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ESA hits scientists with hefty Planck

rick buck

1000's of very cold individual sources...

No need to look to space, I can find very cold individuals at the local pub...work, the market, or just driving around.

And if I Craved contact with very cold individual sources, I'd just buy an airline ticket...

'ALIEN' LIFE FOUND in California

rick buck


I guess you've never been to California?

1/2 the population is from south of the border ie: (illegal?) Aliens,

and the other half...well, if you've not seen them in person...

err, well...they've got some freaks in this place, let me tell you.

It's the land of Hollywood, soap operas and TV,

and they kind of live in their own reality.

It looks real, and they take it really serious (TOO!),

and it (their TV reality) ends at the gate of the lot, except for the freaks,

they continue 'til you reach Las Vegas.

Other kinds of freaks there.

Pink Floyd remastered for Nintendo Entertainment System

rick buck


So Sorry, BUT...

THE Original DSoTM by the Big Pink,

(on VINYL, using Tubes, & Very Large Speaker Systems)

... Was, Is and Will Always Be "THE Definitive"

Dark Side of The Moon.

(in a standard US Production LP Disc)

2nd...would be the English pressing "4 channel (original?) recording,

w/Alan Parsons Mixing, but missing many US Version guitar overdubs"

3rd...US Demo Issue Disc (had shortened lead-in/out for radio station Airplay)

strangely also labeled "Not For Commercial Use" (college station)

4th...probably the Master Series Audiophile Japanese pressing (remixed yet again)

5th...Anything else.

...so - sorry , what I heard here did not measure up

to my memory of the original production of DSoTM.


the subtleties of Pink Floyds Lyrics,

mixed with the Creative Mixing/Production of Alan Parsons,

With guitars by Dave Gilmore,

innovative keyboards/synthesizers,

centered around original drumming,

by Nick Mason and Richard Wright.

Pink will always be imitated,

As Imitation is the best form of...

well, to be honest...Not Being Original!


And...most of all missing is...

"Those memories of the '70s"

(if you were there, you will know what I'm speaking about)

God Bless Pink Floyd


MIT profs produce 'Ring of Fire' nanotube superbatteries

rick buck

Burnin' Ring 'O Fire

I think Elvis used one of these,

and I'm sure I remember Johnny Cash

singing of a "Burnin' Ring of Fire".

...and there were "Great Balls of Fire",

probably just nested "Rings 'o Fire",

in convenient ball shape.

...Toys of the Gods

Airport scanners face double exposure

rick buck
Paris Hilton

On my stop - overs, I like to get a drink in the employees lounge...

Guess I know what will be on the TV

in the employees lounge...

and the managers office

(he has to make sure they don't miss a (insert_sic_item of choice)

and we have to record it for evidence...

and back - it - up...just in case...

...Oh. and we up - load it on the internet...

You know, for headquarters...Quality Control and all...

and then there is that unlocked file cabinet that we keep it all in...

Flash Drive?...I'm not sure of that...but

We all have security clearance,

and we all have keys to everything,

we all even work a while everyday, on "The Machine",

so it's not so stressful on the operator...

(who by this time of day is just a gooey blob on a chair)

...Oh, He's in an undisclosed (ie:closed) area...for security, you know.

...yea, it's been a Disney Day...not like those awful Jerry Cruise Days...

Paris Cries...'cause she missed it!

Google (Voice) solves universal translation soonish

rick buck

Google? Translate? Are you kidding?

Here in the 'ol US, we have Google411. And if it is any indicator of its success...well..."It can't even understand "Plain English". So as a translator...that IS a

25kg of cocaine hits Spanish supermarket shelves

rick buck

How Ripe!

and words fail to...

Sex with Taoist truck driver leaves woman fully satisfied

rick buck
Paris Hilton

The power of "A Properly Placed & Utilized Placebo"

In Theory, Yes it can be said...

That sex can uplift the human spirit,

At age 19 or 90...(or what-ever is legal in your area)

But, in Practice...

It is only the

"Properly Placed

& Utilized Placebo"

that ultimately "Satisfies"!

Again... and Again...

Paris...because she knows what to do with

a "Properly Placed & Utilized Placebo"!!!!!

MS store staff in spontaneous electric boogie

rick buck

reason to get a mac 10

I hope the M$ employees now feel like they are Wal-Mart employees.

That is what they look like.

...And it is not original at all...

Pig plague could crash interwebs, say US feds

rick buck


...Perhaps it might slow down the the unhaltered spending that our governments can not seem to get a handle on...Perhaps...

Free Microsoft security tool locks down buggy apps

rick buck
Gates Horns

Coming from M$...

Time To Panic...

...as Microsoft Software

Shuts Down Micro$oft Software

as It is infested with bugs!

Anti-filesharing laws revive crypto fears for spooks

rick buck
Big Brother

Tell them all...Tell them everything...

Only Cloak it in a bodyguard of lies...

Feds’ insider trading wiretap snares IBM heir apparent

rick buck
Paris Hilton

MinionZero Has It Right!

Harrumph !!!

Harrumph !!!

Harrumph !!! ...

and Paris is just the messenger...

UK telly in coke blizzard shock

rick buck

Beeb's Babe Does Cocaine in Toilet....

Film @ 11.

Shock Media and More Self-Aggrandizement by The Media.

And it's a Surprise?


it worked again.

Michael Dell: Netbooks go sour after 36 hours

rick buck

Dell Renigs on own products, and quafs own customers...

If Micheal Dell was such a visionary, he would have made the Winston-Salem Dell Manufacturing Facility a little more flexible...and not just announce that the plant closure (after opening only 4 years ago) was because "the Public" does not want desktop computers, they only want laptops.

Few IT Planners I know, think there is much difference in the facility necessary to build laptops compared to one to make desktops...

Just shut it down, re-arrange the lines, get the vendor/inventory/delivery system schedules changed, and your up and making whatever kind of electronic devices you like.

BUT NO... He is going to lay-off 1000 people and renege on $280 Million dollars of incentives his company received.. because we want laptops for Christmas.

His admittance of the lower enthusiasm by the public to the performance of netbooks (that were promoted as better than a Notebook) is so flawed...As a netbook and a notebook are different in many ways.

If he had actually used a netbook for ...oooh let us say...36 Hours... he would have seen that the netbooks are great for some things and terrible for others...EASILY.

He has a world-class university (Wake Forest University) just down the way...he could have had a few students test some products for a few days, and they could have filled him in on what the netbooks short-commings and greatest attributes are.

And they could probably change the floor plan of that factory to be up and running laptops in a month or two...

Micheal Dell's Opinions Are So...Last year...Duh!

US women protest for the right to bare

rick buck

No Page 2...

or Page 3 Girl?

What kind of article is that?

I thought you guys were ENGLISH.

Did I miss it in one of the links?

Come on guys...

a Little more obvious...ehhhh


Google's Caffeine splutters off interwebs

rick buck


...Just Jonesin' for Caffeine......

Judge slaps ban on RealDVD software

rick buck
Gates Horns

Anyone/Anything That Can Not Copy

Someone asked if there was anyone that did not know how to coppy...well Windows Can Not Make a copy of a cd or dvd, as is my experience, just to answer someones question.

Their Idea to Protect Me?



Extra large condoms hit UK supermarket shelves

rick buck

ex lg con

Sounds more like an American car...

Room to stretch out, but still no HEAD-ROOM!!!


Sony promises clarity on virtualization-free Vaio PCs

rick buck

More sONY Baloney

If I buy a computer that has a certain chipset (VT Capable),

with Windows (VT Capable),

...and sONY DIS-ABLES IT...

then they sold a defective item,



I'm tired of paying for products that are RE-CONFIGURED to what they think you should be able to do, instead of what the software and hardware was designed to do.

Sony thought ROOT-KITS were OK TOO!!!

(they still owe me for that one,

and my MD RECORDER will not work either...

Vista issues...like they did not see it coming...DUH...



US state bars sex offenders from 'social networking sites'

rick buck

A Built-In comment engine...

...Like El Reg...

Google hints Bing! pact will curb competition

rick buck
Jobs Horns




Time Warner swallows Google's AOL stake

rick buck

$160 Billion > $1 Billion > $283 Million + STUPIDITY ON SOMEONES PART, and they still have hope?

Aol is a dead fish in my neighborhood,

MS's Bing is circling the bowl,

and taking Yahoo with it.


Firefox 4.0 flashes lusty leg at Windows lovers

rick buck

tag tabs

Perhaps tabs on the left side like a dictionaries alphabetical tabs?

Boffins 'cage the demon' of white phosphorus

rick buck

DeForestation, Carcinogenic Chemicals, & AGENT ORANGE

Napalm usually kills, if your compromised (Shock)

It just kind of sticks to you...it's used to destroy things.

Buildings, crops, contraband.

Agent Orange, if it does'nt kill you,

disfigures and burnsd the flesh,

with sunlight, abrasion (bathing),

& oosing sores a painful daily reminder,

that your still alive. Lucky: Sure.

White Phosphorus is used

as a tracer in flairs, bullets, rockets,...

if it blows up...Phoshhorus makes it better.

More observable/confirmable results,

for the operator in aiming, conserving ammo, & getting results.

Using WP,

or Any type of Phosphorus, ...

or for that matter any kind of




or Toxic substance,

used on others should always be a crime.

And we use Phosphor bullets at night,

so we can see where we are shooting, ...

and to eliminate any friendly fire incidents.

What I'd be worried about is the DU.

Depleted Uranium Bullets, RPGs, most breach loaded weapons/projectiles up to the size of ICBMS incorporate a penetrater dome, coating or may be solid DU.

The Dust resulting from


Ingestion, &


IT IS A KNOWN CARCINOGEN ...AND...Of Course that means...


You do not have ti be hit with a bullet, or be blown up.

The dust gets in the air, and you breathe it, as well as

it eventually gets carried into the ground water,

contaminating the water supply.

If you breathed it in, you now have nasal, throat or lung cancer.

If you drank it, you have introduced it

to the gastro-intestinal tract, liver, kidneys, blood and lymph systems.

I will not say Napalm is the way to go,

but it's usually quicker than most of the other ways described.

Gordon Ramsay breaches f**king broadcasting code

rick buck
Dead Vulture

F...N...Name of The Show F...Head...


BBC botnet investigation turns hacks into hackers

rick buck

Beebe Bo bo

Breaking News:

The Beeb caught sitting in a pile of its own poo.

Pictures @ 11:00!

Where's Wally Vista SP2?

rick buck
Gates Horns

7 is lucky, right guys?

I have Vista on 2 machines, and it works ok.

UNLESS you want to do anything.

Then it is a slow, bothersome, OS of a beast.

If I wanted a $1000.00 TV tuner, I would have bought a TV.

If I had wanted a boom box, I would have bought one.

Instead, I bought a Vista computer that can not even make its own back-up,


That Vista Ready Hp Printer ($250.00) took a year to get software that would make it work.

(M$ says it is HPs fault-funny it worked with all other computers-some without even loading the software)

That Sony MD recorder ($200.00, that I use professionally) took more than 2 years to update to work with Vista) Again Vendor error, NOT M$...


It is a shame that M$ has the guts to try to sell us a NEW OS, when they can not get the last one to work properly.

M$ needs to stop being the worlds policeman, and actually make some software that works.

and stop telling me that I do not have the rights to copy/watch/listen to something I own.

PS: Sign me up for the class-action lawsuit against MS!

(Bill left before the M$ boat went down)

US Army working on 'exploding marmalade' missile tech

rick buck
IT Angle

age old problems

Toast, Marmalade, You HAVE to have butter.

Speed bumps on my toast? That is just weird.

But I guess there is always the "smooth" and the "chunky" crowd (for you peanut butter lovers)

Now there is an idea... Use a "High Energy" Food. 'You know like peanut butter.

And not a word on "JUST How Volatile Orange Oil Is".

Try lighting orange zest oil with a lighter while squeezing an orange peel to make it squirt...

Maybe marmalade is not such a bad idea, BUT SPEED BUMPS?

I'm usually a chunky guy, but in this case I'll take SMOOTH.

PS: If you make a marmalade sandwich, it will ALWAYS fall bread side down.

Sony rallies chums round proprietary standard

rick buck

Sony,Only Bologna

Thinking back, seems to me that BetaMax FLOPPED!

One day I spent over $200.00 on a sound card that 2 months after I bought it, Sony DISABLED IT. (the wonders of the internet) and why so many people IGNORE "URGENT UPDATES".

Then there is the $300.00 Mini-Disc recorder that ceased to function for 2 years,

'cause $ony was TOO LAZY to enable their code to work with Vista, Like the OS was unexpected.

And then how 'bout a ROOTKIT....

Throw in some DRM,



PS: You can put M$ & $ony in the same s(t)inking boat, and set them afloat

& not showing what's in the pocket of the coat...what's that a drill and sawdust?


US sky marshals submit to Heart of Gold randomware

rick buck

Even Random...

Even with random number generation, they are bound to get better results, than they have gotten in the past.

This makes my brain hurt,

This is bound to make things better, Ya Think?

Honda shows Insight hybrid in Europe

rick buck

Interior looks like my Fit-S. Interior like a Prius.

Getting to the pinnacle of Aero-Design, and working on the guts now.

I still love my Fit-S. It ROCKS. Go Honda.

Truly a company with its sights set on the future.

Mine's the one with the remote for the 1,5L Blown/Boosted Rice Burner that just blew past you.

Paddle Shifters in hand...

PS: Paris cried, 'cause she could'nt ride!

UK console sales defy credit crunch

rick buck
Paris Hilton

Games, not jobs.

We got games,

We 'aint got jobs.

MS wields price cutlass at Chinese pirates

rick buck
Gates Horns


This just shows they have already paid for the development costs, and think that their product is better than the copied copyrighted pirated software that already exists. What do the Chinese care about "Legitimate"? Just like the Brits, Frogs and Yanks; it all comes down to one thing: COST.

Cheaper is better, and will result in more Legitimate Users, but will this tactic will alienate those who have to pay a INFLATED (as in "NOT EQUAL COST FOR EQUAL VALUE) COST even more. I guarantee this will backfire on M$.

Is there a opening for litigation, for gouging those who DO NOT get the reduced prices? If this product is only worth $29.00 Chinese equivalent, there may be a place for a Class-Action Suit, not only for current and future users, but for past purchasers, such as government agencies, Municipalities, and corporations, that have spent millions for the right to use the programing.

Maybe M$ will see the light and reduce prices worldwide, and let the world know that "at least it is trying to play fair".

If the Chinese version has an English language option, put me on the list to have a copy shipped, as long as I can get it to initialize and run in the US.

Otherwise, I may go visit my lawyer (solicitor) tomorrow.

Wait, do I see a bunch of states attorney generals in a boat off in the distance.....

Evil Bill, 'cause those horns were meant for gougin'....

Firefox update fixes critical bug brace

rick buck
Paris Hilton

Friends Don't Let Friends IE.

Go back to IE? Are you crazy?

Why would you want a buggy, take over your system, un-secure, in-secure, ask lots of permissions, and reboot NOW, and screw your whole day up, reset your preferences, change your energy settings, and insert a WHOLE BUNCH of UNWANTED NON-USER FRIENDLY GIBBERISH CODE EXTENSIONS THAT EVEN A GEEK CAN'T UNDERSTAND browser, when you could have FireFox, a dependable, multi-featured, highly modifiable, SECURITY UP TO DATE BROWSER, that lets you have the power to choose the timing, and options YOU want, When you want, How you want, or not? Mozilla even explaines what the updates are in simple language, so all know what will be affected, and why!

G O B A C K T O I E ?


Paris cries (she is really laughing inside) when someone is dumber the she is!

eBay: don't come on our US site without protection

rick buck


GREED is like a ball of shit, rolling down a hill.

It just gets bigger and bigger.

Just one step away from and anti-trust slip-up.


Mines the coat with the Visa Card in the pocket.

(it works around the world and does currency exchanges automatically, and

it is accepted at millions of businesses worldwide,

just not @ EBay!)

(Guess who loses?)

Did the width move for you, darling?

rick buck

refreshing, & HOW!

How refreshing that you actually give us a voice, and actually listen to our bitchin', instead of just "Changin' It, and Saying "Screw the you think, and That's it!". While I will add a complaint, Why is'nt "El Reg" in my mailbox 7 Days a Week?...I love it so. And the fixed width still bugs me, as if a half a yard long stream of a LARGER FONT!!! does not bother me, and I too look at it on a wide-screen, though I CAN DOWNSIZE THE FRAME, so I can read "El Reg" and actually do work in the other half of the screen too. THAT IS what I miss, and the Larger and not so "Society Proper" Font. Please give me the ability to multitask with the full frame, w/a slightly LARGER/More Unique Font. (El Reg is unique and original, so it deserve a unique and different font, not the same ol' crap that the man uses!). That is what I miss. Thanks again for not turning a tin ear, as deep down we all love you. the unknownsoundman

Mine is the coat with the "El Reg" hardcopy in it!

Bill Buxton to change Microsoft from within, hug Steve Ballmer

rick buck
Gates Horns

M$ Misses the mark, again!

Design is good and fine, but, just 'cause it's pretty, does'nt make it work any better. While good design is more than skin deep, I think that buggy software is par for M$, and you can put lipstick on a pig, but that does'nt make it anything but a pig.

Funny, he speaks about the X-box and Surface (both Products), but faults Apple for an end-to-end product experience (Apple seems to do well in this manner).

M$ has yet to make the Ultimate PC, one that showcases their best products (and actually works without the bugs), probably so they, like Buxton also claims, can blame the "Tiers" of hardware vendors (who make products to specs that M$ sets forth...saying "Oh we changed that...it did not work well, you did'nt get the memo?").

Maybe this is spreading M$ too thin...as if they were'nt already overextended into too many areas, focusing on making the Windows Code, flawless, efficient, and machine indifferent, instead of making code that has all the flash, but will not run on the brand new machine that someone just bought, 'cause the Specs were changed to make the code work (along with a daily slew of updates to fix the damn thing). And do'nt get me started on security flaws, and updates that change all my preferences...

Bill, 'cause I've got Mojave sand in my PC...different dirt from the same 'ol place...

M$ Windows is like a Model T, You can have it in any color, as long as it's black.

Japanese call on deities to discipline wayward PCs

rick buck

In Shrined

Well, Anything is better than Gateway's warranty!!!!

Legal digital music is commercial suicide

rick buck

equitable monies for artists, with unbiased catalogue for listeners

None of the Major labels pay much to the artists that made it all possible, so I do not feel sorry for their pains. I would support a service that was Not part of any label, and paid a fair pentance to any artist that is played, and a small bit to the label, not 99.99% to the label, and .00004% to the artist.

I think it is this outrage by the public, as to how the labels take the cream, and most of the milk, and leave the dregs to the artists, and the public knows that this is how it works today, and this is the results. We cut them off, lock, stock and barrel.

Independent Artists, Independent Labels, Independent Services, Independent Radio,

Independent Governing Bodies, That Is The Future!

Mines the one with the Non-DRM, Multi Format Audio/Video, Wi-Fi Enabled, Internet tuned Player in the pocket

rick buck

Company Owned...

Used many of the services that you mentioned, and few are worth a damn.

They all seem to have the problem of a poor catalogue, even last.fm, it has shortlisted its catalogue so that you listen to what "they" want you to listen to, not what what you are interested in. Before Last.fm was acuired by CBS, they were mush better, but now they have dropped the free download of up and coming artists, and taken the entertainment out of it. And added the "crap about label agreements".

Does it make you wonder why W-B would not want CBS to have the call.

Until a service comes along that has "the worlds complete catalogue" and will play on demand, for a reasonable cost, without restrictions, I will not be co-operating with their rip-off of the artists, and the public, for a poor catalogue of radio grade tripe that I turned off many years ago.

Mines the one with the deaf ear in the pocket.

Digital divide looms again over superfast broadband for all

rick buck

We don't need no stinkin' ditches

Why not wireless. It would send the signal to all involved, no matter how far away they are, or how cost effective the distance involved would be.

Fire up the rocket, and put some satellites up to send us a signal to all corners of the earth.

US startup launches online airwaves market

rick buck
Paris Hilton

Was...the public airwaves.


This damn government has sold the rug out from under us.

Wait 'til your government does the same to you...

And YOU have to buy a new phone, TV, radio...

Paris cried today...

Crimeware giants form botnet tag team

rick buck
Gates Horns

Reverse Bot?

How about some of the major players like Symantec, Microsoft, and the networks, make a reverse bot that when awakened by a worm, trojan, virus, bot, (or any other threat), will send out ringers to locate the finial destination (follow the money), as well as "Infect Their Machine".

Just because he is a genius, does'nt mean he is'nt evil.

EA free petrol stunt triggers north London gridlock

rick buck

Faster Blaster

Funny, MY car always got better mileage at higher speeds, too.

And the faster you go, the slower time passes...

...(on an astrological scale)...that means..."I age less!"

...and what is the deal...with the crap the video games industry makes?

100s of titles that are "Shoot 'Em Up" & "Kill 'Em" games,

but only one or two "Driving Games".

???What Goes???

Perhaps they could reduce violence by making fewer "Shoot & Kill" games?

Perhaps we could be safer drivers by making us better drivers,

by making a few more "Driving Skills" Games!!!

I envision a game that actually trains you to drive "Economically!!!"

Think about how that might impact society!

Mine's the (windblown) coat with the SCCA patch on it

(Honda Fit turbo w/ 6-speed, paddle shifters...85mph@36 mpg)

Columbia set to resurrect Ghostbusters

rick buck


The Stay-Puffed Man Is Back!!!

Those old timer sign results in full

rick buck
Paris Hilton


What...No image of a Jerry Can (US Pronunciation) with the words Jerry Crossing?

The skateboarder one is more appropriate for the sidewalks around here...

to warn the "Gerrys" that there is youth about.

Did'nt really like the winners myself, either.

More appropo would be a walker.

Paris cries at the thought that she is getting older.

My name really is Ivan O'Toole, admits Ivan O'Toole

rick buck
Paris Hilton

Pro Nunciations

Went to school with Jimmy Riddle, Joy Jester, Mike Hunt.

Dated a girl named (Jenny) Virginia Peters.

Worked with Anne Marie Ondick (Have you seen Anne Marie Ondick?)

Had a room-mate that we would send mail to (Had an Irish Postman)...

under the name of Richard Wanker. The postman always rang the bell and waited to see if he would open the door, and hand it to him, and just laugh!!!

Met a Dale Rivers.

And I live not far from Climax, North Carolina.

In Pennsylvania, there are 3 towns, in a row, Blue Balls, Intercourse, and Climax!

Rich Hard Stan More Buck

Paris, (made her laugh so hard, she cried)

'cause she knows there is more to a person than just a name,

There is also the money aspect. I've got that covered too!

Hadron boffins: Our meddling will not destroy universe

rick buck
Gates Halo

3 brothers and a pig

I remember the story of 3 brothers and a pig. They wanted to enter it into the fair and win 1st prize for the biggest pig.

They came up with a plan to "Plug the pig with a cork and fatten him up."

As time went by, the pig became enormous, and the brothers were sure they would win. And sure enough, they did.

After the fair, one brother suggested they let the pig out of his misery, 'cause he was SO full of Shit.

So, they trained a monkey to pull out the cork.

And so the day came to let the pig out of his misery.

one brother said he would'nt be within a mile of the pig when the monkey let it rip. Chicken they said.

The second said he would be "up the way", to stay at a safe distance.

"Bok, Bok, Bok..." they howled.

The third said. "Well...I want to see it happen up close"

And the monkey pulled out the cork... And BOOM...The Pig Went Everywhere.

Later at the pub, over a celebration pint, the mile away brother said...

"I was lookin' thru some binoculars, and WOW, Did you see that pig fly?"

And the ways away brother said "Yea, but did you see the face on that monkey?"

And the up close brother said,

"Aww, that 'aint nothin'..."

" I saw the monkey try to put back the cork!"

I hope they are'nt wrong...

Bill, 'cause he's got Hadrons flying around his head...and vacuum bubbles...

and black holes...and strangelets...and damn near anything else he wants, too!

Boffins use heartbeat to thwart wireless implant hack

rick buck

Dead on

"Nope, This one's dead, It can't be him."

Are'nt they missing the beat?

And "randomly hacking together some gear"?

I just use a microwave...and ZAP!"