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Eclipse bets on Vista rivalry and cloud wave

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Wait! I heard this before...

write once, run anywhere.....

Linux on mobiles will put the squeeze on MS, says Zemlin

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Linux will take mobiles just as it did the desktop

It won't! Zemlin already illustrated the main reason why Linux won't be 'manna from heaven' for mobile developers, I quote: 'Linux lets handset and service providers differentiate through customization...' Customization and more options is exactly what we don't need, neither in the Desktop space, nor the Mobile space.

Standardization, API stability and global compatibility. Now if only the mobile service providers would understand that value is in the services *on* the network instead of *owning* the network, then we could also have one, global system for all mobiles - *that* would be 'manna from heaven'!

Sun calms investors with early Q4 dish

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@Anderson - 2001 called...

... and wants it's meme back.

When was the last time you actually evaluated Sun's offerings? Current servers are doing quite well in terms of absolute performance (opteron), price/performance (SPARC) and performance per watt (Coolthreads).

Maybe you should give the try-and-buy a go....

IBM's Roadrunner is top of the supercomputer pops

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@ diegocg

Nope... Linux is what most people use, and what the *users* know...

Application debugging is a royal pain in the *ss when you have to change compilers/platforms (linux-gcc != solaris-gcc) - best make the transition as easy as possible.

Ambitious Evergrid to conquer VMware, Oracle and whatever else

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... needs only 640K

and runs on all processor architectures....

Intuit to refund TurboTax-niks for taxing times onTax Day

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The poor pampered masses, will they ever learn....

This only pampers the procrastinating crowd even more....

Intuit should post a refund to everybody who had the smarts not to participate in this mass meltdown. Taxes are inevitable, you might as well *file* long before the deadline and *pay* at the deadline.

Anybody who trusts a computer system at the receiving end of mass hysteria to perform flawlessly should work through the following exercise:

You are at a rock concert, with 10000 fans. The concert ends at 10:00 pm. Starting at 10:00pm a 10 busses will ride every 6 minutes until 12:00 am. Each bus has a capacity of 100 fans. You and 50% of the audience decide to stay until the last bus.

How many of you will have to walk home?

Phishing attack evades bank's two-factor authentication

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Fast and Loose

The article plays fast and loose with the details of ABN AMRO's token scheme. Authentication is required for each subsequent transaction, which makes me think that the man in the middle attack in fact changes financial information on the fly.

I challenge the security critics to provide a water-tight authentication scheme that works even when the home computer is compromised. Intuitively it seems impossible. How can you trust the information you see when the display device has been compromised?

Overall the article does a disservice to token authentication, it is a lot more secure than just using passwords. The main problem naturally is in its delivery - compromised computers cannot be trusted! The easiest solution is to not use Windows.

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