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Mysterious STAR set to appear on Christmas Eve above Blighty: The ISS


Re: The Feel When you are on a pacific island picnic with the girlfriend and getting a panic attack

Arthur C., always recommended!

MEPs want 'unbiased search', whatever that is – they're not sure either


Re: A better option

There is a not so subtle difference between money and political power. Even Google will learn that, eventually.

Retiring Reg hack explains how bass playing = tech reporting


good luck

Sorry to see you go.

Twitter for iOS embraces Bing Translate in time for World Cup 2014


Bing & Google

are both unusable when it comes to anything other than simple 'unambiguous' sentences and professional lingo like the stuff found in standard contracts, waivers, technical manuals and such like. Google doesn’t even do Android translations well.

Crippled horses for crippling courses, as it were.

EC competition chief points troll-hunting guns at Nokia



Who is going to benefit the most of this?

And didn't Joaquín Almunia and Eric Schmidt have a 'special relationship'?

Time for some meaty disclosures.


The relationship between Competition Commissioner Joaquín Almunia - a former economist for a large Spanish trade union - and Google chairman Eric Schmidt has already been the subject of concern. Almunia pre-empted a full antitrust investigation by attempting to allow Schmidt to make voluntary concessions. The two chat by text. Last week privacy advocate Simon Davies formally requested the communications to be disclosed to the public, along with meeting minutes and briefing not

Another DEVASTATING Chelyabinsk METEOR STRIKE: '7x as likely' as thought


Re: The Chelyabinsk meteorite briefly outshone the Sun

Have a look at the pictures. The sky was a nightly dark blue, the horizon orange and the sun wasn't exactly at the zenith of it's possible brightness, was it?

Thought so.


The Chelyabinsk meteorite briefly outshone the Sun

Let's not exaggerate this, shall we? It was pretty dark on a winter morning (03:20 UTC) when the thing hit the atmosphere.

Review: Nokia Lumia 720


Re: Almost perfect

>I don't like Elop, I won't buy a single Nokia phone while they employ the guy.

I feel the exact same and wonder how much business they miss just because of that guy (apart from a possible dislike of MS-products).

Blackberry Z10 sales fail to impress analysts


Re: Blame the Marketing Dept

Would be really interesting to get a link about Google subsidising its hardware partner (would that not constitute dumping?) Got any?

Cameron's speech puts UK adoption of EU data directive in doubt


Re: ...so long, farewell: hosting & Data Protection

>Apart from that, WTO regulations already prohibit import tariffs etc.

This is just not true. There are lots of import duties in effect, and the WTO doesn't really prohibit them, just mitigates. Or in WTO speak: There is no legally binding agreement that sets out the targets for tariff reductions.

>(politicians say that) leaving the EU means cutting trade etc.

Be that as it may, every country that wants to export their goods/services to the EU has to play by the EU rules, rules that only the member states decide upon. Leaving the EU would just mean: leaving the biggest single market in the world, still having to abide by their rules but not being able to influence those rules.

Smart move!

Nokia axes 300 IT bods, outsources 820 to Tata, HCL


Beginning of the End

The things that led up to the N97 disaster were the beginning of the end afaic. They're just winding up now.

Nokia decrypts browser traffic, assures public not to worry


Re: Caveat Emptor

Care to share a link that points to those 'EU directives for spying on its citizens', or is it just your opinion?

HTC 7 Pro WinPho 7 smartphone

Jobs Horns

Bribe what's bribe?

But then again. 85% for this PoC? The only thing that makes stand out from the rest of the WP7 crowd (such as it is) is the querty keyboard, which, like the rest of this device is mediocre at best. Either was an exchange of money, or there should have been one.

Worthless iPhone 'Wikileaks App' removed from Apple Store

Jobs Horns

Yeah right

So it's reasonable to remove apps that simply takes money from gullible souls. That doesn't explain why Apple hasn't removed 99.99% of all apps.

You can find the real reason in the NYT btw:

Apps must comply with all local laws and may not put an individual or group in harm’s way

It is questionable whether this app doesn't comply with local laws, there aren't any formal accusations yet, and Apple should refrain from a value judgement about 'putting an individual or group in harm's way'.

This is nothing but big business protecting big business with the Merikan government as waterboy, in other words: muzzling.

And no, I don't think disclosing these cables was a very good idea, by the way, but we have legal systems in place for what Apple is doing here.

Brussels pushes harder in Google probe

Jobs Horns

The joke will be on Google and their silly astroturfers, there's no doubt about it

If you want to play on the biggest single market in the world, you have to play by their book. The book gives the commission power of the shock and awe kind, just to enable them to deal with Google and their do no evil ilk.

Google will be fined into oblivion if it doesn't do what the commission orders them to and then it still has to comply, and all the best lawyers their monopolistic money can buy won't change that.

Oh, and don't forget: there may still be some anti dumping complaints in the pipeline.

Europe is not Merika. Live with it.

Brussels talks clouds and privacy


"Steely Neelie"

Is really getting tired, can't you think of something else?

Nokia spits out network diagnostics



Isn't actually S60, of course, but Symbian, just Symbian

Program works great on N8.

Angry Birds struggle to take on Androids

Jobs Horns


To see all the Andrones coming out of the woods (perhaps someone could explain that you can't reach all places with a VW Polo that you can reach with a VW Touareg, because I really start to miss the automotive analogy that made the Apple fans so infamous).

Fast forward 20 years and the geeks in their proverbial pub will be talking about this once very promising Android system that became a badly fractured nightmare.

Angry Birds plays very well on my S^3 system. Nice game, I must say!

Android's UK phone sales quadruple

Jobs Horns


But I wouldn't bet on it, not as far as Nokia's concerned. Other than popular believe and the journalistic narrative has it, their smartphone market share is up. iPhone market share has been going down for several Qs now http://tiny.cc/7gox7 .

So it's not the waiting for the iPhone 4 either.

Jobs Horns

You are right

I had a look at the original article. It mentions these figures but only as total market share figures, i.e. from all phones the market share of smart phones has grown from 55% to 66.7% and is likely to become 73.5% of the contract market. Smart phone is broadly defined as phone with an advanced OS and an Advanced OS is defined as all Operating Systems which are able to run independent compatible applications (to keep RIM on board, no doubt).

Not that it would stop a journo hack from selling any article, but there aren't actually no figures for Apple mentioned.

Nokia peddles pedal-powered charger

Jobs Horns

Post your own message

True, so the blogs should change their narrative. This is getting painful. Evil Steve, because of the narrative.

'Steve Jobs' switches to Android

Jobs Horns


to see all those defenceless, clueless fanbois seemingly asking one question: did we miss something? Go figure!

Intel joins Nokia in Android attack

Jobs Horns

Meego=Maemo 6

Meego is Maemo 6 and vice versa. So yes it will be very open source, and yes you can compile your own cookies on it/for it.

Maemo 5 can already run qt stuff, Maemo 6 will be able to run GTK thingies.

It must be that special reality distortion called the blogosphere or whatever, but outside of the internet, in the real world Nokia, is the company that managed to become the world's largest supplier of touch screen smartphones in a couple of months' time, with a growth of 4700%. But the blogosphere keeps underestimating them. Nokia and Intel have enough clout to shake the markets.

Meego will probably be a success.

I can see why the Finns want to steer clear of Android. It's pretty meh to begin with, even if you want to be borked by the add brokers and their NSA cloak and dagger friends. And Google is not to be trusted as a business partner.

Evil Steve, the f*ckin' prince of Merikan post modern imperialistic darkness.

MEPs slam Nokia Siemens for aiding Iranian censors

Jobs Horns


I looked it up in the dictionary. Legitimate is also rightful: legitimate sovereign, so it's more than just 'legal'. The Iranian people hasn't just 'chosen' its government, it kicked out the Old Guard, and replaced it with a revolutionary one. How much more 'legitimate' do you want it to be?

And yes, the Iranian people is responsible for the consequences, not Nokia/Siemens. That was actually my point.

Jobs Horns

Perhaps this is the moment...

to point out that the Iranians have, by ousting the Shah, chosen to be ruled by these clowns. It's their legitimate government, even if the Western powers don't like it.

US airport body scanners can store and export images

Big Brother


You basically describe a kind of Israeli system (although it's not nearly as brutal) which works very fine for them. I wouldn't mind if they introduced this worldwide and it's really worth to think it over.


Human rights is, always have been and should be, a multilateral relationship. Perhaps it's time that our Muslim friends are going to recognise that fact. And yes I do see that generalisations are bad, in principle.

Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’

Jobs Horns


That's short term. That's the Google way of doing handset business.

In the long run it would probably have been a disaster for Nokia, the company that sells more smart phones than its two nearest competitors combined. For a start they would have lost face right now (just like Motorola and Samsung did). And apart from that they have come a long way with Maemo. Giving up that position would only strengthen Google, a 'partner' that has now proven to be very unreliable.

It won't be forgotten, I am sure.



Type your comment here — plain text only, no HTML

Did I? Why?

Jobs Horns

Think how Nokia would have felt...

If they would have chosen to develop some Android devices, and side track Maemo for it. Perhaps the Finns understood what they are dealing with, when it comes to Google.

Evil S. the posterboy for Merikan post empire imperialism.

Google tries to quietly trample on Apple's toes

Thumb Up

I am so glad

That finally Google showed its real face and starts selling its Nexus. Now that the fanbois and the google goons both have an American enemy to battle, they will start leaving the rest of the world in peace.

Samsung's Galaxy stuck in history


Makes me think of

the recent firmware updates for the Noia N95, N95 8GB, N82 and N51. The Finns get a lot of flack from Samsung fans, but at least they keep some of their years old NSeries phones updated.

'Google Earth for the Iraq insurgency' gets $115m

Jobs Horns

It doesn't take two boffins...

to forecast that this thing will be hacked before you can say "holy landmark".

Apple to 'vigorously' fight Nokia patent pout

Jobs Horns


"..it is possible that certain components of the Company’s products and business methods may unknowingly infringe the patents or other intellectual property rights of third parties."

The silly buggers seem to be just trying to escape the 'knowingly' part.

Evull Steve because he'd claim not tobe, not knowingly.

Oracle fails to convince MySQL doubters

Jobs Horns

Can somebody explain to me...

why this apparently is a problem in the EU but no problem at all in the US?

Evil Steve because well...

Nokia sues Apple over iPhone

Jobs Horns

This will probably...

end up in exchange of patents. Apple the real technical patents. Nokia the 'multi touch patent'. Can't wait for a multi touch enabled Maemo device.

Evil Steve's getting some of his own medicine for a change.

What if you had a launch party and nobody came?

Jobs Horns

It's been a truism—

It would be nice to look back in, say, 12 years only to find out how wrong the 2009 truisms have been. Especially those involving IT.

Evil Steve, because truism has it that he won't be leading Apple in 2021...

Euro project to arrest us for what they think we will do

Dead Vulture


OE is interested in seeing less formal integration across Europe, and a return to more issues being resolved at the national level.

Please guys, don't publish all looney so called investigations from all kinds of silly so called think tanks cum conspiracy theory-mongers that raise their stupid heads.

'Europe' guarantees and protects more civil liberties than most of its member states ever would.

Microsoft stalks, poaches Apple retail staff

Jobs Horns

The irony

If anti poaching agreements (Apple/Google) are bad, then poaching must be bad. So then Apple must be the badass here, and Microsoft the knight in shiny armour.

Very strange.

/Evul Steve, because he's the flippen PoD.

Nokia lets operators screw with customise the N900

Jobs Horns

The iPhone has been customised to the needs of the operators, surely?

"It would be absolutely incorrect to assume that we will not offer operators the ability to tailor future Maemo devices to suit their needs."

The iPhone certainly has been suited to the needs of the operators without 'us' even knowing it. So let's just wait and see if the 'customisation' will really affect the UI and the user experience of 'future' devices.

Belgian boy's iPhone 'explodes'

Jobs Horns

About time —

for an EU wide ban on iPhone imports until the Council and the Commission have investigated this matter thoroughly.

Evil Steve: fire, hell, you get the picture.

Apple loses students to netbooks and Windows

Jobs Halo

In two weeks time...

Apple will have had its 15 minutes of fame. The fanbois should get used to it already.

Microsoft's web Office: No love for Chrome, Opera

Jobs Horns

My, my

So Microsoft doesn't love Opera, now that comes as a surprise.

- Evil Steve, all the same.

Intel appeals billion euro fine


@where does all the money go

To the member states, so eventualy it benefits the consumers.

US gov asked Twitter to stay up for Iran protests

Jobs Horns

The question is...

What would happen if there were massive riots in the USA? Would they be asked to do some 'prolonged maintenance' in order to 'fight terrorism'?

Good thing Obama seems to distance himself from it.

Horned Steve for obvious reasons.

Opera to take web back to the old days



And as dangerous as revolutions always are. Kudos for our Norwegian friends!

Apple's big week: the good, the bad, the ugly

Jobs Horns

Big Phone

is the boyfriend gone to seed, the one you don't want to be seen with at a party, the one who doesn't care about what others think, the one who abuses old friends.

Same goes for Apple, really.

Nokia's Ovi store mostly unavailable and empty


Worked fine

Worked fine last time I had a peek. I could select different handsets and accordingly get the software. After selecting what I wanted I received an sms and downloaded my selection. It was that simple, actually.

Would like them to offer more stuff, but that's all.

Mac and Linux Bastilles assaulted by new attacks

Jobs Horns

Always nice...

to see a bunch of fanbois and freetards in state of denial.

UK IT should 'fire men first', says Kate Craig-Wood

Jobs Horns

Used to be a bloke

Actually she was a woman from the day she was born (in the wrong body).

Horned Jobs just because.



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