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Ballmer and Gates defend Vista, drop Windows 7 hints

IT Angle

"Zomg if u like Vista u must be a fanboi!"

I was an ex-XP fanboy who always weas the first to cry "VIsta is worthless waahhaaa" and then a few months back I decided to try VIsta and haven't looked back since, I really like it. Everything works smoothly, the OS never bogs down for me like XP did, and with UAC and indexing turned off it's a great experience. XP is history now in my eyes, albeit an important piece of history.

LG KF700 slider phone


Reg don't do research into pricing...

They just take the quickest bog-standard MSRP they can find and publish it as though it reflects reality.

HTC’s Diamond iPhone rival unwrapped

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What a joke...

Reasons why for me this is a definate fail:

-4GB internal memory, NO additional SD expansion slot. They think 4GB is enough for a new flagship model? Are they serious? The iPhone has 8GB, double the capacity, how they can only give 4GB and no room for expansion is beyond me. This instantly makes it next to useless as a serious media player.

-No 3.5mm jack. No excuse for this nowadays, and make it useless as an MP3 player imo. I don't care adapters, it's a huge oversight and unforgivable in any modern device.

So yeah... despite a decent touchscreen and GPS functionality this is a complete no-go for me. It's a castrated device with one major shortcoming: the memory, and a minor but not insignificant shortcoming, the 3.5mm jack.

Also the lack of a decent on-screen keyboard a-la iPhone in Windows is a major drawback to any PDA phone without a QWERTY keyboard imo.

I'll wait for iPhone v2, the new HTC Raphael, or the Xperia X1 methinks.

Four 1TB hard drives on test



Well in future Leo may I reccommend using the following UK stores to price-check on hardware...





...you will thus then be pretty much assured of finding the pretty much the lowest realistic price of anything hardware-related between those four stores, as each have their strengths and weaknesses for different products. Bookmark 'em!


I also think you've missed the point that numerous other professional reviews have cottoned onto with the WD GP though and that is that performance isn't THAT bad considering it will be used only as a storage drive in 9/10 cases (pun noted, but not intended), and even as a silent and cool HTPC drive it will be fine for streaming and recording and anything else you want to do with it. The drive was never meant to be a performance monster... it was only ever meant to provide the lowest energy consumption and noise/vibration possible at a competetive price-point, that is its' sole reason for existing, and it does the job admirably. It won't be used for boot, shutdown, intensive server work... anything of the sort... and for it to be this efficient is a very nice step in the right direction for a HD manufacturer to take. WD will be bringing out a new 1TB monster based on their new 320GB platter technology soon (basically like the Samsung F1's) anyway so we will then see an uber-performing drive that will stay up there with the big boys.

All the best,



Real-world pricing of these drives and other comments...

Hi Reg,

It would be nice if you made the effort to actually gauge the real-world pricing of these drives before publishing your review.

You state the Samsung is the most expensive of these drives yet it is in realtity the cheapest, costing just £119inc at Savastore.com! In contrast the cheapest price for the Seagate is around £138inc, and likewise for the Western Digital GP. The Hitachi is still around £150inc. Thus this spins the conclusion that the Samsung is the performance monster but seriously hampered by pricing on its head, and effectively changes your review.

Also, mentioning the various warranties would have been nice.

A bit of attention to details like this would really help with your reviews as it really doesn't take much effort to get the info.

Microsoft cuts Vista price



"Considering that as long as you don't install the overated Service Pack 1 you can still use a *cough* cracked version..."

Yes you can... i'm running an er... 'legimitate' copy of SP1, fully activated. ;)

YouTube biker clocked at 189mph


Re: Andy

Reckless also has no "W" in it. Wreckless would be an area of sea without a sunken ship.

With regards to the biker, everyone knows that going over the speed limit instantly kills several children in a 3 mile radius, he should be executed.

Microsoft set to milk mobile Messenger mavens?

Gates Horns


... remind me again why it's becoming increasingly popular? I just can't for the life of me think why...

Hilton to go down for 23 days


I can't begin to express my disgust...

...at how a woman with a complete disregard for the law, a woman who has driven dangerously on camera, and been caught drink-driving no less than two times, gets off scot-free like this, and even worse has the bare-faced cheek to lobby a petition trying to get her off the hook, calling her conviction "malicious and unecessary"! A "normal" person would get their license revoked at the very least as well as spending time in the joint, but Paris gets her sentence cut in half for "good behaviour"? It is an insult not only to the people who get convicted of drink-driving, but also to the families of those who have lost loved ones to it.

Another example of the disgraceful state of U.S. law, and the preferential treatment it gives those with power and money. As bad as this sounds, I do hope she drink drives again, and I do hope she has a real accident as a result. I don't think anything less will get through to her.

As you can tell i'm severely disgusted.

eBay profits jump 52 per cent


How ironic...

...that for a company that is without a doubt one of the biggest in the business, and only then because of the people that choose to use it's services, that the quality and level of customer support is negligible and verging on the scandalous. I find it amazing how no regulatory bodies have seen fit to investigate this site for the sheer volume of complaints it receives for non-existent customer service.

But who cares... they're only making obscene profits off of our backs, right?