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New Zealand bolts net filtering regime into place



Urm, in the 3rd paragraph says "voluntary system."

So, if you want to watch kiddie porn, just say no to the system??


Open Phones with Open Moko


Open Moko MokoMokoMokoMokoMoko

I saw this phone on a Digg post and it's UI is not pretty. Luckily when I buy one I will be able to make it look exactly like a iPhone, or a MS Smartphone, or some crazy mix of both. When can I get one?!?!?! :)

Honestly, do Mac really believe that their software will be better when theres only a few hundred people designing, programming and bugfixing. Its so stupid they closed off the iPhone to other developers.

The trouble with rounding floating point numbers


I blame the Greeks.

I have always felt that someone, way back when, made a mistake when using their fingers to count the number of cows(camels/sheep/wives) they owned. They should have ignored their thumbs....

Base 8 is a far more sensible option. (1_2_3_4_5_6_7_10_11_..17_20_21..27 so on.) You can divide most base muliples by halves way back down to 1. That is 64 / 2 / 2 /... / 2 = 1. You have to deal with decimals eventually of course, but they always turn out to be fractions of base. Of course we eventually run into the same problems of infinitely repeating decimals and logically indescribeable fractions, but not with such common fractions as 1/3....

The romans came close with base 12 (time, and the gregorian calendar) but it never really stuck, And its almost as bad as base 10.

So thank you Aristotle, or whoever it was who chose base 10. Unfortunately, I think the chances of the world converting now are a little unlikely... :)