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Crooks use WannaCrypt hysteria as hook for BT-branded phishing emails


Re: VPN?

I'm the Ben W mentioned in the article - the quote "Almost all are VPN users, according to Ben W" isn't quite right - that's not according to me, it was merely an observation that almost everyone posting in the thread on the VM forums claimed to be using a VPN. The thinking being that if it's not visiting the sinkhole domain via a non-VPN connection that triggered the warning e-mails from VM, they're potentially generating false positives for people using VPNs for some reason.

BBC detector vans are back to spy on your home Wi-Fi – if you can believe it


This seems like a pretty ridiculous amount of effort to go to, surely just linking TV licenses to an iPlayer login would solve all of this nonsense? You pay, you get a login. You share the login and it's logged into more than x IPs simultaneously the account gets blocked.

Snakes on a backplane: Server-room cabling horrors


There's an entire subreddit dedicated to such atrocities


Virgin Media hit by MORE YouTube buffering glitches


Block the caching servers, problem solved.

Since blocking VM's terrible YouTube caching servers I've not had a video buffer in over a year. I appreciate that they're trying to save on bandwidth costs but if they can't handle doing it seamlessly then they shouldn't do it at all.

Guide here, basically involves adding a firewall rule to block 3 subnets used by the VM caching servers: http://digiex.net/guides-reviews/guides-tutorials/networking-guides/12771-how-fix-youtube-virginmedia-blocking-cache-proxy.html

Want a Windows 8 Start Button? Open source to the rescue!

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Re: Isn't it easier

Really? Grow up.

MoneySavingExpert.com founder flogs website for £87m


Re: Independence

Nope, and that's definitely not what happened to TechCrunch when it was absorbed into AOL and Michael Arrington left...

Man's car warns of AIR RAID OVER LONDON


Re: Bullfights?

Ask and you shall receive...the full listing is contained within this source code: https://www.cgran.org/browser/projects/radio_data_system/trunk/src/lib/gr_rds_tmc_events.h

Not the actual spec document as those all seem to be pay to download, but close enough.

My favourites are "1026 - less extreme temperatures" (what?) and "1071- swarms of insects", imagine seeing that flash up on your satnav!

Students busted for hacking computers, changing grades


Pretty complex compared to...

the extent that we had to go to to get admin access on the school network - admin2 / changeme, thanks RM default passwords and stupid IT staff.

Europe won't pay more for Windows 7. Really!


A slight oversight perhaps

How do they expect people to download an alternative browser without a browser to download it with in the first place...

Buggy 'smart meters' open door to power-grid botnet


@Aidan Thornton

Wrong (in the UK atleast), the smart meters they're rolling out all use GSM on the O2 and Vodafone networks.

Government kids website pays £6 for every visitor

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So you spend £60k on a flash movie

And don't even make sure the maths functions work properly? I've currently got -160 credits. "Hey, you can build a playground and get into debt too! "