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Boffin says Astronomical Unit should be binned


Re: Taking this to its (il)logical conclusion

things have to be in relative motion for time to run at different speeds, so unless your MI5 eavesdropper is in a van, he should be able to gauge the level of stress in your voice accurately.

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Re: Re: "I've never been a fan of the AU just because it's a stupid unit"

i think all the old 'units' are now referenced to SI ones anyway, or have been forgotten, so Fahrenheit is 'measured' in Kelvin, Fahrenheit isn't a 'real' unit anymore, its just a different way to read the SI units.

BTW i heard that, zero Fahrenheit has something to do with all life stopping, and one hundred Fahrenheit was people/blood/core/life temperature, guess the guy might of been a biologist.

but does it really matter whats on your thermostat, i think hot and cold would probably do it for people still using that scale.

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Re: wikipedia

well anyone not using SI units for everything, is probably being payed by the hour, and thinks they will be employed again when it all goes tit's up.

and, there really are a lot of problems in the basic physics stuff on wikipedia, what i'm guessing is happening is that since the factual stuff and current events seem very good, is that the consensus mechanism used there, is self-reinforcing common misconceptions, and as a wild guess, this is concentrated in the physics sections because there are a lot of chemists in the US with time on their hands and who have developed the same high level of, unchecked, confidence in their physics understanding.

Ethanol cars unhealthier than petrol ones?


long haul not for electric cars?, why not change the batteries?

seems quite obvious, instead on filling up with liquid, you pull into a station and swap your batteries for changed ones.