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Microsoft ends real-time video kerfuffle


Dumb and obvious patent

This patent fails the 'obvious to those skilled in the art' test. Try reading it. Basically it is a simple client - server structure with packet data aggregation. It is worded very awkwardly to try to obfuscate what they are patenting.. I can even think of a 1975 training system for the Air Force which would serve as an example of prior art. This system was converted from T1 dedicated link to Ethernet in the late 1980s.

There are other examples where the server is 'nominated' and state vectors are returned for the aggregated global system state may also be 1985's Sun Workstation's Mazewar, and some of the early Xwindows games like xtank. SGIs interactive 3-D tank game and flight game might also fit under this too (though I would have to go through their source code to see if it is distributed or if a 'server' gets nominated from the first two players entering the game).

I suspect that Microsoft showed them some prior art and threatened to have the patents invalidated. Paltalk caved and Microsoft paid them a small fee to have them keep quiet. This way the patent still 'stands' and can be used to attempt to block the Open Software movement, or at least slow them down.

-Science guy since I have been in this business for a very long time.. and my grey hairs agree with me. If there was a mafia guy.. I would probably use him instead because I know where many of the bones are buried and who may have prior art on patents - the result of being an old timer.

Cisco settles open source case


Re: Businesses Beware


It is abuse a GNU, go to jail...

Linux risks netbooks defeat to Microsoft


Inaccurate statements

The statement:

"From a general operating system perspective - there's still a lot of packages to download"

Is flat wrong.

I have Fedora Core 5 installed on my Dell M60.

GIMP - free photoshop like image editor - included.

Firefox - Explorer equiv - included.

C++ compiler/debugger - included.

OpenOffice - included.

**This is not the complete list of what is included. Just do a custom install and select everything to find out.

With Windows, I would have had to buy and install the OS, followed by Photoshop, Visual Studio, MS Office. With FC5, it was all in one distro.

On a side note: The power management on FC5 seems to work better than the power management on Windows when running battery only. My notebook's battery lasted longer on a flight when I was running FC5 than windows.

I think the "Anonymous Coward" at the first posting slot, is correctly stating the real reason. It doesn't cost anything additional for the vendors to supply a notebook with Linux.. unless Microsoft is requiring all have Windows installed as part of their 'bargain'.

Green-loving California may dodge utility bill bullet


Please check your facts

Humm. from my last bill here in Kalifornia...:

2008 renewable power mix: 8%

2007 renewable power mix 10%

2008 large hydroelectric 5%

2007 large hydroelectric 24%

2008 Natural Gas 58%

2007 Natural Gas 31%

2008 Coal 10%

2007 Coal 32%

2008 Nuclear 19%

2007 Nuclear 3%.

just using a rough summary,

2008 fossil fuel power generation 68%

2007 fossil fuel power generation 63%

yep.. rapidly making headway against fossil fuel usage here in good old Kalifornia!!

** To combat Greenhouse, they are shifting to Natural Gas from Coal... So what is really going to happen to rates?

-- a flame for the fossils burning..


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