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Apple iPhone 3G

christian Hankins

I hope Apple reads this...

I am an avid apple fan and do end up buying all of their new stuff without thinking rationally. Although I am prepared to admit when they get something wrong and I don't squirm when someone criticises them (well unless it's pure ignorance).

All of the features that are missing from the iPhone that are present on a £10 pay as you go phone SHOULD be there. Even if Apple thinks they are obsolete. They (Apple) shouldn't give competitors ammunition over features that would take 5 minutes to program into the phone.

I don't think the memory card slot will be necessary when they have bigger hard drives (or flash drives), but I can understand why people would want one now, so why do apple not include one - not an expensive feature to have added.

The most important thing though is that Apple reads reviews such as this one as they praise it where praise is due, but are honest about short fallings. If Apple only listened to the majority of the reviews they would assume every product is perfect and there is no need to add anything.

However people say Apple is an arrogant company, and they would be spot on. But it is a good sort of arrogance. They have the right to be as there must be a reason why they have so many loyal fans, and why every product is treated like the birth of some new deity.


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