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Universal Credit CRUNCHED: Dole handouts IT system to be rebuilt

Steve Murphy

Re: @Christoph

"unfortunately, for every time this claim is made, someone can always cite an opposing example where someone has milked the system for years."

Actually, there are 2.51 million unemployed and you anecdote counts only 4 of them (even that is not the true, number since ESA numbers are not counted in the 2.51 million).

Do you really think policy ought to be made on what you heard over the fence - or read in a tabloid? Do you actually believe people become lazier during times of economic downturn?

Crumbs, we're going to lose that public sector bid - Jeeves, send for the lawyers

Steve Murphy

You have to wonder how this can be value for money for the public. Is the private sector really that much more efficient that it can overcome all these additional costs of the bidding process, contact monitoring, as well as taking profit and paying executives salaries and bonuses.

Antarctic ice sheet melt 'not that unusual', latest ice core shows

Steve Murphy

What Lewis did not report...from Steig's press release.

"That's not to say that the melting isn't unprecedented on a larger timescale, though. What happens to the ice sheet in the coming decades will depend greatly on what happens throughout the rest of the world, but it is likely that more melting will occur."

Mushroom cloud so that Lewis will probably c*m

World+Dog don't care about climate change, never have done

Steve Murphy

So why does Lewis and co bother

So why is there a massive climate change denier industry in the press with spokespeople like Lewis (Fukushima was a triumph of engineering) Page?

Probably the same reason thy are tobacco companies are always vocally against and regulations that are aimed at protecting children I'd imagine.

I wonder why Lewis doesn't actually work for big tobacco?

Silicon Roundabout worthies in £2m UK.gov cash battle royale

Steve Murphy

We have a lack of affordable housing in London and commuter areas, plenty of affordable housing elsewhere in the country.

Old Street station is already congested and a but of a hole.

Organic food offers basically no health benefit, boffins find

Steve Murphy

And the bits Lewis kept out

Bravata and colleagues found organic fruits and vegetables are 30 per cent less likely to be contaminated with pesticides than their conventional counterparts, although they were not necessarily 100 per cent free of pesticides.

They also found children on organic diets had lower levels of pesticides in their urine, compared to those on conventional diets

Tthey did find organic chicken and pork appeared to reduce exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Steve Murphy

I don't even need to read the author to know this opinionated piece is penned by Lewis (fukushima was triumph of engineering) Page

"That's not too surprising as organic grub is a huge money-spinning business, turning over $24.4bn in the US last year, and money like that tends to lead to a lot of ropey science and analysis"

Same is true about studies promoting agro chemicals such as growth hormones.

Lewis, stick to what you know.

Oz has to go nuclear, says Adelaide U scientist

Steve Murphy

Fukushima-style catastrophe


How much land is inaccessible, how many people have been displaced and for how long?

Oh, any how many people died because of the efforts diverted from the tsunami to dealing with a badly managed industry where safety came second to profit?

Popular FTP package download tarball poisoned

Steve Murphy

Check against???

"The string on the same page (which has therefore by definition been compromised)?"

The signature needs signing by a trusted key which was not compromised - that is kind of the point.

MoD plans 'name and shame' crackdown on crap projects

Steve Murphy


Sorry, forgot, private is always better.

Super-injunctions 'unfair' cos of Twitter gossip, says Cameron

Steve Murphy

Cameron's priorities

So, Cameron knows a bit of celebrity tittle tattle but when asked about Ken Clarke's rape comments he replied that did not hear the show. Nice to see his priorities

Radio 4 bumped off Freeview by Gaelic TV

Steve Murphy


Why do you compare the cost per view against the licence feed then later state that the channel is majority funded by the Scottish Government?

Fukushima fearmongers are stealing our Jetsons future

Steve Murphy

Josef Oehnen : Some minor details turned out to be mistaken,

The whole point of the Oehnen blog was to suggest the nuclear reactors are massively over engineered with so many levels of containment that there would no be a radioactive release outside of the fence and it would not be a another Chernobyl.

Now we have Lewis telling us that is is safe to take a bath in radioactive isotopes and Chernobyl was not that bad.

The plant is still leaking, TEPCO are unable to read radiation monitors and the system is not under control.

Fukushima scaremongers becoming increasingly desperate

Steve Murphy

Things that make me go hmmm.

Don't forget what has been written in the past, no radioactivity outside the fence, containment vessels not breached.

When Lewis is going on about the BS written by the media, he would do well to look back on the BS he has already written on this.

TEPCO still don't have the plant under control, they keep on finding radioactivity in places where it should not be, they are making massive errors in their measurements - unbelievable. But then TEPCO do not have a history of telling the truth - and Lewis has made his own history these last weeks.

Fukushima: Situation improving all the time

Steve Murphy

Armchair psychology now.

"Public health consequences also look to be nil based on reports thus far, apart from possible psychological problems from needless stress and panic."

So, along with not being a nuclear expert, Lewis is also doing armchair psychology. Please, don't ever to be a journalist though.

Lewis, why are you reporting that things are improving when you were reporting there was nothing wrong last week?

Fukushima situation as of Wednesday

Steve Murphy

"just because you disagree with them, kinda makes you sound like a shill"

Lewis is dishonest by omission, whether he is in the pay or not, look at this example of careful manipulation

"Edano stated this morning that efforts to get water into the pool are to begin shortly using pumps on the ground, an earlier plan to drop it from helicopters having been abandoned. Edano said it was important to add water gradually "as there are safety concerns" with dumping a large amount in at once."

Note, he does not mention the reason why first attempt to use the helicopters was abandoned - why does Lewis omit that.

Secondly, an worse, the next sentence is very deliberately places to suggest the first attempt was abandoned because of the concerns with dumping water.

So, it is not disagreeing, it is despising news manipulation, it is be dishonesty by omission. Lewis is not reporting news at all, he is promoting the nuclear agenda - paid or not it does not matter.

Fukushima reactor shell ruptured?

Steve Murphy

Jeez people, get a grip will you?

Most people are complaining about how this has been media managed, we had the Dr Oehmen piece spammed over the blogoshpere and Lewis "Triumph" "No breach" etc on here.

It is clearly an organised astroturf campaign - if Dr Oehman is real his reputation must be in doubt, I give how low his standards were to begin with that Lewis' reputation will be as damaged as Richard Littlejohn's reputation was last month.

The message from Lewis and Oehman was nuclear is safe, everything has been thought of and there is no problem - this has been shown to be a lie, nuclear, like every other industry will try to do as little as possible, there multiple layers or protection are the absolute minimum - there does need to be a review (or are you against questioning the industry). Astroturfing is dishonest and it is not very clever getting caught.

Your own post is full of BS, nobody is stopping them getting on with their jobs of attempting to control the situation other than when high levels of radiation in the control room (only one and on site - no backup) so why did you even suggest that was the case.

I think you should shut up until this is over rather than attempting to control the news agenda with messages that will look ridiculous the next day.

Fukushima update: No chance cooling fuel can breach vessels

Steve Murphy

How long before the cooling becomes non critical

According to the nuclear lobby, a couple of days, so Sunday just gone.

Steve Murphy

The nuclear lobby on the back foot.

You think Lewis know's something, he was guessing in his original article that all way well, if is not.

Just watch the nuclear lobby in this.

Before the accident, it was that there are layers of safety, even in the event of an earthquake there are safety systems in place, loss of cooling could not happen.

Then we had the earthquake and tsunami - predicatble events - it turns out the generators we build at ground level because there was a wall to defend them against a tsunami - so much for layer upon layer of safetly.

So, they wheel out Dr Oarmen, his dad worked in the nuclear industry - a fake blog post from his 'relative' and instructions for this to be copied far and wide, similar sounding twitter posts. Anyway, Dr Oermen told us that the container would not be breached and escaping radioactivity would be gone in seconds, nothing to worry about. This will not be another Chernobyl.

So, today the containment is breached, radioactivity is detected in Tokyo - so much for the safely outside the fence.

Now we have Lewis posting how Chernobyl was no big deal there were only 63 deaths, by implication, no other health effects - retards posting about the black death.

So, what is Lewis preparing us for? Chernobyl not that bad and radioactivity harmless, make a daily dose on of your five a day.

It would have been best to shut up rather than prematurely claim a triumph.

Steve Murphy

Chernobyl "not that serious."

Really? I guess when you only include provable deaths and ignore all the other health problems.

Steve Murphy

"Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now!"

"Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now!" said Lewis Page yesterday.

He even posted a link to a blog to the supposed writings of Dr Oehman - not the original one of course as the comments on their discredit it but a copy. Dr Oehman's Dad worked in the Nuclear industry, he himself works in "supply chain management"

I wonder what Lewis Page's credentials are - is he employed by the nucelar lobby?

In other news Japan's nuclear crisis has been upgraded to number six on the INES scale of nuclear accidents.

Greenland ice loss rates 'one-third' of what was thought

Steve Murphy
Dead Vulture

You expect unbiased reporting from here?

Don't forget this is the register. Unqualified "journalists" regurgitating press releases, litter the article with their climate change denial.

The irony is, while trying to deny climate change, they are reporting an article that states it is happening.

The register need its own section on badscience - though it may well just link back to the original site.

Cutbacks strip speed cameras from Blighty's roads

Steve Murphy

Are you sure?

" I caused one once (that's one out of 20 years of driving), but I was under the speed limit so claims that speed cameras would have prevented it are tosh)"

Statistically significant proof there, stop the debate.

"so I don't find myself in the wrong lane with a bunch of angry people beeping at me."

Are you really sure you've only caused on?

Beer icon, because you drive better after a couple no doubt.

Steve Murphy


Oh a statistic I cannot remember, but lets make up a number, make it small, call it 5%, can't search on google as this would disprove it.

Try 30%

Pint glass for you too.

Steve Murphy

"regression to the mean"

Has Jeremey Clarkson posted this argument on his blog and all you sheeple have come here posting the same phrase.

Laid-off public sector techies better get flexible to survive

Steve Murphy
Dead Vulture


What, you are suggesting this article is a recycled press release and not the hard work of a journalist? At the Register! Surely not

Antarctic glacier melt maybe 'not due to climate change'

Steve Murphy
Thumb Down

"No more funding"

Oh, there is plenty of funding available for climate change deniers. Not that the truth matters to you guys, repeat a lie enough etc...

Steve Murphy


Is this the Sun newspaper? Should an article really loose all credibility in the first sentence with the author essentially admiring he is not versed in science and a regurgitating a press release.

BA.com titsup

Steve Murphy


Love their headline : "ba.com instability and flight disruption due to fog"

Dole bludger fined for BNP leak

Steve Murphy

@Double failure

Your point?

Olympics loses tech provider

Steve Murphy


Shame on you, I expected a Olympic moaning post to be first

British drivers face jail for causing death by dangerous driving

Steve Murphy
Paris Hilton


So cyclists cannot complain about the poor drivers because one cyclist does something wrong.

By that logic, you should STFU and get your own house in order - you are a human being and so is Mugabe, so sort out inflation first.

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