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Entire class fails IT exam by submitting in Word format

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How about a properly formated XML fiel with a supporting CSS 2.1 file?

Apple quietly releases Safari 3.2.1

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warning 80's crap tv joke

Would this be the Dustybin patch then? :)

Gary Glitter expelled from GCSE paper

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Door, horse, bolted?

Is this the same bunch of people who complained about a certain Mr. Brand, 2 weeks after the original broadcast? Not that I advocate any of the actions a Mr. G. Glitter performed, but to "suddenly" realise he's a kiddie fiddler seems to be a bit of a poor show on the examining bodies part. What's next removing Mein Kampf from the English Lit course because they've suddenly realised a Mr A Hitler might not have been a nice chap after all?

MP calls for Jezza Clarkson's head

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IT Angle

What is going wrong with the world!

First Russell Brand has to quit for saying (and according to reports correctly), that he'd got down and dirty with some young "lady"

Now Clarkson is getting it in the neck for pointing out a very valid statistic (Suffolk, Yorkshire ripper amongst many others were all lorry drivers)

Based on the fact that this guy moaning is a politician, and they never tell the truth, this would explain why no one is asking for him to quit. :o)

Ford to build 'boring-EV beating' eco-engine in Bridgend

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Jobs Horns


So if you're only getting 60 mpg, can't get to 65 mph and it looks pants, why not buy a diesel VW Lupo, which can get to 65mph, lokos a little bit better and does 80+ mpg? Zero emisions, my bottom. They'll be claiming the Pirius will save us all (which does 45 mpg on a good day)

DR Congo minister liberates imprisoned goats

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Bad joke alert!

Is this the original Nanny State?

UK clamps down on bus-spotting terror menace

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Zimbabwe anyone?

It's typical of this Government and it's policy of a Police State before 2010. How many points towards their free toaster do you reckon the police have gained by repeatidly stopping this guy? I appriciate the average terrorist isn't the brightest bulb in the box, but to allow themselves to be nicked over and over again would suggest something less dodgy.

HP pays $13.9bn for EDS

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This about as mad as Time-Warner buying AOL

EC jacks up Microsoft fine by €899m

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More money for Greek Goat herders then!

Isn't it about time the people who've apparently been on the receiving end of these overcharges be given the money back. At least in the USA they do this in a sensible way, PC's for schools, vouchers to people who brought the product n question, but not in the EU, oh no, it just buys Mandy another cheap looking suit and stack load of madeup expenses! Why doeesn't the EU fess up and say it's short of a bob or two and turn the screw on Microsoft cus they've got loads of cash!

Calls to ban hoodie-busting sonic weapon

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Jobs Horns

Tear Gas instead?

Seeing as though water cannons are out of the equation (re: fireman being attacked) it seems the best alternative...

Hasbro fires off legal letters over Scrabulous

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That's all 7 letters and a bonus of 50 points to me then!

"Letters have been sent", but did they appear on a triple word score?

Barron Hilton donates fortune to charity

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Best Christmas Cracker to date

I haven't stopped laughing about this one since reading it on the BBC. Gutted doesn't quite cover how she must be feeling, although after her "promotional video" of the inside of a Hilton Hotel bedroom I'd have thought he'd have been a little more thankful.

One word of warning though, if she's not going to inherit her money this might force her to go back to her film, or worse still singing career!

God help us all!

NASA's Deep Impact mislays comet

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One of our comets is missing!

Did HMRC have anything to do with this??

Paris Hilton heads for the cryogenic freezer

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Paris Hilton

Why wait?

Can they just put her in there now?

Apple's Safari 3: a crashing experience for non-US users

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Can't wait to see the new PC vs Mac ad about this one

MAC, "I've got a blue screen of death"

PC, "Welcome to my world"

*fades to Mac logo"

Virgin throttles national cable network

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Did someone admit to downloading DVD's?

So this would be Chris admitting to downloading dvd's online.. tut tut tut

OLPC bumps prices, adds Windows capability

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Chocolate Fire-guard anyone?

Totally agree, as a concept they've failed (no longer $100 machine) and as an idea it is crazy. What the hell is some child in a third world country, with bearly enough grasp of speech, let alone writting gonig to do with a laptop, except sell it for food.

Come on, these people need something a little more important than to play solitare in the baking heat.

Businessman takes NatWest for £35k

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God you people moan!

I think the banks are fully justified in charging you £30 for going even a penny over your overdraft limit. The rules and fines associated are clearly there on their websites and documents that are sent to you when you first open the account and when ever these charges change.

I agree that if the bank is at fault then you shouldn't be charged ANY fees, that I don't agree with.

Overdrafts are an interest free loan, the banks don't even have to give you that, and surely an overdraft should only be used in emergencies and not as a matter of course. A number rapidly falling towards zero means you're spending too much, and one that's negative means you're in trouble.

It's basic maths people!!

What really annoys me is that not only do these cases return the fee charged, but also interest on those charges! How can you get interest on what was already a negative number!

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Bank Profits

I bet you're one of these people who moan about petrol prices and the profits BP make as well (BP makes it's money on refining NOT at the pumps where the Government take about 75% of the cut)

Banks make the majority of their money investing and not by charging people who don't understand the concept on money management.

If you break the rules you pay the cost, it's the same in everything else in life, so why are the banks getting stick for charging people who have broken the rules?

Canadian seal hunters trapped in ice

Ian S

Tee hee

irony is fantastic sometimes :o)

(isn't global warming supposed to decreasing the ice not encircling Canadian clubers?)