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Here's the multi-core man coding robots, 3-D worlds and Wall Street

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one approach is dataflow

In an article in last month’s SD Times the challenge facing the technology industry was succinctly laid out:

“I wake up almost every day shocked that the hardware industry has bet its future that we will finally solve one of the hardest problems computer science has ever faced, which is figuring out how to make it easy to write parallel programs that run correctly,” said David Patterson, professor of computer sciences at the University of California at Berkeley.

We have seen that there are a number of approaches to trying to deal with this challenge. In our case, we have reached back to use an application architecture first implemented decades ago -- DataRush is a Java implementation of the dataflow approach.

"The technical problems were all solved long ago with the invention of dataflow programming. What remains is to educate programmers and to bring dataflow ideas into mainstream languages."

Peter Van Roy - co-author "Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming."