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eBay revenues defy worldwide army of bitter users


Weeds in the Garden Dont pull the Flowers

Paradise it is not... Beware the pitfalls of Paypal chargebacks, inadequate investigations, payment holds, multiple user IDs, false claims and feedback extortion. Ebay should put more of the profits into a better support system. A real member rating system is in order along with selectable performance levels. Let users determine how much risk they can afford. Every category of product is different and some at least should get extra protection. Otherwise the whole place loses its relative charm. Many big ticket items are being lost to competition, many upset members. A better Transaction Report System is the key. Ebay is hanging in there but where will they be in 2 years? Forcing Paypal is OK with a security system that works. They cant see whats in the box. Rely on reputation, like a smart seller does. Volume isnt everything.


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