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Webhost denies poor passwords led to catastrophic hack

Dave Webb
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Idiots indeed

Yes, the people that did this are idiots. Clearly what they lack are social skills. They're probably children sat in their bedrooms on the computer all night instead of out playing with friends, or socialising. I'd much rather spend my evenings out tinkering with the ladies than in tinkering with servers! I can't see what they get out of this sort of thing.

Paris, for all the obvious tinkering puns

Microsoft's Bing feeds you, tries to keep you captive

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Am I the only one that when I say 'Bing' in my head it's always in the voice of Doug when he slaps Chandler's arse in that early episode of Friends? :)

This is quite nice to use, but I still found the most relevant results to my query a few pages in. The interface is clean and crisp like Google which is good.

How will sir pay? Facebook credits, that'll do nicely

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Real gifts only please

Any anybody buys me a virtual gift on FaceBook for my birthday they're getting a punch in the face

eBay fees rejig will still hit casual auctioneers

Dave Webb

Ebid anyone?

I hoped that extra revenue from the ads they slap in my face all the time would lead to lower fees. With PayPal etc it does work out at around 10% total. If the profit margin is low anyway it makes it not worth while. I just really wish more people would start to use ebid for the things I buy and sell online.

Mine is the one with an overdue ebay invoice in the pocket

Virgin Media pilots 200Mbit service

Dave Webb

They should spend smarter

I have the 20Mbit service in South Wales (ex ntl customer) and rarely have any issues with download speeds (I can max out at over 2000k/sec). As far as I can tell I have only been traffic-managed once or twice. The upstream stays a constant 80k/sec.

The only issues I have are when playing CoD5 on XBox Live - it lags like a mother! I think they'd be better off spending the money on upgrading existing/buying new UBRs so they are not over-subscribed, moving the tech support to the UK with English speaking people and better peering arrangements to improve latency between other ISPs.

Mine is the one with the copy of What Sheep? in the pocket

eBay officially not cheaper than High Street

Dave Webb

High fees putting prices up

I dare say most things on ebay are not as cheap as they would have been had they not increased the fess. I'm selling things for much more than I did before they put the fees up. An average sale of £50 can incur fees of nearly £10 (Listing, FVF and PayPal). I wish more people used ebid for the things I sell, then I'd switch and not look back.

Now they are shoving adverts into our faces on every page surely that generates an income that would allow them to reduce fees? I appreciate they spend a lot of money on hosting, staff etc but they don't even care about the sellers and we're the ones that pay the fees.

Start using ebid people!

Ready or not, IPv6 is coming

Dave Webb

@same old same old

I agree entirely. How long should ISPs retain unused addresses before allocating them to someone else?

I just queried ripe.net and found that several ranges we used to use are still allocated to us, but we haven't used them for over 5 years, 8 years in some cases. Some of the ranges had 128 addresses, so for us alone there are a few hundred unsed addresses just sat there (from EasyNet, Virgin, RM Plc).

So I dare say if some time was spent checking unused addresses they'd claw back a few thousand at least. Assuming there isn't a rule somewhere that states they lie unsed for a certain number of years.

Women's lust for shopping linked to periods

Dave Webb

Sounds obvious to me

Hence the banking phrase: 'in the red'

Mine's the one with her credit card bills in the pocket...

BT names first 29 exchanges for fibre rollout

Dave Webb

@ +1 with Lionel

I'd give in to that temptation if I were you. I've been with Virgin/ntl in South Wales since their 512Mb was launched nearly 10 years ago and it's been near perfect. With the 20Mb service I get in excess of 2200k/sec every time (where the source is able to accomodate such speeds). I did have problems with a language barrier during a support call a few months ago but as the network is solid and fast who cares?

I do feel for you guys in the sticks with little more than a dialup connection. They should sort you out first and bring you in line with the rest of the country before leaving you even further behind.

Deviants, perverts, 'weirdos' - who's going down?

Dave Webb

Why get involved?

I can't say that I'm affected by this in any way but I think the government have gone a bit far trying to dictate what people can and can't have in their video stash if it's all consenting.

Mine's the one with the gimp mask in the pocket

Countdown to Conficker activation begins

Dave Webb

RE: is there a cure


Have a look at this page on the Sophos web site:


it explains about the files and registry keys created by the virus.

Mine's the one with a CD containing WSUS installation files

Brit porn filter censors 13 years of net history

Dave Webb

Access OK through Enta

I am able to access the site through several standard ADSL connections provided by Enta. They did have some routing issues today and several sites were inaccessible, but this has been resolved now.

Pret customers get free Wi-Fi

Dave Webb

Dave's free wi-fi

You can all come to my house and use my wi-fi for free if you're willing to pay silly money for a cup of hot water and tiny piece of cake :)

Screw the American chains and their rip-off culture of Central Perk style of coffee shops! Free wifi doesn't justify the open-wallet surgery every time I get dragged in for a coffee.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 planned for 2009

Dave Webb

Many issues with second beta

I've been using the second beta and have so many performance issues - lots of sites with lots of content stop responding for up to minutes at a time. Mainly MyEbay, iStockPhoto, FaceBook, Easynews (global search). Hoepfully these will get ironed out by the final release :)

HBOS could shift 2,000 IT jobs to India

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"All these nay sayers are just scared of change."

I'm sure I speak for many when I say you are wrong, we are not scared of change, but the sheer number of UK jobs being lost to overseas workers. Why are we not looking after our own?

eBay changes anger smaller sellers

Dave Webb

How about ebid?

Does anyone have experience with ebid? I'd like to try them as their fee structure is massively better but it doesn't seem to have the user base. Therefore I feel that anything I list will get much less interest than it would on ebay, and sell for a lot less.

I've registered anyway in the hope that as a result of ebay pissing everyone off it will grow bigger. Spread the word :)

El Reg net closes on Street View fleet

Dave Webb

Spotted in Newport, South Wales

I just saw one on Durham Road in Newport, South Wales as I was waiting at traffic lights. The cameras weren't covered up but I didn't have a camera with me to get a pic. They probably snapped me staring into space waiting for the green light though :)


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