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NASA taps Unisys for flight sim mission

Andrew Norris
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The truth is in there

But if they took it open source, people would start asking why there is a flying saucer simulation module. And with budget cuts, NASA only has one guy in a black suit to take care of that sort of stuff.

Double-clicking patent takes on world

Andrew Norris

Pay up

The patent of the single click would mean double clickers have to pay double. Plus the patent of hitting a key to get a response would require payola. Sadly I am sure these patents really exist.

PARIS concocts commemorative cocktail

Andrew Norris

The Plane in Spain..

Or maybe the "Rightstuff" 'cos when you have one, you are rightly stuffed.

DDoS attack, sex warrant won't stop Assange's leaky discharge

Andrew Norris
Paris Hilton

Palin, Paris: Pot, Kettle

Perhaps we can get a Palin picture to complement the Paris one? Or even a new paper airplane?!

Paper Airplane Launched in Near-earth-orbit maybe?

Fruitcake profs demand strict curbs on killer robots

Andrew Norris

Missing Fruitcake!

Where was Captain Cyborg? Surely Kevin Warwick would warrant an invite. Unless of course he was taking the killer robot's side....

X-51 hypersonic scramjet test: Flameout at Mach 5?

Andrew Norris


>>But even an artist should realize that something that flies at 50k-70k ft would be *above* the >>clouds, no?

Ah but it still has the booster attached in the picture so it is just at launch altitude.

Sam Mendes to helm new Jesus Phone ads

Andrew Norris

How about other directors?

Perhaps apple could start a series of adds from other directors/films?

Quentin Tarantino: "With this here iPhone, you can video chat and kill Nazis! "

Peter Jackson: "Thiss iPhone is my precious. Must get it back from nasty ATT hobbits"

El Reg to launch space paper plane

Andrew Norris


Check out he existing planes in Cleveland Airport: Should be good for ideas.


But to be authentically english you should have the tip soaked in ink, ala Molesworth's ink darts.

Mars rover sets sights on distant crater

Andrew Norris

2 years travel?

At 110 yards a day, I get a travel time of only 112 days. That is about 1/6 of a martian year. Now while the rover is indeed a government "worker" it can't be THAT slow..

NASA test rocket explodes

Andrew Norris

UK Space Agency..

Of course old Blighty has a proud space history...


And no, no one has ever answered the question: How are we going to reuse it?

But to be fair, the rocket was designed and built by ATK. NASA only paid to put two experiments on it. Of course, are not ATK the same people who make the polaris and other solid rocket nuke missles???!! Hmmm......

Brit carrier deals inked at last

Andrew Norris

No steam?

"Gas ships can't have catapult launch - lacking the necessary steam - so our carriers won't be able to launch regular carrier planes. "

I seem to recall that the US did not have any problem with catapults on the old diesel powered carriers: USS Kittyhawk for example. So why not with the gas turbine ships?