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Desperate Nominet chairman claims member vote to fire him would spark British government intervention

Karl Austin

Mr Haworth has worked one thing out, how to block members on LinkedIn, even members who have had no contact with him via that platform.

The .amazon argy-bargy is STILL going on – and Uncle Sam has had enough with ICANN

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Re: Oh for God's sake

.photo and .photos as well, probably others.

MacOS wakes to a bright Catalina sunrise – and broken Adobe apps

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Pretty much every 32bit app listed on my Mac is an Adobe component and all my Adobe stuff is up to date.

Nominet continues milking .uk registry cash cow with 4 per cent price rise for... what exactly?

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Re: 5 members agreeing on prices via a quasi trade body?

One gone in today from us, enough is enough after all these years. It could well be a case of "Be careful what you wish for" but we'll see. Something needs to change.

Quic! Head to the latest Chrome version and try out HTTP/3

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We've already got Draft 22 deployed for a number of customers that want it. We've had QUIC deployed for a number of years now, so not limited to Google. HTTP/2, QUIC, all make an appreciable difference to load speeds of asset heavy sites.

Congrats from 123-Reg! You can now pay us an extra £6 or £12 a year for basically nothing

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You do realise that tsohost is the same company right? 123-reg and TSOhost are both owned by GoDaddy. HostEurope bought TSOhost and were then bought by GoDaddy.

BT to slash landline rentals by 37%... for the broadbandless

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BT doesn't have an ATM network any more from memory. Originally ADSL was done over ATM, but AFAIK that was phased out some years ago now.

European Commission refers Ireland to court over failure to collect €13bn in tax from Apple

Karl Austin

They did....

...hence why RBS had to dispose of assets, why Lloyds had to get rid of branches etc. etc.

SSD price premium over disk faaaalling

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Re: Which chart are we looking at?

Was just about to comment the same thing, someone hasn't coloured their key correctly.

Crims using anti-virus exclusion lists to send malware to where it can do most damage

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Re: Sig check

It's what I would have expected as well. It can't be beyond the ability of the AV vendors to accept, in a trusted way, a list of sha1 hashes of these files every time they are updated and build that in instead.

e.g. This file something.exe is in my exclusion list, I will calculate the hash of it and compare it to what I have in my database.

Jersey sore: Anchor rips into island's undersea cables, sinks net access

Karl Austin

Re: after glue has been applied?

Sticking is a crude term. It'll most likely be fusion spliced, so very very precisely melted back together. It'll degrade the signal strength, splices always do, but as long as there's enough power margin then it should all run the same as before.

The Great British domain name rip-off: Overcharged .uk customers help pay for cheaper .vodka

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Hardly surprising...

...this is what certain members, myself included have been complaining about for a long time. Nominet developing products and services using money received from members and then competing against those members and other commercial entities.

Chinese CA hands guy base certificates for GitHub, Florida uni

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Re: You can't trust anybody

Yes they do suck if they've not secured their control panel login pages with a CA signed SSL.

Hate your broadband ISP? Simply tell your city to build one – that'll get the telcos' attention

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Re: Hmm

Nothing to do with BT and BDUK, it had failed before then.

Shuttle bus firm Terravision belatedly adopts https for credit card sales

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Re: With an oversight like that

That's the thing, if they can't be bothered to accept the details over HTTPS, then what are they doing with them once they've got them? Just sticking them plain text in a MySQL DB? Printing them out and leaving them lying around? etc. etc.

Karl Austin

Re: Can't blame them

They certainly know how to make friends and influence people.

Intel left a fascinating security flaw in its chips for 16 years – here's how to exploit it

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Re: so seriously noone sees the connection?

Unfit for purpose? So the computer you've got right now, to browse the internet on, play games on, read your email isn't fit for the purpose you bought it for? so how come you're managing to use it for the purpose you bought it for?

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Re: Genuine question!

Pretty sure that's what the machines in the IT lab at my secondary school were - right up until 1994/95!

Facebook found leaking private photos

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Re: "private" photos

No they don't, the taker still owns them. They just grant facebook a right to use them as they see fit, forever more.

Helium HDD prices rise way above air-filled spinning rust

Karl Austin

Re: A 6TB Helium-filled drive from HGST costs $120 more than a traditional 6TB drive from Seagate.

To be fair, the SATA ones are crap. The SAS such as Cheetah are actually pretty decent.

Ford dumps Windows for QNX in new in-car entertainment unit

Karl Austin

Awful UX

I have Sync in my Kuga, it's awful in terms of UX - nothing is properly integrated or even logical. Everyone who tries to uses it twiddles the big dial to try and navigate the menus or use the keyboard - nope, that just does the volume, nothing else. You have to use cursor keys to navigate.

The controls on the steering wheel just do the tiny little screen in front of you, they control nothing on the main console unit - so you have to lean over a bit and sod about with the cursor keys on the dial.

They can't have done any real user testing, or if they did it was with people who hadn't even seen a CD player let alone in-car entertainment so told them everything was fantastic.

Ford to dump Microsoft's 'aggravating' in-car tech for ... BlackBerry?

Karl Austin

Never had the problems they've listed with it in my 2013 Kuga. Works with all phones I've tried it with. It has obviously been designed by 3 or 4 people working separately and with no UI design experience, but that's another issue. You'd think when you're doing sat nav/menus etc. that the rotary dial would move up and down, but no it does volume all the time. You can't scroll menus from the controls on the steering wheel either, they just do the menus on main instrument display. Stupid.

Toyota Yaris 2011

Karl Austin

The 1.0 Litre is awful on a motorway...

... had one of the last gen ones as a courtesy car (Not what you'd like when you're taking a Lotus in for service, but hey ho) and it was woeful on the motorway at getting up to speed - I could have pushed it faster from 50-60-70mph.

Study: Users pay for Microsoft patent woes

Karl Austin

Neither does Windows...

Windows doesn't need re-installing every six months either. I'm sat posting this comment from a machine that was last formatted over a year ago, installed with Windows XP and has since had a Vista Upgrade install done on it as well and it's working perfectly fine (and no, I'm not some Windows zealot either, I spend most of my day working with Linux).