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Apple's Watch is basically electric perfume

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The comments industry looks a bit tragic and battered. Ever since knocking Apple became a staple of tech writers, they looked for new products from Apple to restore the sense of superiority that only a good rant could give.

Unfortunately re-writing the same comment that has been popular ever since the Graphical User Interface, reached near hysteria with the iMac and climbed a rousing crescendo with the iPhone has now finally led to be the refuge of the sad and the desperately unimaginative.

Since yesterday even the most rampant of commenters must feel a tad sheepish and will find it hard to repeat the same stereotypes again. And again, and again.

Do you remember when commenters dismissed Apple's late entry into the MP3 market? Who would want to use a 'mouse'? Wasn't the iPad just a huge arsed iPhone? Give the money back to the shareholders!

Now all the mocking commenters are imitating each other, the sarcastic tweets all retweeting the same three jokes, even the tech reporting elite second guessing their readers prejudices in ever more desperate attempts to creating the required click-bait that keeps the industry alive.

Meanwhile internet security, congestion, competition – the important matters – none of those things will be fixed with another comment that was already old when the Mac came out.

So, Apple won't sell cheap kit? Prepare the iOS garden wall WRECKING BALL

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Oh no

Apple is dead again already? Have I seen this article before somewhere? No industry re-defining products, market share slipping, rise of the east, no 9" screen phone. Sell sell sell!

Palm accused of spying on Pre owners

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roll on Palm and Google brother

it is just toooo funny - not:

while Apple is getting the flak from the geek bloggerati such as the , Google collects every keystroke you make (http://tinyurl.com/krdyam) and Palm is tracking your every movement.

Wikipedia's Gallery guy hung up to dry?

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re:Derrick Coetze replies

Thanks for your comments mate, I am waiting for the guy who took by bicycle last week to drop a line here and let me know he is ok and did not have any accidents.

iPhone 3GS turns yellower shade of white

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got any?

If you had a unpleasantly hot iPhone you would go back to have it replaced, no?

If it burned your face you would go go go to a lawyer wouldn't you?

If it actually had a warning screen you would heed that wouldn't you?

If you were writing for the Register you would just gather any unsubstantiated blog or forum article, wouldn't you?

If you just happened to hate Apple you would just agree with the usualy Register trolling, wouldn't you?

Register to warm iPhone victims "That's OK: your tears say more than real evidence _ever_


Nokia launches latest flagship 'superphone'

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All hail the new iPhone crusher

New Superphone! iPhone crusher! Most advanced phone ever! 48gigs! I want it NOW!

Oh, I see, it is not out quite yet - not for another six month. And it is a bit brick like... and next year we'll see 64gig storage in mobiles anyway. And a resistive screen, rather than capacitive. Symbian OS with 'touch enhancements'.... £440 without contract, well, I guess that is the price for progress.

I love the 'widgets' thou' what a breakthrough!

iPhone squares up to Android

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Apple besieged again?

Riddle me this: Google trawls miles of public highways and byways to add Street Views, the as yet unreleased G1 adds it to it's list of killer apps and forces Apple on the 'backfoot', alas, when that same item comes to the iPhone it turns into a pointless feature, natch.

Apple iPhone 3G

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Why would anyone 'loathe' the iPhone? I certainly don't loathe any Nokia or Blackberry phone, they are just products on a shelf after all. The iPhone is great for all mobile phone and PDA users and will lead to more competition on the market and increased choice for all. The mobile phone market is healthier for it...