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Australia's alternative NBN plan: some taxpayer-friendly questions

Daryl Radivojevic
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Tony Abbott's NBN

Tony Abbott's NBN plan is short sighted and already obsolete, but at least he'll stop the boats, so we should choose it.

Sony Ericsson sees profits tumble, turns on workers

Daryl Radivojevic

No innovation in 2008

This does not surprise me one bit. When the T610 come out, I ditched my Nokia and became a Sony-Ericsson fan. Nokia stalled, and we had record Sony-Ericsson profits. Sony-Ericsson then released incremental upgrades to the T610 like the K750 etc. and things were going fine, until this year. They simply haven't released anything new in the past year.

Their handsets don't have features like GPS, bigger screens, good 3G support. Hence nobody is buying anything from them, except those who are looking for a cheap phone. Everybody else is seriously looking at their competitors who now have greater features. If Sony-Ericsson don't do a turn-around, then worse 3rd quarter results are here to come.