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El Reg in email address blunder

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Could this explain the 722 emails currently residing in my inbox?

What contact details does a Barrister require?

How long's a piece of string?

Who am I?

ISS and Atlantis crews face 'daunting' box-shifting job

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A Solution.

Just give it all a "little push" in the direction of the big blue thing.

Burns up on re entry.

Problem,what problem?

My consultation fees are waived for this contribution to common sense.

FBI serves 40 search warrants in Anonymous crackdown

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Coke -check.

loic -ch


Interpol issues arrest notice for Wikileaks' Julian Assange

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So your sister's THAT good eh?

The Ozzytake on things.


Block McKinnon extradition, MPs tell UK Home Secretary

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Whose Shoes?

Can't remember where I found this apologies in advance,it just seems so relevant.

Before you gloat too hard, consider this little example...

Consider for this example that you are a US Citizen, used to your freedom of speech. You are also a neo-nazi white supremacist.

You get involved in a flame war with some European, and lay down your opinions - you threaten to kill him, and in a nice long internet rant, you lay it all out - and deny that the Holocaust happened.

He complains to the authorities, and all hell breaks loose. You have CNN at the door for making death threats.

You probably committed an offence in the US by making a death threat, but the local police will know that it wasn't a credible threat, and you would get at most a slap on the wrist.

So that's it over, right? Oops. The server hosting that forum was located in Austria, and over there it's a criminal offence to deny the holocaust - in fact, it's a criminal offence that carries jail time.

So, the Austrian government asks for you to be extradited, to face charges in a foreign country, for commiting a crim *IN* another country that you have never visited.

You were sat behind your keyboard in the US the whole time...

So what would you expect to happen?

Would you expect the US courts and Government to roll over and play dead? would you think for one second that you would end up on a plane to Austria to face years in Jail?

Of course not. you would expect that you would be tried for any crime you committed in the US, by a court of US citizens.

Gary McKinnon has exactly the same right to justice by a trial of His Peers, under UK law, in a UK court. For what it's worth, I believe that he is guilty - of a crime under UK law.

What is happening here is a complete violation of his rights as a UK citizen, and in the absence of a government with the spine to actually defend it's citizens, I don't blame McKinnon in the slightest for concocting any old story to try to stay in his home country.

3-tonne robot flying saucer offered to world's militaries

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Build yer own!

Scare the **** out of yer fav p.i.n.


Alien...you want me to what?

Feminist org declines nude calendar cash

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So can I take it that the butch army would rather be 90,shrunken and withered....

Or look like Ms Jolie?

Thought so.

Silly mares.

Ma McKinnon plans musical extradition protest

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"Wish We'd Never Started This, yeehah!"

He's been tried by the media....throw it out and tell the yunks to f*** off.

Constructive eh?



Put the beer down and your righteous selves in his position.



Or show merkin justice the finger.

Your choice BITCH.


Burn Baby.....

Yes, there was a viable liquid bomb plot

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Just one small problem.

They didn't have passports...

Can you board a transatlantic plane without one?

Only 'unlawful threats' would invalidate McKinnon extradition

marc bolan

Good 'Ol usa...like hell.

"And what exactly did the US do to cause WWI? Oh, wait! We didn't have a damn thing to do with it".

I'll tell you shall I?

The Rockerfeller Institute, and the bush family, funded the war machines on both sides throughout WW11.

Doesn't anyone ever fucking wonder how a country like Germany, after the mess of WW1, could assemble an army capable of taking on most of Europe and Asia.

Wake up people, and get the KY out, your yankee "brothers" have a present for you...

Unpatched Windows PCs own3d in less than four minutes

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Dead Vulture

'fraid not chaps

I noticed how much slower my pc[the one I'm typing on now]was after installation of all of the Microsoft updates, and that seemed somewhat counter productive. So...

I decided to run a little experiment.

I reinstalled windoz, went to the update site and installed everything I reasonably considered neccessary BUT made a point of NOT installing anything with "security" and /or "critical" in it's description.

The experiment continues.

I like the ladies.hahahaha

I also visit sites which deal with controversial subjects.

I go where the hell I want on the net.

I run zonealarm free firewall.

About every couple of weeks do an online scan and occasionally d/l a free antivirus, update it and run a full scan.THEN UNINSTALL.NO "WATCHERS".

Now not to piss on Bill's bonfire but....whats a virus again?

Have none.

Have had NONE. AT ALL.

Security my bottom.

"Update"........ experiment has now been running for over a year,and will continue.

Security my arse.

The vulture = the death of common sense.

Now ya'all have a nice day now.

Report fingers prints as ID scheme's point of failure

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Well I've got no objection to having my fingerprints taken, I just hope that some nasty person doesn't clone them and then spread them far and wide, such as to every gov dept, lamp post, and police station for example,[by registered post, for security you see, ] 'cos that would make them unreliable methinks.And please god not on the internet either.

Wouldn't it be awful if that happened, no use in a court of law, seeing as how they're in the public domain, and of course "unhelpful" wrt id card thingys.

Now I DO NOT BELIEVE that Gordy or Dave would use that as an excuse to implant a chippy thingy in my bottom 'cos, as any electronics bod will tell you, semiconductors are extremely sensitive to certain types of radiation and that would require me to walk around in a tinfoil catsuit[and hat][and mask][you get the idea].

I think I'd also be inclined to avoid ignition systems like the plague as well 'cos, well, you never know,high voltage radio transmitters and all that.

Hope this convinces all you doubters and thingys.Have a nice day now.