These people don’t want freedom of speech. They want freedom from consequences. But only for themselves.

Terry Barnes

Show where people are trying to remove him from the history books. You must have a link and some evidence or you wouldn’t have said it, right? And if you don’t, then what are we to make of the rest of your posts?

Terry Barnes

People still use the hospitals Jimmy Saville did fund-raising for. What’s your point?

Free Software Foundation urged to free itself of Richard Stallman by hundreds of developers and techies

Terry Barnes

Re: such audacity

Have no answer to my point so criticise my typing error? You know that means you lost, right?

Terry Barnes

Re: Who can spot the hypocrisy?


The paradox is by philosopher Karl Popper.

It states that blind inclusivity in any context is ultimately bound to fail because it will include people who have a primary objective of excluding others. To therefore be inclusive it is necessary to identify and exclude those people. Or put another way; Be tolerant of everything except intolerance.

To use a practical example, if a city's Pride organising committee extended its warm, friendly and welcoming arms to members of the Westboro Baptist Chuch, the aims of that Pride committee would be subverted. To remain inclusive, the committee must exclude members of that Church.

Terry Barnes

Re: such audacity

It is not zealotry to want workplaces where women can feel safe from the unwanted advances of predatory males. They you think it is tells us plenty about you.

Terry Barnes

Re: Who can spot the hypocrisy?

No. They are demonstrating their inclusiveness by excluding people whose actions and words serve to diminish inclusiveness. Inclusiveness does not mean extending welcoming arms to misogynists, racists and homophobes. Popper’s paradox.

Terry Barnes

Re: Oh how the woke wimper

No. Stallman used his freedom of speech and thought and is now experiencing consequences from what he said and did.

You don’t want freedom of speech, you want freedom from consequence.

The Audacity of it all: Version 3.0 of open-source audio fave boasts new file format, 160+ bug fixes

Terry Barnes

Re: Still no VST Instruments?

It’s not a wannabe DAW, it’s an audio editor.

What use is a VST instrument in a package without midi support or sequencing?

UK carriers open their wallets as regulator Ofcom doles out more slabs of 5G spectrum

Terry Barnes

Re: Quote

What relevance is the manufacture of end user devices? Nokia and Ericsson are two of the leading manufacturers of cellular networks in the world and have been since the dawn of mobile networks.

Motorola was the third big name, but they are now part of Nokia, along with Siemens.

Seagate UK customer stung by VAT on replacement drive shipped via the Netherlands

Terry Barnes

Re: I don't understand something

An item of value has crossed the border, thus VAT is payable.

Want your broadband fixed? Best write to your MP, UK's Zen Internet tells customer

Terry Barnes

Re: Sounds familiar

Pretty offensive to call people simians. They’re not as clever as you so must be sub-human?

Terry Barnes

Re: Lead and Paper.

There’s no oil in the cables, just dry air fed from a dessicator / compressor.

UK watchdog fines two firms £270k for cold-calling 531,000 people who had opted out

Terry Barnes

Re: Reporting calls

“ Take away the income, telcos will curb the activity at lightning speed”

By the same logic, docking a postman’s pay will prevent junk mail. It’s nonsense and ignores the telcos’ responsibility to act as common carriers.

Microsoft's underwhelming, underpowered dual-screen Surface Duo phone arrives in the UK this month for £1,349

Terry Barnes

Nokia’s haven’t been made by MS for some time - the last were Lumia windows phones are high are well out of support. The current Nokia range is made by a Chinese company.

No ports, no borders, no hope: Xiaomi's cool but impractical all-screen concept phone

Terry Barnes

Re: Yes

Indeed. Like arguing that your finances are in such bad shape you may as well buy a new car and head to the casino.

Judge denies Parler an injunction to force AWS to host the antisocial network for internet outcasts

Terry Barnes

Re: Not all countries are founded on socialist beliefs

"First they came for the Communists..."

No, first they came for the people who wanted a bakery to make them a gay wedding cake.

I don't recall the right wing crying bitter salty tears about censorship when the supreme court ruled that the bakery was under no obligation to bake the cake.

If a bakery doesn't have to bake a cake it finds objectional, AWS doesn't have to host the inane hateful rants of furious gammony incels.

Terry Barnes

Re: Censorship by Private Companies

If you open your mouth and one person tells you to shut it, bad lack, you met an asshole.

If you open your mouth and everyone tells you to shut up, you're an asshole.

Terry Barnes

Re: Censorship by Private Companies

Perhaps it would be easier to use an analogy. Imagine that AWS is a bakery and Parler want them to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.

There was a supreme court case on that very issue, as you may recall. I seem to recall the right wing supporters of the bakery being over the moon that the supreme court ruled 7-2 that the bakery was under no obligation to bake the cake.

Now, what was it you said again?

"Is OK as long as we do not like the content being censored."

Oh yes.

Up yours, Europe! Our 100% prime British broadband is cheaper than yours... but also slower and a bit of a rip-off

Terry Barnes

Re: Disingenuous advertising

512Mb is pretty fast. Are you sure you typed that right?

The Huawei Mate 40 Pro is so mired in strangely hardy glue that the display shattered during iFixit's teardown

Terry Barnes

Re: I did it Huawei

The number of phone repair shops in the High Street where I live suggests strongly your ‘99.99%’ is some way off the truth. Five shops for 31,000 people would mean each shop has a single customer every other month.

UK state of the Internet report: Virgin Media 'fast', BT's PlusNet last

Terry Barnes

This survey is reasonably useless if it doesn’t record what package people have bought. Most people buy the cheapest thing available where they live. Having a low score for throughout is more a function of the customers an ISP attracts than it is a measure of network performance.

My parents are on talktalk ADSL but live in a street covered by both Virgin’s HFC network and Openreach’s FTTP. They’ve chosen to buy a service that runs at about 12Mbps, but they have available to them services running twenty times faster.

If the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition doesn't make you a fan, we don't know what will

Terry Barnes

“Colour fidelity is good, and it's bright enough for outside usage on particularly sunny days – although, given we're entering the cold autumnal months, this isn't much of a problem.”

Ideal for all those people who change their phones seasonally. ‘Why yes, it’s an excellent autumn phone.’

Amiga Fast File System makes minor comeback in new Linux kernel

Terry Barnes

I thought Windows and Macintosh always had memory management? That was Amiga’s problem - lots of games and demos required unfettered first party DMA to work, introducing any form of memory management would have broken compatibility. Insecure by design.

Terry Barnes

I was a big Amiga fan, but the reason it failed wasn’t because the big boys were mean to it. The OS was seriously flawed - the lack of memory protection meant it was not a safe thing to put any meaningful data in. As the world became networked it would have been a disaster. The tight integration between hardware and software was also a fundamental problem. It gave Amiga a head start but it also defined the end of the road pretty well too.

Moore’s law and ubiquity beat custom hardware every time. You just have to wait.

Terry Barnes

Re: My life is now complete...

You had an Oric Telestrat? Cripes!

It's a process: Nokia pushes out its first private 5G standalone product, eyes industrial types

Terry Barnes

Re: I forsee the raw material for many Register security stories to come

If you rely solely on your connectivity layer for security, whether it’s wired or wireless, you’re heading for trouble.

Everything must go! Distributors clear shelves of ALL notebooks in Q2, even ones gathering dust over last 12 months

Terry Barnes

Re: Still plenty of good used laptops on eBay

Even a global pandemic won’t be enough to make 2020 the year of Linux on the desktop.

Belief in 5G conspiracy theories goes hand-in-hand with small explosions of rage, paranoia and violence, researchers claim

Terry Barnes

Re: Academic Psychologists and Survey Questions

A well designed survey will ignore outliers and obvious lies. Do you think no-one has ever thought about this problem or tried to create a solution?

Terry Barnes

Re: Something else to consider.

Dunning Kruger isn’t about intelligence per se - it’s about the ability of people to accurately rate their expertise in a given field. People who are demonstrably at the top of their given fields tend to not suffer from it, it’s more often seen on the journey towards expertise - people will over and then under rate their abilities as their knowledge grows.

The incumbent President of the United States of America ran now-banned Facebook ads loaded with Nazi references

Terry Barnes

Re: Eugenics - Sometimes a good decision - is what I think.

Can you stop using a term about developmental delay to describe uneducated people please? It’s pretty offensive to those of us with disabled children.

No Wiggle room: Two weeks after angry bike shop customers report mystery orders on their accounts, firm confirms payment cards delinked

Terry Barnes

Re: Just saying

Yet no-one complains at well-built middle aged folk wearing football kits while drinking their own weight in lager at the pub.

As Brit cyber-spies drop 'whitelist' and 'blacklist', tech boss says: If you’re thinking about getting in touch saying this is political correctness gone mad, don’t bother

Terry Barnes

Re: let's just make things as confusing as possible

"I have a better idea: STOP caring about PETTY CRAP like this, and care about things that MATTER instead"

Privileged white man thinks that race doesn't matter. Knock me down with a feather.

IBM Watson GPU cloud cluster Brexits from London to Frankfurt – because GDPR

Terry Barnes

Re: Pointless And Political

Why take the risk? Easier just to move things to the EU. That this would happen was pointed out time and time again before the referendum. IBM aren’t the only ones taking steps like this.

EU declares it'll Make USB-C Great Again™. You hear that, Apple?

Terry Barnes

Re: connector not the only issue

Those charges aren’t waste. Just get some adaptors for them. That way you can still offer charging for people who turn up with a different phone.

I guess the EU’s point however is that this used to happen every time you changed your phone. Every manufacturer had their own cable. I had a universal charger for travelling not so long ago that had 14 adaptors in the bag. It was a brave person who made a hole in their car dashboard to fit a car kit knowing it would only ever work with one model of phone.

The time a Commodore CDTV disc proved its worth as something other than a coaster

Terry Barnes

The damage would come from a series of 8/bit values, that when rendered as PCM audio, either create a standing wave or a longstanding monopolar offset from zero. Speakers and amplifiers don’t like DC.

Anyone who has ever used a hifi amp and speakers as a PA for a synthesiser capable of creating waveforms outside the bounds of musicality will have faced similar repair bills.

Terry Barnes

HiFi CD players will normally refuse to play anything that doesn't report itself as a 'red book' audio CD. This is to prevent inadvertent waveforms being generated from a data disc that could damage an amplifier or speakers.

Bit barn raising Arizona: Thirsty Microsoft mounts blazing saddle, plants 3 solar-powered server farms

Terry Barnes

Re: Elastic Cloud

Or they'll use solar plus storage? This isn't unsolvable. You just have to generate enough during the hours of sunlight to cover 24 hours of usage.

BT staffers fear new mums could be hit disproportionately by car allowance change

Terry Barnes

Re: WTF?

In this instance the allowance is paid if someone entitled to a company car as a perk chooses not to have one. It’s not about using a car for work or business travel. It’s part of an employee’s package.

Dead LAN's hand: IT staff 'locked out' of data center's core switch after the only bloke who could log into it dies

Terry Barnes

Re: There's help out there ...

Malicious as in - pay us or we delete it and hard reset the switch back to factory defaults. No IT problem is solved by inviting criminals to solve it for you.

Terry Barnes

Re: There's help out there ...

I don’t know, I think you’d be inviting someone malicious to hold the config to ransom.

Boeing big cheese repeats pledge of 737 Max software updates following fatal crashes

Terry Barnes

Re: As an aside, one thing that annoys me about my car

Someone else might drive the car after you. If the limiter comes on automatically and they don't know about it or understand it they might end up in trouble if they try to join a motorway and find they can't get down the slip road faster than 30MPH. Requiring you to activate it each time means that you'll know because you did it.

Total Inability To Support User Phones: O2 fries, burning data for 32 million Brits

Terry Barnes

Cascade failure. What do you think the impact of suddenly having 33M devices roam onto your network might be? How much will it cost to size your network to be ready to take millions of extra users at a moment’s notice? Who would ever build our rural cells when you could just let your users roam onto the network of the mug who has?

EU wants one phone plug to rule them all. But we've got a better idea.

Terry Barnes

Re: To later

You think people will make phones for the U.K. market that don’t comply with EU standards? The market is too small to warrant the tooling and support costs. All that will actually happen is that we’ll lose any input to setting the standards.

UK taxman warned it's running out of time to deliver working customs IT system by Brexit

Terry Barnes

Re: why can't it be put to the vote?

No vote apart from all the General Elections where a UKIP government could have been elected? How many MPs did they have? At their absolute peak - what was that number again? It must have been significant for the government to shortcircuit democracy and offer a direct binary choice on UKIP’s manifesto.

Easiest path now is simply to cancel it and let the population elect a UKIP government if that is what they so wish.

User spent 20 minutes trying to move mouse cursor, without success

Terry Barnes

Mouse cursor?

It’s WIMP, not WIMC...

Openreach consults on shift of 16 MEEELLION phone lines to VoIP by 2025

Terry Barnes

Re: More compression, worse latency. More bandwidth, worse latency.

That Mbps per call efficiency doesn’t matter in this case though because the ISDN network costs more than an IP network per Mb of delivered traffic.

Seat occupancy efficiency is high on Concorde because I occupy the seat for less time than on a 747 making the same journey. It doesn’t make Concorde cheaper.



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