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Secret Windows 7 screens leaked?


Without Microsoft...

...we would have many more IT companies with us today that weren't destroyed as a result of MS's monopolistic business practices. The result would be much more competition in the marketplace and more technical innovation. Microsoft has probably set the development of IT back 10 or 20 years.

Danish court jails six in terror T-shirts case


Re: Denmark eh?

> Is this the same country that would defend it's right to offend billions of people by printing images of Muhammed

The issue here is not what they were printing on the T-shirts, but that they were sending some of the profits to some, by all accounts, pretty nasty organisations.

Is Microsoft's Silverlight evil?


Flash? Silverlight? Only SVG is open.

Sod Flash and Silverlight. If we truly care about open standards we should all try and use SVG with JavaScript. Browsers based on Gecko (like Firefox) and WebKit (like Safari) support most of the spec, as does Opera. For some reason though MS has no plans to add native support to Internet Explorer. Hmm...

Mono man accuses Mac Gtk+ fans of jeopardizing Linux desktop

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>I've been getting a bit fed up with Gnome for a while now, this is likely the final push to something else, although (and nothing against KDE), after gnome i want something fresh and lightweight like xfce or something.

Xfce is based on GTK+. GTK+ is not the problem (if one exists) with GNOME.

As an open source developer who actually works with GTK, I can vouch for it's quality. It really is well designed and powerful. It also has excellent language bindings for C++ and Python (PyGTK is IMHO the best cross platform platform out there).


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