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Wolfram Alpha - a new kind of Fail


re: Euro sterling exchange

Tut Tut Vince - Less is more. Try and think a bit, no use trolling through all the google links when you can do it quickly - see below.

- try entering this - "euro sterling" - VOILA!

- or if you are too slow use this link - http://www37.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=+euros+sterling

- or just "euro" - and it will give it to you in your local currency and secondly in a number of other currencies WOW!!! And all I did was go minimalistic.

Problem is - everyone expect it to be a google-look-alike. Stop been a bunch of cliktards and read the introduction!

And once again - where does the register gets these journalist wannabee's?

The McNealy and Schwartz Sun legacy

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Mellor - you really gotta get out of the office sometimes and experience the real world man!!!

Again - as I have insinuated before but let me just say this - Chris you are an idiot.

IBM sells Intel and P-whatever in Mainframe, Linux or AIX flavours - try and sell that . In storage they have - Shark, DS, XIV etc. - the XIV and DS'es are direct competition. They have 100's of products which is competing internally and then they also have business units compeating internally for customer $.

HP sell Intel, Itanium with Windows, HP-UX, LINUX and some other OS'es which they still have not been able to kill. Storage they sell EVA, HDS-rebadged storage etc. They have the same problem with printers - Inkjet or Laser? Software - try OpenView for a confusing set of products.

EMC also had a blip - they bought VMWare - what a stroke of luck. They and HDS must be sleeping very badly if you look at the new storage comming from HP and Oracle-Sun. Everybody else will quickly pick up on those ideas and then they will be toast.

Ever been a buyer and had to talk to any sales an presales from SUN, IBM or HP? Oh I forgot - you are just a journalist and based on that article you are not a very good one. Having worked for two of the three mentioned companies and also having been on the buying side I am sorry to tell you - the little scenario you put forward can happen everyday in every sales opportunity with the mentioned companies. - IT IS NOTING NEW!!!

You really gotta get out of the office sometimes and experience the real world man!!!

Oracle reels in Sun Microsystems with $7.4bn buy


Be prepared to be assimilated ....

Why - easy - as usual with the Borg - after individuality has been stripped, and assimilation into the collective is complete, all extra parts will be ditched.

The Schwartz forthwith to be know as 4 of 2009.

RIP - it will be interesting to watch the assimilation though.

Sun begs IBM to come back and talk


usual Chris Mellor pony paper trash talk

Elreg get some decent reporter/editors PLEASE! Or you should go and beat up the idiot who wrote the header. This article and its header has no relevance.

Chris - repeating this based on rumours and conjunction does not make it any more true. It makes good copy in a pony paper though but detracts from the quality of ElReg's articles.

I had to laugh at the share price idiocy though - if IBM thought Sun was worth $9 a share then it is worth $9 a share. The problem is companies are judged on their market perceptions and niot their true value. Example google.

Massive Sun cuts planned as IBM focuses on software trio

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Massive people cuts - speculation. And then you say "This is of course assuming IBM's deal proceeds in the first place"? Maybe you should go and work for one of the UK Pony papers - they place these type of "let me suck my thumb and see what that produces" articles.

You start you article with a statement of fact "the fallout will be brutal.". And then you rapidly degenerate into would, likely, could type of wording?

IBM will buy Sun for two reasons only

- to take out the competition - the thing will pay for itself - Sun $13.880 billion turnover Fy2008 and cash and marketable securities of $3.3 billion. (actually Sun can buy itself at current share values - how screwed up is that!).

- and for its client base. It would leverage a slow move from Solaris based Sparc's to P6 monstrosities (and no IBM do not get (understand) the small server business anyway) and take the hp Itanic servers out of the equation and do Intel a huge favour.

Of course - IBM could go through the motions and then walk away without spending a cent - because Sun has lost the trust of its base - when the Sun management recons the company is dead - then it is per definition DEAD!

RIP Sun.

IBM 'in talks' to buy Sun Microsystems

Dead Vulture

Why??? Its the CUSTOMER base dummy!

Inspite of all the thing you mention the main reason would be to buy Sun's customer base and remove IBM's main UNIX competitor from the market and as a bonus, get hold of all the services opportunities on Sun kit which Sun was not able to monetize. Except for that they will probably slash and burn whatever Sun has to offer while cherry picking a few bits (can't think of any??) and write it off the rest in the normal loss of goodwill tax scam.

The Sun takeover of Storagetek was just that - for the customer base and teh tape technology - Storagetek had very little to offer except for rebadged stuff which Sun was selling anyway. And Sun bungled the customer base and as for the tape technology - well tape is so yesterday.

Hp tried to merge its two Unix lines after their Compac takeover and failed miserable, it chucked the Dec Alpha chip on that trash heap and lost any Alpha IP Compaq had. It did well out of the Proliants though.

IBM will probably do the same. It will be impossible to change direction on their P-series range chips, it would be stupid to create new competition by selling Sparc to Fujitsu. Solaris - they have AIX - which sucks but it is just an operating system and IBM is about the services - the technology is just a means to an end.

if this is true

- rest in peace Sun it will be boring when you are gone.

- Jonathan - I think you should buy that gondola and act out your fantasies - the ponytail would go fab with a gondoliers uniform - maybe you can steer that boat! And Opensource that!!

PS: Is it just me or does this once again proves that the share method of deciding a companies value pushes us further down aslippery slope - its all about the marketing, Stupid!!

Sun's Schwartz worries over 'economy, not future'


The article and its header are in direct oposition ...

Wow - as we came to expect - another well written article from TM:

2nd par - line 1 Schwartz blogs "Let me start by joining the chorus of those worried about the global economy."

Then he say "Which is all to say, I'm neither worried about the role information technology will play in the economy, nor am I worried about the relevance of Sun's offerings."

This in my book means he is worried about the economy (like everybody else) but he is not worried about technology’s role or the relevance of Sun’s offerings.

Times must be hard at El Reg - you probably had the body of the article and were looking for something to hang it off - and voila Jonathan says something which may have relevance as it included the words worried, future and economy. And then the header “Sun's Schwartz worries over 'economy, not future'”. So the header says he is and the article says he isn’t? Make up you mind!

Best of all you end with this gem - "Best I can figure, if you are not just a little bit worried about the future right now, you might just be dead. Or a politician or CEO that has to be a cheerleader. I am not holding pom-poms, and no one I know is either" Which part of his second paragraph did you get? Apparently in your version of this future he did not say he is joining the "chorus of those worried about the global economy."

Nice little brag you slipped in though - "Luckily, I know how to hunt and fish and farm if it comes to that, and my parents have lots of land in upstate New York".

Sun powers Niagara hypervisor update with IBM speed boast

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Re: IBMs medicine for IBM itself....

The good old bait and swicth selling technique - works like a charm - do the bechmark on a set of more expensive systems with some CPU's switched off connected to an unimplementable storage subsystem to optimize IO.

And then quote the benchmarks while selling a smaller, slower, lower spec system.

Vendors - got love them and the It descision makers and analysts who get caught with this time and again.

Fake server beats real server on Web test

Paris Hilton

Lies, damn lies and benchmarks

How many benchmarks get done for every one that actually is made public?

Deaddownsouth - thanks that is really amusing

- your "very heavy workloads" is some-one elses light workload. And a single VMware to get hardware abstraction with a cost of 20% overhead?

- You did know that VMWare is not the only product giving you "hardware abstraction"?

- Why would you need VM manageability if you have a single instance?

- Better DR - again your DR is somebody elses HA DR is more than just moving a VM-instance around.

- AAAARRGGGHHHH - why am I reacting to this ...

Paris because she also can believes marketing and has no idea of the bigger world out there.

Sun will Rock in 2009


Itanium sales forecasts ... still haven't got a clue do you MB?

matt - have a look at the following web site to remind yourself about the illustrious Itanium history - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IA-64 - this was Intel's expectations, largely driven by HP? Unfortunately it was late - really late and performance wise it is similar to its litle X64 brothers. You see a future for it? When it is late again!!! What are you smoking?

Google shares plummet past $300, reach three year low



Actually David - what are they selling? Adverts?

When is the last time you clicked on a google add?


The shares market is LA LA Land

Think back pre-dot.com crash - everybody was happy, holding hands, dancing in the sunlight holding hands and singing LA LA LA!!! And then the whole IT shares market collapsed - why - because there is ABSOLUTELY NO <self censored removal of swear words> relationship between the shares value of most companies and its real value - even if you add in murky things like intellectual capital.

So why did we all go down that line again - why is Google still at such a high share value? What makes them different from IBM, HP or shall I dare to say it Sun? Do they have any real patents, factories, products that you can buy? Is that a recipe for something to collapse in a flash? (<--- That is a question - I am not making any specific recommendations or insightful reasoning which should drive people/sheep to buy or sell ... anything.) Because we keep on believing the people who use our money to create up and down cycles in the market. and we with our built in sheep mentalities - and the mind spinners is using it to their best value.

Sun's not so cheap trick doesn't work

Dead Vulture

Matt and double speak

Sometimes Matt you show your complete lack of reasoning - ..Quote .. Ignoring that massive case of prior art, I think you'll find IBM were stung into copying Xen onto AIX to try and meet the hp-ux offerings of hardware partitioning, software partitioning, PRM and WLM which appeared YEARS before Slowaris finally got zones/containers.

- what are you saying - That HP invented hard partitions - to quote you - ...." Cough *mainframes* cough?

- In one sentence you start by comparing IBM and HP-rip-UX and then use that to prove a point with regards to Solaris? And very conveniently forgetting about Sun hard Partitions? LOL!

Question - do you HP supporters really believing that HP actually has a future roadmap for HP-UX? If not - one of the prorietary Linux distrubutions - as in RedHat, Suse, Ubuntu - is obviously a much better choice - or Bill's product of course.

Grave stone is for the demise of HP-UX - RIP - it was a great product when HP could still invent ...

Fujitsu and Sun arm juttejutsu server with quad-core processor


Great Scott

Some marketing drone who posts anonymously (or is it Matt?)

Sun has a gap in its product portfolio, they are positioning a new box to fill it, standard marketing practise. If anybody esle does it, it is business as normal.

Joda says - The Great Scott Amazing the influence still has ...

Mine is the jacket with the Sun Kool-Aid in the pocket.

Sun stuffs bigger kit in Backbox

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Matt - are you an IBM marketing droid? Or didn't Sun want to employ you in the recent past? You're Sun attacks are becoming boring - maybe you can do some work for a change and tell us who the leader in the (yawn) "containerised IT" market is.

@Anonymous Coward - are you Matt in drag?

Paris because she is al about marketing.

Sun and NetApp gain market share


Lol at the Sun Haters

Sun has 34% marketshare - B. Siddons try and read the article carefully again.

Sun has 35% market share - Mark Bryant - all vendors twist stats to fit their purpose - I had similar lines from other vendors - sometimes you should take of your antiSun glasses and give credit where it is due - at last (contrary to my expectations) the StorakeTek buy-out is paying some dividends.

And so we begin the tech sector's journey into the Heart of Darkness


Its all based on hot air ....

The Shares and the actual value of a company in the tech area have no relationship.

Sun was pre the crash worth an unbelievable amount of money based on what? Sparc and Solaris? Now they have an extended protfolio and they are in the penny stocks range. Google - what are they selling?

Analysts predicts what companies will do and then when they don't penalize them?

We have an oil price at $140 without any real delivery constraints or new wars, housing prices went nuts based on motgage lenders stupidity - why are we surprised.

Next big one - carbon trading - now at least we know that smoke is mostly hot air and carbon - so at least they are pretty open with that scam.

Sun and Fujitsu ride Unix boxes to four-core country


No more droids and Blue Koolaid.

Hmm - as far as memory serves me most of the Sun Marketing Droids got shot last week - there is nobody left to hold the conference and until they employ new droids and indoctrinate them there would no other conferences.

@John Anderson - really? IBM can do all of that??? Their boxes ship on time? They are binary compatible? They still give out free blue-Koolaid? You drank some of it?

... unless you were sarcastic?