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MS DNS patch snuffs net connection for ZoneAlarm users

Eric Earl

Partial resolution

Ladies and Gents

Here in the SE USA I too was bitten by the bug.


Desktop PC through wireless router to DOCSIS modem allowed me full access to email but very short (2 to 3 mins only) access to the WWW.

This PC had Zone Alarm Free edition installed.

Wireless Laptop had no issues at all but did not have Zone Alarm installed nor do I think that updates have been allowed for a couple of weeks.

I de-installed Zone Alarm and still had the same problem,

I de-installed KB951748 and all is back to normal.

I am going to sit back for a spell and wait until the collective suppliers of (Patches/software et al:) fix the issue at which time I will re-install Zone Alarm. I have been very happy with ZA for a couple of years now so indeed want it back on my system and soon.

Thanks all for the heads up.

Incidently, could not find any instance of KB951748 having been installed when I opened Control panel Add/Remove even though "Show Updates" was checked. I had to do a search for the patch then manually de-install it.

G. Earl// Atlanta Georgia USA