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North Korean Mata Hari in alleged cyber-spy plot

rick buck
Paris Hilton

N Korea Spy...Defects!!!

And they went back to N. Korea?


...'cause you sometimes wonder what happened to their brains?

MS preps four critical updates for September

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Gates Halo

quality issues?

Delayed due to "Last minute quality issues"?

Since when did that stop them before?

Pure Digital Evoke Flow internet radio

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Gates Halo


I'm with the last poster...

It Is a New Device, Whats with making it look like a 40's or 50's radio?

And at that price it better be at least stereo, by itself.

Modern streams are at least stereo, and a surround chip is a couple of dollars each. I can understand the uni-bars for tvs,

that have left, center, and right all in one. But,

A Monophonic Radio (of any quality or source),

will never be on my list of purchases.

Probably sell a crap-load to the "Bose" crowd,

or those that wonder...

"why a sound system HAS to have ALL those speakers?


Bill...(with his HALO...[PUN INTENDED])

Because it is really his surround sound.

rick buck
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If it is not at least a stereo in the package with out hooking it up to something else...it is not going to replace the boombox (which IS Stereo), IMO it is nothing but a MONOPHONIC TRANSISTOR RADIO.

Mythbusters RFID episode axed after 'pressure' from credit card firms

rick buck

Judge Milan...

Reminds me of an episode of Judge Milan. They had a lady that had stolen hundreds of dollars of clothes from several malls, on a daily basis for months. They knew she was doing it but it did not set off the door sensors so they let her keep on doing it for a while.

When they had enough camera evidence, they arrested her. In court they sentenced her, and were about to haul her off. About that time, a representative from the RFID Tag Co. (sensormatic, I think) asked the judge if they could question her. She agreed. (This was actually on the segment that was broadcast) They said that they still could not figure out how she was evading the sensors at the door.

The judge asked if she would answer, and she just opened up her jacket, and it was lined with strips of electrical tape, that she would just wrap around the RFID Tags, and Voila!...

The tag was isolated from the RF that the door sensors use to RING the tags... and she would just walk out of the store...no alarms...no security...just profit.

The judge asked how she figured that out, and she said her boyfriend was in electronics class, and said it was a characteristic of the electrical tape. It was made to block radio type radiation.

This does not cover the reading of tags, but if you do not want to be read, it may still work.

Mine's the one with the roll of electrical tape in the pocket.

Skype ignores PayPal siphoning hijack scheme

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IT Angle

Nside Network Work

I understand some of the credit card thefts in the recent past is/was being carried out by gangs that have infiltrated the Networking Environment, and therefore have access to network racks and can capture and monitor "inside the network", so if it is not encrypted, they can read and capture it all.

IT> Nobody said you had to be smart...just conniving.

DARPA develops zap-bomb electropulse countermeasures

rick buck

working EMP device....

I believe the tv show "Future Weapons" showed an EMP Device disabling a vehicle last year...

Just so ya know.

Engineer accidentally deletes cloud

rick buck
Gates Horns

not a fog...

More like VAPORWARE.

Bill, 'cause he can make things disappear.

Tosh on top for laptop reliability

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Gates Horns

Toshiba's above in service for me...

Had a client that had a Toshiba laptop that had never been used (over 2 years old) and 2 months after they began hauling it around (would I have taken it to the beach?) it suffered a Total Death, in that it showed no life, battery status, and would not start. Upon calling Customer Service, and telling them it was not in warranty, and of course learning the true age of the machine, the tech told me a few tricks to try to wake up the machine just to be able to restore or repair what ever was wrong. First thing I tried worked, and they did not charge me a cent...that would have never happened if it had been a Gateway, HP/Compaq, Dell, or Sony. They want to have your credit Card information before they will even talk to you.

This may sell me on a Toshiba next time, as the others "OBVIOUSLY DO NOT WANT ANYTHING BUT MY MONEY!"

Bill, because he knows how to "NOT PROVIDE SUPPORT."

US utilities plot remote switch off

rick buck

connection fee, just do not actually use it!

Just like the ISPs, they want you for a customer, but penalize you if you actually use it.

And the "Turning On Option" is scarier to me...

'cause they will run it when you are'nt there, just to run up the bill,

and when you return home (did they install an Occupancy Sensor?),

they go into conserve mode, and penalize you for minuscule increments of usage.

That is why I unplug "All Items Not In Use", and

That's why I keep the Ferrari up on blocks!

Mobile broadband: What's it for?

rick buck

Broadband speeds to your wallet...

In the Us, we have vERIzON, and I signed up for the 5Gig/Month @$59.00/Month plan. Speed was supposed to be 3-5 Gb/s, but rarely exceeded 1000Kb/s. I had 30 days to "Test Drive" the service and if I did not like it for any reason, I could cancel, get a full refund, and not owe anything. 2 1/2 weeks into the plan, I received a call (at work!) that I was about to exceed the 5 gigs I had contracted for. I checked the Mozilla usage script and found I had only used about 2.7 Gigs, not the 4.7 Gigs they said.

So I stopped using the widget, returned it to the store, canceled the service, and asked for my refund. I had to stop by 3 times before I was credited my money, and 3 weeks later I received a bill for $365.49. The bill also stated I had used only 4.7 Gigs (of a 5 Gig/Mo), but had charges for Overage.

I inquired, and was told that I had signed-up in the middle of a billing cycle and was only allowed 3.2 Gigs, during this period. What a way to treat a NEW (and/or Potential Customer). So now I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and the Federal Communications Committee.

The way I see it, 30 days and no charges means just that!

5 Gigs/ Month means 5 GIGS in 30 Days!

And I await them ruining my credit, so I can SUE them.

It Is Time For The Lawmakers To Regulate The Language In Their Contracts!

10 Gig/Sec means 10 Gig/Sec. Not 3, or 5, or maybe 6 on a good day...

Booze and breasts combined, finally

rick buck
Paris Hilton

MMMMM...Warm Brandy!!!!




Paris...could use this enhancement, and pass the bouncer...

well maybe not at the airport...but it would be interesting

to see it (and I know eventually it will) happen!!!!

NASA's Ares V may crush Kennedy crawlerway

rick buck

Double yer trouble, Double yer fun

How about just doubling up the track width, and adding twice the tracks and your in

luck, it works.

eBay changes anger smaller sellers

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Gates Horns

Auctions be damned

What was a decent auction site, is now just another store, getting you comming and going. I've bought off E-Bay 3 times in the past year, and twice received Bogus (counterfeit) goods. Before if a seller Needed to Sell, and was willing to give it up for pennies on the dollar, it was a good deal for someone else, if it was Not fake. Now it is just like a pawn shop, with sellers selling things at or above what it cost new, hoping you are uninformed and do not have the energy to research it farther. I now ignore ALL "Buy IT Now" ads, and only look at them if they are a "No Reserve- Auction" at a fair starting price, comming from an individual.

E-Bay could actually fix this by Separating All Stores, Companies, Pawn Shops, and other entities listings, from the Individuals. And allow a payment system that does'nt Double Dip. Government should step in and say that it is a "Conflict of Interest" to own BOTH E-Bay and Paypal, And charge for both services!

Bill, Father of Greed

Microsoft's IE 8 puts giant web hole on notice

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Paris Hilton


All my engineering friends (and the companies they work for) FORBID the use of ie" in any way...'cause like ALL ms programing...it is so full of holes...it will require a meg or two of updates each day just to keep it working (and to cover their asses).

I've been using Mozilla Firefox for a couple of years, and LOVE IT! IT ROCKS, and it has had Great support, and forward thinking Script Blocking since I've had it...and ms is just now thinking it may be a good idea! Ms is just old news in a new wrapper...again!

...Paris...'cause stupid is just stupid...no matter how pretty it looks!

Google flicks pennies down geothermal well

rick buck

still looking for HEAT?

While I understand the concept of using

"Free Heat" to drive turbines, and generate power...

It still Boggles My Mind to think...

Are'nt we suffering from GLOBAL WARMING already!

We Need A Source Of Power...

That Does NOT Generate Massive Amounts Of Heat In The Process!


Cloud computing lets Feds read your email

rick buck
Gates Horns

Encrypted E-Envelopes

How 'bout some solutions here...

not just ramblings about what "THEY" can and can't do...

as if you were fully informed...and truly understood...

that "THEY" do not care "what is now legal"...

it is just like ALL other EULAs,TOS, etc,

they can change the rules to suit them...

but us...we just have to take it in the bum.

How about a "256K Encryption Envelope",

with a rotating, constantly changing key (Not A New Idea...Me Thinks)

so it would look like binary used to look to all of us,

and when they crack that, 512K, and 1024K, and 2024K...

and Bill, 'cause he is ahead of the learning curve...

(and I bet his E-Mails ARE ENCRYPTED).

Satnav turtle locates cannabis stash

rick buck


...and of course Americans know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise...the tortoise is the one with the tortoise shell...

Long Live "The Teenage Ganga Turtles"...

...and who brought the Fritos?...I've got the munchies!

Flaming...'cause "where there's smoke, you had to have fire!

A third of Vista PCs downgraded to XP

rick buck
Gates Horns

lost roadmap...

mICROsOFT seems to think that changing the names of things every OS will make it more secure...and that is just a joke... and a time waste for their (former) customers.

It is like someone changing the street names every two years to make a neighborhood safer. All it does is get you lost if you do not know where you are going, but if you are familiar with the layout (ie: HACKERS), you do not care.

And what ever happened to "BACKWARD COMPATIBLE"? None of my software or NEW products worked with vISTA, NOT my HP (6 mo old, vista compatible) ALL IN ONE PRINTER, My $300.00 E-Mu soundcard, my Canon LBP Printer (beautiful letter quality), or my sONY MD player, or any of my games...I had to wait 1-2 years (MS says it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to cobble together vISTA code for their products) for mIcroSoft to get around to fixing them, and I'm still waiting for UPDATED DRIVERS for many other products. I smell kickbacks!

Bill, 'cause he says so...

Googlephone is coming soon

rick buck

still waiting...

...and I'm still waiting for delivery of my Google TISP (toilet based, internet broadband).

....starting to get toilet seat impression...very painful...what, it was a joke...

Game sharer gets £16K fine

rick buck
Gates Horns

over priced crap

@ $17,000, they got more than it would have made in a lifetime of sales. The state of PC Games now is terrible. Just last week I bought a game for $10.00 and it will not even run, and all I can do is return it for the same game, not one that will actually run. They just keep turning out crap, and taking your money, and laughing all the way to the bank.

A "Comsumers Bill of Rights" will state that even with acceptance of a EULA or TOS,

If product is crap, will not run, or contains malware (sONY ROOTKIT ANYONE?), Manufacturer/Seller is responsible for restoring system to "As Before Condition",

and returning funds paid for purchase and restoration of "As Before Condition" by a Third Party, and that would Greatly Decrease the sale of useless crap, and use of software to compromise systems.

Evil Bill... 'cause he is the father...of the root of all evil...tracking and bloatware.

iPod Nano trouser fireballs sweep Japan

rick buck

Should have read as:

Hot Pants are BACK!

'cause I love 'em!

Be Unlimited pulls plug on home CCTV service

rick buck


If they come for the equipment, just do not answer the door.."'cause it do'nt work, ya know", unless they have check in hand (do you trust them to have the money?). otherwise, it is your equipment now.

Get someone to help hook it up with another service, or maybe without another service!!!(I realize you are in a wheelchair, and that makes life tough..., and just doing everyday things real hard, but several have stated they will help rig the system to work for you,so give it a try), and good luck.

It is time for a "customers bill of rights" >sounds American< to protect the public's "investment" in these big companies ideas, so THEY take the risk, NOT the everyday hard working Joe...who just gets a letter saying that their "investment" just went "tits up", and it being liquidated by going to some "BigWigs" Severance Bonus.

Pandora prepares to join titsup.com club

rick buck

19/100ths of nothing is still nothing...

100% - 19/100ths is still 81%...considering they're just a middleman...if they can not make it on 81% profit, before cost of running servers and a little programing, and paying those that provide the basis for the service realistic compensation (ie:>the cost of doing business), They Are Crap... and deserve to go tits up!!!

Perhaps the top 5 execs could take a little less bonus, and salary, and give it a few years to get a real head on it before raping the socks off a decent service, to take their cut!!!

...Or perhaps they could just fire them and get some real Joes (that are used to real work, at a real wage, awaiting realistic rewards in a realistic time line) that are willing to allow a business to grow and want to have a service and career that lasts...instead of the " Want It NOW, Have To Have It Now" BloodSuckers that have become the Average Corporate Executive! (key word "EXECUTE")

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Microsoft's Vista push probed by Fair Trade Commission

rick buck
Gates Horns

Rusty Chrome

It may look Shiny, all Chromed and New, but underneath it is still MS BS, > RUSTY!

Analogy> A 1950s Buick is still with us, but a 1995 GM is a piece of crushed crap!

And I agree that if "they do not make anymore, and they do not support it anymore, they have no rights to control it anymore.

I can but aftermarket parts for the car that GM does not sell, or make parts for, and they can not do anything about it! That is free market baby! SELLER BEWARE!

And it is time for a "Consumers- EULA-TOS Agreement" ...I bought it, I own it, I can sell it, or set it on fire if I want!

Bill, 'cause he calls it "Creative Capitalism." Visit www.creativecapitalism.com

and voice your opinion!!!PLEASE!!!!!

Pirate Bay evades Italian blockade

rick buck


If the artist makes a high quality product, that is then

compressed, and encoded in a lossy encoding format,

"Who Ripped Who Off?"

Perhaps they (the recording companies) should consider MP3s as a demo of the real product, and hope we (the buying/paying public) will spring for "the real thing."

Microsoft running on at least 220,000 servers

rick buck


MS Does Own 220,000 OR MORE,


MS preps 12 fixes for August Patch Tuesday

rick buck
Gates Horns


If it is so damn good, why do you have to keep fixing it, Bill?

Rogue reporters kicked out of conference for network snooping

rick buck
IT Angle

Hackers Hacked..Who would have guessed?

Hackers that expect others to play by (the) rules.

Does'nt sound like that was in the spirit of the event!

Perhaps they should have served worms at break!

FBI sets out case against anthrax 'rogue scientist'

rick buck
Black Helicopters

dead bug

Now that the culprit has committed suicide, it is kinda like proving a negative...

BUT IT GETS THE AUTHORITIES OFF THE HOOK, and it makes them look like they know what they are doing...

Orbitsound T12 soundbar

rick buck

behind small speakers are small minds

And ALL speaker systems use the rooms surfaces to extend the soundfield via "the surface effect"; also known as "reflected sound"> ring a bose bell? (Ever heard a Klipschorn?), All speaker systems are affected by "the surface effect" whether they like it or not > either positively or negatively...with the exception of course of those used out of doors! That is why the best speakers are tested in an anecolic chamber, to map the true output of it, without interaction from the surroundings.

I do not think they hold a candle to my NS-10M's, or NS-1000's, or JBL's, or Klipsch's, or my MP Ribbons..., and well...

"the bass is ???LOW BANDWIDTH???...

...whatever that means...perhaps "LACKING!"

Small minded people get small sound from small speakers.

"And We Did'nt Listen To It

Through Three Inch Speakers...

But It's Still Rock-N-Roll To Me" >Billy Joel

US woman celebrates cloning of 'precious Booger'

rick buck


It just goes to show you that...

One Good Booger, Deserves Another.

Rumors that she named it Booger Too...


IBM opens supercomputer tools for ordinary rocket scientists

rick buck

lin us

"Used to conduct sophisticated cause-and-affect studies on financial markets"

Guess they were "right-on-the-money" on that last call....

and the tin man said "If I only had a brain!"

Please ignore the net neutrality sideshow haunting Comcast's BitTorrent bust

rick buck

Brake (BREAK) the Throttlers

In America, We the Consumers Rarely get 1/3 to 1/2 of Advertised Speed as a matter of course, so when they throttle you your speed goes in the rubbish bin.

I recently dumped Clearwire "Broadband" 'cause the agreed on price of 1.5 M, turned out to really be about 250K on a good day, and on my last day of service it was a staggering 14.4 K. At that point I fired off a letter to the Attourney General, and was ALLOWED to cancel my 2 year contract 6 months early>without paying the Early Termination Agreement Fee. I tried Verizon Wireless at twice the cost, and within 2 &1/2 weeks they called me to inform me that I was about to go over the 5Gig limit. Funny thing was I only used it to read my e-mail. I was sure they were mistaken,

BUT had several interesting things occur> ONE BEING >AS i TRIED TO CONNECT TO The Reg (a daily read) I was informed that MY internet address had been reported as a BADSITE and was being denied access! I immediately ran Anti-Virus, and Anti-Spyware to make sure I had not been compromised, and thank goodness, my machine was clean! Obviously Verizon had given me an address previously used by a spammer. No Throttling, but still a bad experience! That did it for them! Currently, I'm with Time Warner, not 'cause I like them, but so far they are'nt Throttling and have no limits, so it is back to business. And Time Warner seems to have a better idea of service as I'm getting over 7Mbs, and they spend their time trying to keep their network free of Viruses, and other horrors, instead of reading my mail, and choking the hose!

Dutch vacuum salesman pumps Google for €1m

rick buck


I'd move to the Caymans or somewhere that gets next to none of the booty.

Misheard song lyrics blamed on technology

rick buck

Shortchanged consumers (edit at will)

No one mentioned the ability of MP3 and other compression techniques to remove "artifacts" from the music and make it fit in a smaller box. Many very subtle soundings of the human voice are cheerfully removed, recognized as sybilence, or other unwanted sounds (by those doing the compressing) in the name of better utilization of their bandwidth. Never mind that you paid for the whole thing > you still get an abbreviated version under the auspices that the public is uninformed and can not tell the difference! Maybe when an artist or a class action group sues over misrepresentation of product (over a few key words) being changed, or as on TV, a few key scenes being cut (for the sake of fitting in the allotted time slot) and thus completely changing the jest of the show, will the providers of truncated products and services find it is not worth it to shortchange the public and even the artist. As a sound/lighting/stage Tech, I no longer want to work for an industry that can not run a artistic work without cutting out completely or running credits so fast one can not read it, and thus "Give credit where credit is due" Wake up! Demand the best quality, and the entire product!

JVC pitches deeper driver in-ear 'phones

rick buck

can...the hearing

Can one be MORE DEAF?

North Americans just don't steal handsets, apparently...

rick buck

sim city

Here in Carolina (N., U.S.), a stolen phone has a short life> say they call Hawaii , or the good ol' UK, the owner Disputes the charges when he reports it lost or stolen, and the next day the owner gets a new phone (updated), along with a new plan, with a one or two year extension of their plan, or use it as a good reason to change carriers! And every phone I've ever had has had a sim card.

Cisco is moving into your house

rick buck

middle ages...

Talk about us Americans being behind the times... Cisco makes Lynksys and has been peddling them here for years! I tried one with a 4 port router and WiFi/Bluetooth, and had trouble with it staying connected for more than 20 minutes at a time, traded for store credit too, and bought a NetGear, and other than my room looking like I had a police car with full blue light special going on, once I disabled the unnecessary (offending) leds, it has worked like a charm, even remembering its settings after a power outage....

HP packaging madness continues apace

rick buck
Gates Horns


An overlooked example of overpackaging is as close as your windows machine. The amount of BLOAT in the last 2 or 3 renditions of windows should be a crime.

DARPA plans soldier-tagging system for US troops

rick buck

tagged euphemism

A tag (euphemism) would probably be sub-cutaneous, so it could not be removed, turned off, lost or commandeered (without bloodletting). The first thing a captured soldier would be subjected to >would be stripped of his clothes and ornament (Tags, dog and otherwise), so we would have dead soldiers being used to set-up an IED attack, thus the TAG would sense lifesigns and report a positive/negative response.

It would probably only RE-sound, after a authenticated ping/handshake, with certain status results transmitted together, all with-in a small distance to increase accuracy.

And Iran/Iraq was/is/maybe referred to as a "Sea of Glass". In Afganastan this would not be achieved with ICBM's but with Suit-Case Nukes, They're Easy to transport, do not set the Chinese and Ruskies to scrambling to retaliate, and deliver a controlled "Flash & Splash". Maybe of the Neutron type to minimize any radiation; Heck it even leaves the buildings standing!

They/It would be "Delivered" after we gain knowledge of a training camp of non-native radically oriented individuals or even OBL's location, maybe after he ingested one of them there TAGS in his goats head soup, Knocking at his door would be done with a drone or perhaps a rattle placed in the boot of his conveyance (camera in place to see the look upon his face when he tries to shut the lid). He might even stumble upon it in his trek up through the mountain passes, an American version of an IED! Surprise!

Boom, Shak-A-Lak-A! BOOM!

XM-Sirius merger OKd in fines plus booster-dump deal

rick buck

XM'ed in the siri-ass

Just another way for the government to get money from all involved, and I think digital radio has the same problems that DTV and all the other DIGITAL realms are going to have > that they are not fully tested and do not adequetly work in most instances (unless you live in the big city)....

...meanwhile the government wants us to pay to receive what we have had for free in the past. D=HDTV, HD Radio, and the emergency bands that no one wants....well they finally pawned that one off on Monopoly Digital Radio....

...and the logo was dead on...'cept it is the public on the receiving end!

Cannibal's legal objection hamstrings German horror film

rick buck

Eating raw meat can have bad health consequences.

The sick part of this story is that the judicial system only gave 8 &1/2 years for murder of an idiot.

Murder is Murder, and the courts are not dissuading this kind of crime by handing out 8 &1/2 year punishment for the seriously heinous crime of murder, even of idiots!

I hope he gets out and knocks off the judge...

>'recon then he will see, an eye for an eye?

Apple is Fisher-Price of sound quality, says Neil Young

rick buck

compressed minds of the recording industry

I, too am a sound engineer, having done shows at places like Disney, worked eith Chet Atkins, Ralph Stanley, and Ben Folds, and say the problem is with the studios wanting (and acheiveing) to sell the public a lower quality product.

As other engineers have noted, once lossed up, and compressed down, the files can not be fixed. They will always sound like crap!

Having a studio system worth over $100,000.00 is sure nice when I want to listen to LP's, or early cd's, and BlueRay. But the crap being put out by the mainstream studios leaves much to be desired.

Why do you think the receivers now come with sound processors in them? To make up for bit-cheating, level boosted, overly compressed, over-processed, lossy radio fodder, played back on a toy with (in the words of Billy Joel) "Three Inch Speakers" > and that is if you are lucky.

It is a good thing that I prefer Indie type music, 'cause many of them have left the Big Studios, and are doing it themselves, > well maybe with the help of some good old fashioned soundmen like myself, and putting "IT" out there on their own.

Nothing like the feeling of cutting out the "the man", and doing it like it should be done, (as Frank said) "Doin' it My way"!!!!

And people have been sold a bill of goods for many years >remember Dolby Noise Reduction? > They said "you can not hear it", but anyone with a decent system that includes tweeters had no trouble being disappointed in the reproduction of the sound with that system. >wake up and smell the hosers, 'cause they are cheating you when you download.

And finally, my M-D player sounds great, if I do not use the LP settings!!! unknownsoundman@yahoo.com

PS: "We could use some more talent in the monitors!"

eBay revenues defy worldwide army of bitter users

rick buck

payNow cashcow

I too, have received Fake DCM speakers in an auction on E-Bay, and have thus NOT spent much more time and money there.

While many of the problems may be with sellers, and not with the system, If they are not willing to police their sellers better, I will not use the service anymore.

On the other hand, I have had great service with PayPal, when buying items.

It would be nice for PayPal to Guarantee the products (as far as Authenticity), in a way , as most bancards have a function to handle "Disputes" over products and services rendered (at least in the US).

Cokeheads slip AI onto Yahoo! front page

rick buck

yahoo changes

Yes, I noticed a change in the layout today.While I liked Yahoo's layout before, I resent them changing (without notification) it to suit them, not me.


And the automatic placement of "what everyone else likes", has never worked for me or my buying/viewing habits. The only thing worse than being barraged by ads for feminine products or having my news pre-selected for me (is Brittany really news?), is mICROsOFT in charge of Yahoo.

PS: Mr Icann, please sell your yahoo stock, and buy ms, since you love it so much.

Keep your mICROsOFT out of my Yahoo.

Irate sysadmin locks San Francisco officials out of network

rick buck


Sounds like just another microsoft update to me.

rick buck
Gates Halo


Sounds like just another mICROsOFT update to me.



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