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Samaritans 'suicide Twitter-sniffer' BACKFIRES over privacy concerns

Jodo Kast

Twitter Joke

Step 1: Put your life on Twitter, publically, as narcissistic as you are.

Step 2: Complain that people are 'stalking' you on Twitter.

Makes as much sense as Twitter itself. The kids these days growing up on Facebook and Twitter are truly drama kings and queens.

Big Retail: We don't hate Apple, we hate the credit card companies

Jodo Kast

Horribad writing...

Paragraph 1 has nothing to do with Paragraph 2:

P1: Davidson specifically denied a report in The New York Times that any MCX member who used an alternative payment system to CurrentC would face a heavy fine. The paper said it spoke to multiple members of the group who confirmed the arrangement, but Davidson insisted this was not the case.

P2: "Merchants make their own choices about their commitment to MCX and make their own choices about other forms of payment," he said, adding that MCX members can also leave the organization at any time with no penalties.

Translation: It is true that their relationship with CurrentC is exclusive, which has nothing to do with the fact that they could choose any additional payment vendors. Admit the exclusivity to CurrentC or don't but Paragraph 2 does not do that.

DRUPAL-OPCALYPSE! Devs say best assume your CMS is owned

Jodo Kast

Too many

Too many Drupal 'developers' treat the Drupal CMS like magic.

They don't know how any of it works, and just assume everyone else has the same level of ineptitude.

Whereas real developers know how *everything* works. Otherwise, how are you going to create a custom solution?

Swedish 'Future minister' doesn't do social media

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No No No

The Social Media people are not the 'normal' people. They are the narcissists who think everyone cares about what they eat for lunch every single day.

Cloud? Nah, we're not bothering with that, say HALF of enterprises

Jodo Kast

Cloud for Virtualization

The Cloud is great for virtualization. It's also good for backups.

But does it balance out with the Cost, Security and Legal requirements? That takes some research for jumping aboard the 'bandwagon'.

Dodgy Norton update borks UNDEAD XP systems

Jodo Kast

For the love of...

Windows XP computers should not be on the internet...

Good gravy! I guess security is just not a concern for these users.

Tens of thousands of 'Watch Dogs' pirates ENSLAVED by Bitcoin botmaster

Jodo Kast

Bitcoin a juicy target

With bitcoin, it's such a juicy target.

No one is in control... just ripe to be taken down.

Hundreds of folks ready to sue Bitcoin exchange MtGox

Jodo Kast

No you cannot have MtGox's bitcoins.

No you cannot have 'your' bitcoins back. You should have kept them instead of speculating.

No fault but your own. Get off the internet.

Beta tasting: The Elder Scrolls Online preview

Jodo Kast

Just an FYI

Nowadays, if people read "That being said", they stop there and do not read the rest of the article.

What a daft author!

Chicago man lobs class-action sueball at MtGox

Jodo Kast

Nothing was "wrongfully obtained".

These customers chose to risk their money with Mt Gox and lost their speculative bet.

Twitter sags beneath weight of Oscar selfie

Jodo Kast

This article and others like it should wear the "Beiber" tag.

Cuz really, only teenage girls and stay-at-home moms care about this.

Light, fast ... and pricey: Toshiba's Portégé Z30 – now THIS is an Ultrabook

Jodo Kast

What a waste!

If a computer can't run both Mac OSX and Windows 7, it seems like a very expensive paperweight.

Anatomy of a 22-year-old X Window bug: Get root with newly uncovered flaw

Jodo Kast

always a bummer

always a bummer when straight forward bugs are finally discovered...

I guess the fun comes to and end for all things.

Microsoft tries to trademark 'Mod' in the US

Jodo Kast

Re: one of its European partners?

Google is your friend: "Source confirms Microsoft abandoned Metro due to trademark gaffe"

NSA alleges 'BIOS plot to destroy PCs'

Jodo Kast

When known liars open their mouths...

Only lies come out.

Yahoo! boss! Mayer! sez! soz! for! lengthy! mail! outage!

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Horrible AJAX mail

The new Yahoo Mail doesn't even work properly. Whoever developed the AJAX interface is a newbie.

Microsoft leaks reveal 'Threshold' projects looming in 2015

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Can't have 3?

What is the deal with Microsoft's comment "We can't have 3 OS's"?

A smartphone is a totally different device than a notebook or desktop computer. iOS and OSX for example.

They want a *bloated* OS that also runs on old-school computers on a tablet PC? No wonder they are failing so hard.

Asus Transformer Book T100: Xbox One? PS4? Nah, get a cute convertible for Christmas

Jodo Kast

Does it run Mac OSX?

Does it run Mac OSX so I can build iOS applications?

No? Then it's not really a computer. Nice toy though.

Interwebs taunt Sir Jony over Apple eye candy makeover

Jodo Kast
Paris Hilton

Re: There seems to be confusion

There is no confusion. The topic is Icon Design, not UI design. And the icon design is drawing fire because it is so horrendous. (ymmv)

Netbooks projected to become EXTINCT by 2015

Jodo Kast

Great travel PCs

Perfect for almost everything with Windows XP.

Fans of dead data 'liberator' Swartz press Obama to sack prosecutor

Jodo Kast

A Black Hat Hacker...

... who couldn't take the heat.

What a shame! In over his head and what not!

Man FLIES with Android-powered homemade bird wings

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Re: hmmmmm

I don't think "checking other websites" is considered research.

Jodo Kast

Re: Danger Will Robinson!

Are you cynical? No, you are trolling and you know you are trolling.

In fact, there is so much trolling regarding this story, that it's great to see!

Jealous, I guess?

Angry Birds in spaaaaace beamed to fandroids by NASA

Jodo Kast

More Angry Birds?

More Angry Birds for indie devs to compete with? Bring it on!

If you're heading to the pub, and you're bored with Birds, check out Titanbase Trivia on iTunes. It's free this weekend and a blast on any Apple device.

Vint Cerf: 'The internet is not a human right'

Jodo Kast

What a moron!

Wow! The Internet *is* communication. It's the best communication ever known to man.

Mr. Cerf must be drunk...

Kindle Fire: An open letter to Jeff Bezos

Jodo Kast

Strange omission

That is bizarre, and I have warned my facebook friends...

The Fire has promise. Here's hoping they open it up a little.

PHP.net breach: Concern over safety of source code

Jodo Kast

Let me count the ways...

Gee, let me count the ways I can access your PHP code. If it's Windows anything, I can just login to the server and xcopy it. Just boot into Safe Mode on most machines, no account required.

Seems like paranoia. Say if an employee copies it and hides his tracks? Sure it seems like 'magical' access, but it's not.

In other words, it sounds more like social engineering than anything else.

iPad 2? Let's be kind and call it iPad 1.5

Jodo Kast

No way

As a gamer, I'm going to have to say No way. There are a lot of good games out there that will run a lot better on the iPad 2. The 9x graphics upgrade will make games like Amazing Blue Fugu and Angry Birds that much smoother!

Hackers eyed sale of celebrity iPad data

Jodo Kast

Most of these comments are missing the point...

... the point is, access of this type to their systems was "Unauthorized Access".

If you want to access areas that are marked "Unauthorized", no matter how simple or complex your script, you should be ready to address the consequences.

These guys went after data for the purpose of 're-purposing' the data for their own short-term monetary gains, it even shows up in their child-like chat logs.

These two should have the book thrown at them. Caught red-handed. They weren't trying to do anything righteous, that's just a smoke screen.

From Antennagate to WikiLeaks: the year in tech lunacy

Jodo Kast

It's all in the software

I think we're coming along nicely. Back in 2004 when Web 2.0 really exploded, everyone talked about having one login and one profile.

Now we have LinkedIn profiles for business and Facebook profiles for friends and family and Twitter for fun. I can't wait to see the software innovations over the next 10 years.

Also we now have Captain Picard's iPad.

Jodo Kast

why do you care?

Why do you care if someone is a fan of Microsoft or Apple or some other company's products? Then there are the folks who work for those companies: obvious fans!

So when you say you "long for the days when the foolishness of brand loyalty goes away", you sound like a child. Why do you care if someone works for or is an admirer of a company's products, and ignores a few problems that others see as show stoppers?

It's because you are immature. Try to live your own life, find the products that you enjoy, and get over the fact that everyone doesn't like what you like.

I long for the days when most internet users grow up and stop acting like selfish, clueless children.

Partners, kids force iPad owners to take more tablets

Jodo Kast
IT Angle

My personal pad

Correct. Right now it is definitely my 'personal pad'.

I can't lock it up with a K-Lock, so I keep it in my briefcase. It's like handing someone my wallet, there is no need to hand someone my iPad.

True, I'm sure Captain Picard's PADD had 'user profiles' but guess what? Folks today are not graduates of Starfleet Academy, so I think it works best.

It would not be fun to deal with useless profiles and user accounts on the iPad. But if you want profiles and accounts, create a web application that does that. Require users to login, etc.

Berners-Lee: Facebook 'threatens' web future

Jodo Kast

Trolled by Turtle

Turtle just trolled you. I checked my crystal ball and it says you will be trolled again in the future.

Apple patches 13 bugs in OS X

Jodo Kast

13" MBP best ever

The 13" MacBook Pro is the best sub-notebook I have ever found. Runs Windows 7 great.

Now to remember to boot into OSX to get these updates...

Lexmark files patent gripe against 24 cartridge makers

Jodo Kast

same thing

Toner is to laser printers is what ink is for inkjet printers.

The point is: Lexmark is a rip-off for any replacement ink type.

Google tests 'streaming' search engine

Jodo Kast


This would require an account with Google. That's a security issue right there...

Halo: Reach leaked to net 3 weeks before release

Jodo Kast

M$ investigating reports

Funny that Microsoft is 'investigating'. Sounds like they did it to themselves.

Anyone have a review of the new game?

LPG lake on Titan evaporating in scorchio -180°C heatwave

Jodo Kast


Only two posts complaining about global warming?

Republican trolls taking the day off? Blame, fault, etc.

If you don't think we are causing global warming, so what? Question science all you want, it doesn't have feelings. It doesn't change the fact that the truth is out there.

Why we love to hate Microsoft

Jodo Kast

Why we aren't fans...

Why aren't we fans? Microsoft is stupid.

To suggest that their users are not capable or responsible enough to be Administrators of their own PCs is ridiculous.

Adobe clutches chance to bury Steve Jobs 'hog' insult

Jodo Kast

Current method

With a EEE PC that includes a 3G modem, you can make Skype calls from anywhere.

And you get Flash and a full PC experience. I would prefer a 5" EEE PC, but the 10" works well on the road. With a solid state drive, they boot up almost immediately.

Adobe gives up on the iPhone

Jodo Kast

No plugins

As far as developers are concerned, we cannot use any type of browser plugin with the new SDK, except those provided by the WebKit engine.

Right now, there are many WebKit/Safari browser plugins that are supported 'natively'. So, if Apple wanted to, they could allow an Objective-C-based Safari plugin to run Flash SWF files, just like they allow the browser to run a native PDF viewer plugin to display PDF files.

What I find surprising is Adobe and Apple just can't seem to work together to give the users what they want: Flash on the iPad. For now the closest we can get is Flash on the MacBook Air.

MS sees Windows 7 leap, but XP workhorse refuses to die

Jodo Kast

Win7 and WinXP are great.

I recommend Win7 when possible and Windows XP when required.

It's easy to tell if you 'require' Windows XP. Your hardware might not be upgradeable and you want to use the system resources for applications vs. the operating system.

For home PCs, Windows XP Media Centers are still running fine with hardware replacements. For some people, this is their TIVO, so they really don't want to mess with it when it's working.

At some point they might want HD, or they get Windows 7 on a notebook and are ready to upgrade to Windows 7 on their home server/TIVO system.

Anytime Microsoft or other parties (like commenters) start getting pushy, it's because they want to sell more product. Makes sense, but it's a buyer's market right now.

iPhone, IE, Firefox, Safari get stomped at hacker contest

Jodo Kast

what is the point

Why are you baiting the trolls? Who cares if your comment gets downvoted?

Have you entered the real world or you still love in your mum's basement? Why worry about such trivialities? It doesn't make sense.

I don't buy it. I say you're trolling for info that could easily be found by searching the net.

iPhone upgrades - a one-way control-freak street

Jodo Kast

I agree

That is why I would never buy an Apple iPhone. That is also why I would however, buy an Apple computer (like a MacBook or an iMac).

If they let me run the operating system I want, and they let me run software that I write, then I will use it. If there are problems with that (like the App Store Approval Board denying you to run the software you write) then why should I bother?

Windows Mobile could lock us out the same way from developing our own applications, but why would they do that? It doesn't make sense to lock someone out of their own hardware for any reason.

(XBox is not the same: the banned modified boxes are great for development, but you can't expect to play licensed games in an online environment with a development machine.)

Windows 7's dirty secrets revealed

Jodo Kast


especially @AC: Can't you troll elsewhere?

Only kids complain about their OS. If you don't like it, change it. There's no need to 'defend Microsoft' if someone doesn't like Windows.

Drama queens are upset no one is crying? Please give us a break! There should be moderation on these comments.

Windows XP on netbooks to lose life support?

Jodo Kast

What a troll!

"Or they just hate change."

It's just a netbook running an operating system. Who cares if it's XP or the latest, we're just doing 'netbook' things like surfing the net.

Reminds me of a a troll trying to start a flame war. No one really cares, they just want a PC that works.

Google swallows AdMob for $750m

Jodo Kast

Do no evil?

Acquiring a competitor ad company for less than a billion is ridiculous.

That's just wrong.

Murdoch threatens to yank News Corp. from Google News

Jodo Kast

Google is making money

Google is making money off of these links. Sounds like someone is unhappy with the terms.

One partner should not be struggling to keep employees while the other is trying to find places to hide billions.

Google is as much of a bully as any large corporation. No one is going to do anything about it. (Some might, those are the courageous few.)

Microsoft uncorks Outlook, world goes .pst

Jodo Kast

No it means that

the World has gone "postal". .PST is the file type. It's a play on words.

Trojan plunders $480k from online bank account

Jodo Kast
Thumb Up

Oh so those are Windows fan boys

I was wondering who would defend an operating system it is so riddled with security holes that they just had their biggest patch Tuesday ever.

Then I recalled the 'Windows Fan Boy' thing. They do seem like apologists for an insecure operating system.

The fact is: if you want to do secure online banking, don't use Windows. If you dispute the fact, look at the numbers for clarification.

Excuses for why the numbers are coming up so bad for Windows are just excuses. Sure there are lots of excuses that research will find, but it doesn't change the facts much.