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Best Buy leaked memo spills Windows 7 upgrade details

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Great news!!

I like vista, but only because without it I would never have tried ubuntu

Phorm woos browsers with personalised web


who to vote for?

Hai, put your smudge against the tories, after all those moats are not going to clean themselves are they?

If they can break the law, why can't we?


its the degree they seem to be fiddling too

'If you are alleged to have fiddled your expenses, you would expect a full investigation before you were fired'

actually if i was alleged to have fiddled thousands of pounds I am sure that I would be out of the door before I could say 'it was a simple mistake'

Google trademark grab defies mounting lawsuits


they all seem to go through it

forgetting who their most important stakeholder is when companies get beyonda certain size, in this case google seems to have forgotten that its the people who use its search engine to find things that they want instead of what google gets paid for.

Quite a few people have told me how they 'dont use google anymore as you can never find what you want'

I suspect the people at google are clever enough to see their way through instead of just listening to the beancounters

Home Sec: No more funds to e-crime unit


Well i wonder why

MP's are not particularly interested in providing funding to combat fraud? Its a mystery?

Seems to me that, to quote someone else, 'Guy Fawkes was the last man to enter parliament with honourable intentions'

Zero CTO unveils SS 'micro sports bike'

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ooooh tough choice

'Although we don’t have a price for the SS yet, Zero’s pegged the Zero S’s UK RRP at £8874'

that or a fireblade............................................

Microsoft rebrands WGA nagware for Windows 7


Could someone explain to me .....

........ how annoying the buggery* out of people who have bought your product is going to prevent 'piracy' ?

*technical microsoft term (or it should be)

Home Office to keep innocent DNA samples


Is it me?

Or do the posts supporting DNA retention, on here and on other sites, look a bit sameish?

Our beloved leaders have not hired some firm to post such twaddle, have they?

Nooo surely not

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Time limit

This may be a daft idea, but why not keep it for the same length of time as in the rehabilitation of offenders act? Or is that too joined up for nu labour?

Oh and no no no to the retention of innocent peoples dna data

Tree huggers will confuse shoppers, says Amazon

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count me in

for a share of the proceeds of the lawsuit unless its only those good old usa boys that can sue for being called a moron.

The Pirate Bay loads cannon with official appeal

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good old macca

"If you get on a bus you've got to pay. And I think it's fair you should pay your ticket."

although if you buy the bus its a little unfair to be expected to buy a bloody ticket for every journey you make

Pirate Bay guilty verdict: Now what?


corrected for you

'The comparison with Google is amateurish," he said. "Whereas The Pirate Bay was set up to make piracy easier, Google, which has many lawyers and more money than us would kick our arses all over the american courts

Jaunty Jackalope release candidate unleashed

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the important question

You have missed the most important (to me) question.

Will flash games work with it?

Businesses will postpone Windows 7 rollouts

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vista was great!

as without it being installed on my new home 'puter I would never have found just how good ubuntu is!!

Moderatrix quits El Reg: Latest

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glad to help

'Some dumbass Limey hack made the whole thing'

corrected for you, no need to thank me

Google behavioral ads tap DoubleClick eyeball


no google day

All companies seem to go through a phase, when they get big enough, of forgeting who actually enables the revenue to be generated. Is it not about time we had a 'no google day' or month or year?

may help get the message across about who is the important stakeholder

Online opt-outs for care record


Its not so much the 'health Care Team'

but all the other bloody government agencies that will have access to it whenever they want, no matter if you have opted in or out, that is the problem

HP hits UK workers with canteen, car, pension cuts

Paris Hilton

its all fair?

And hey, the CEO has offered himself up to take a 20% pay cut to his base salary so thats all fair and good isn't it? Also his senior staff will take a 10% pay cut.

Err no, not when you see this.

“Mark Hurd (CEO) made $42.5m in fiscal 2008. HP gave him $25.4m in cash last year, including a $1.45m salary and $23.9m bonus money, according to compensation figures contained in the company’s proxy,” said one employee.

“He gets $42,514,524, of which ‘only’ $1.45m is his base salary. He offers to cut 20 per cent of his base pay. Well, that still leaves him with $41,354,524 plus his stock options. In fact, his pay cut of 20 per cent is really only one per cent.”

World's first proper flying car makes debut flight

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the real big question


How far off the ground do you need to be before they cannot nick you for speeding?

National Express to 'ban' trainspotting


be careful out there

Force female workers to wear see-through tops and then charge a fiver a head for "blousespotting

and all those caught looking at them could be looked up under the new porn laws for this non consensual (sic) act

UK's net radicalization plans are 'crude, costly, counter-productive'


Our Nu-Labour masters

'empower rather than control'

not a chance then!

FoxIT update defends against PDF peril


its not just me then

i am glad I am not the only one that thinks adobe reader is a bloated pile of shite. I actively avoid bloody pdf files when at all possible.

LG preps 8Mp Viewty successor

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web site

Shame their website has been down for days, might have had a look at one of them if there was any info on there

Ryanair may charge cattle to use the bog


message in a bottle

It almost might be worth taking a trip with them just so I could take a leak in a bottle and hand it to one of the on board shop assistants for disposal.

hmmm they just better hope I dont need a dump!!

KTM: electric dirt-bike out next year

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Hmmm never ridden a KTM have you?

'- when used in a more sensible manner on the road'

Not sure that is possible, actually I am certain its not!

Thumbs up, because I want one!!

Fasthosts to offshore support staff

Paris Hilton

thats ok then?

'will further improve customer experience and enable it to better serve its hundreds of thousands of customers'

FFS lolololololol

Paris, because even she could see through that line

UK.gov to send your holidays to sunny Manchester



Of course the real 'undesirables' will simply come in on a yatch and completely miss being counted in or out.

yet another good idea without an ounce of common sense from, to quote someone almost as daft, the 'one eyed scottish idiot' and his cronies

'Journalists' from certain cynical web sites better only book one way tickets because they may have trouble getting back in!!

Facebook-based privacy campaign to spam Wacky Jacqui


It isn't

If the irony (or perhaps appropriateness?) of protesting against the growth of monitoring and retention of communications data via a business whose raison d'être is the monitoring and retention of communications data isn't too much for you to bear

Hmmm tough one - nope its not so now it has one more member

I'll get my coat, mines the one with the tinfoil hood

Online campaign urges MPs to block secret expenses


A well named MP?

here's what good old dougy e-mailed me earlier, he is firmly on the fence;

I have not seen the detail of what is proposed so cannot express a final view

As it happens I am committed to being in Yorks next week and will probably not be in London at the time of the vote

I agree that transparency is desirable. Last year Cameron suggested that Tory MPs published their full expenses claim for a relevant quarter, I saw merit in that and did so and if he repeats that suggestion I am likely to do so again

I should be surprised if the present motion does not provide for pretty full disclosure so it is necessary to look at the detail with some care.

I do have reservations about publishing the details of all post 2OO5 to date claims. The cost and burearocracy seems to be disproportionate to any benefit

Who reads The Register?

IT Angle

wiser mouse post

The rodents not wrong you know

Judge OKs webcast in RIAA music file-sharing case


its never gonna happen

anyone want to bet against it never getting to court? The RIAA have too much to loose and not enough to win on this one

Royal Society of Chemistry defines perfect Yorkshire pud



And for people who have never had a proper yorkshire pudding

By Keith Posted Thursday 13th November 2008 15:16 GMT

Aunt Bessy makes yorkshire puddings.

She even makes ready cooked ones that just need heated.

(mine's the one with the couple of quid in the pocket to go buy some frozen ones)

corrected for you

Right: Which one of you lot invented 'tw*tdangle', eh?


Where's the freaking IT angle then?

if I promise not to ask where is the IT angle (as you seem to be quite sensitive about it) can I have a T shirt?

eBay UK pimps users' privacy for targeted ads


So how does this work then?

'Use my information to show me relevant eBay ads on other sites'

is one of the options you can untick

I suspect I am being thick here but how do they know its me on other sites?


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