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So, LOHAN: What's it to be?

the enemies of god

falling in with the crowd

well, since most seem to be ignoring the choices of the given selections, it would be rude of me to do otherwise, so i humbly submit three entirely new yet not nearly original and under no circumstances to be considered seriously entries:

1. for the sake of diplomacy, complacency, and stuffed-shirtedness:

Least Offensive Handle Available Nearby

2. for the interests of gentlemen of normal appetites and good taste:

Leer and Ogle Happily Alcoholizing Nymphette

3. and finally, for the pleasure of the mean-spirited who started drinking before i did:

Laugh Over Hardly Acting Naughtynaut

thank you.

El Reg to unleash rocket-powered spaceplane

the enemies of god


Leap Into Near Death Science, Absolutely Yay!

Low Orbit, Helium-Aided Nipples, er, Narwhal, er, Nipper ...


Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered

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sneaky global warming

i think the answer to this discrepancy becomes clear when you factor in the measurements i've been taking

for instance, in my back yard i'm sure i've been sweating at least 50 per cent more this year than last

so not only is global warming increasing, you see, but it's being very sneaky. hearing that we're on to it, it has changed its tactics and is now targeting much more specific locales for its devious assaults, like the area immediately around my house

clearly, then, we must change our strategy in combating this global warming fiend:

Al, please send me an extra air conditioner ....

yours truly, etc, "i'm hot" in texas

Apple's secret iPhone app blacklist

the enemies of god

apple isn't m$

unless the "app" they remove is the one that unlocks your iphone

(or the one in your tinfoil hat that keeps the voices at bay)

Mozilla dishes up teasers for concept browser

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Thumb Down

vapor and credit

is it just me or does this look like mozilla wants credit for whatever airy ideas they can have a pr firm conjure up in a series of videos, without doing any work themselves whatsoever, and with the possibility of absorbing any capital-attracting ideas that come up in the yet-to-be-released ones?

"surfacing"? perhaps that's a new word for what we used to mean by "shining"

Mozilla insists Firefox 3.1 won't hit bum note for developers

the enemies of god

version numbers and attitude

that the new version breaks OS X 10.3.9 but not 10.4 is indicative, i think. it says something about the mindset of the developers and project managers for this particular group as opposed to other open source projects, say the Linux kernel and quite a bit of linux open software ....

there is something antithetic to the idea of open source when the developer community doesn't work to keep the software up for its user base, and *not* do like the commercial vendors generally do, break it for a lot of people who stood up for it to begin with

it smells like betrayal, and it feels like betrayal, too

the enemies of god

Opera supports OS X 10.3.9

if ff 3.1 picks back up my OS i'll try it again, but without it it's Opera for me. (tho for those of you who don't own the latest and greatest and were wondering which developers gave a damn about you, the latest SeaMonkey also works, it's just slower than Opera ...)