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US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet

Mark C
Paris Hilton

Shame on you

This could be a mature woman that has little or no experience on a PC and just wants to get back into education - an admirable cause in my book. The fact that it called a Technical College is irrelevant as she may be doing a course in the humanities.

So she's not aware that PCs can have Windows/Linux/Mac OS. This is not surprising as there are still many people that do not use computers very often and Linux is barely mainstream, if at all.

It just goes to show how narrow-minded so called 'educated' people are.

Paris..she wouldn't know one Linux distro from another either.

Dog off the menu at Olympic restaurants

Mark C

Forget about dogs...

F*ck the dogs, we should pressure them to stop eating shark fin soup as a sign of their wealth / status.

Many shark species close to, or already collapsing with 100 Million killed each year.

Please ask your local Chinese restaurant to take shark fin soup off the menu.



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