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Parliament misled over Climategate report, says MP

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These people aren't scientists though...

These people are mediaeval alchemists, and they are attempting to turn a (mind boggling) buck for the sake of their paymasters in (world) government.

Global warming has been happening for the last couple of hundred years, and the "climate" has "changed" throughout the history of the planet, but this exercise is nothing to do with the weather.

It's all about control and coercion.

Summary Care Records project lives

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Human Rights? A political con...

As I have commented before, people just do not understand the con-trick that is "human rights".

We are all born free.... Nobody has granted us any rights, but our parent/s teach us according to their own sense, that which is right and that which is wrong. When we are adults, the law determines what is wrong... We essentially know when our deeds are wrong anyway, life has been like this for eons.

Then, one day along come some very clever politicians, who manage to sell us all the concept of a document which lists all of the things that should be our right.... Did you see what they did there? Anyway... Now we have a convention on human rights, and politicians and their mates the bureaucrats/quangocrats can do what they please to us... as long as it doesn't appear on this list of "rights", (And even then, the ECHR and it's little brother the Treaty of Lisbon, have opt out clauses)!! For instance, everyone has a "right to life"... unless a government decides for some reason to remove that "right".

{Art 2. Right to Life


1. Everyone has the right to life.

2. No one shall be condemned to the death penalty, or executed.

Legal Explanations

1. Paragraph 1 of this Article is based on the first sentence of Article 2(1) of the ECHR, which reads as follows:

1. 'Everyone’s right to life shall be protected by law …'

2. The second sentence of the provision, which referred to the death penalty, was superseded by the entry into force of Article 1 of Protocol No 6 to the ECHR, which reads as follows:

‘The death penalty shall be abolished. No-one shall be condemned to such penalty or executed’.

Article 2(2) of the Charter is based on that provision.

3. The provisions of Article 2 of the Charter correspond to those of the above Articles of the ECHR and its Protocol. They have the same meaning and the same scope, in accordance with Article 53(3) of the Charter. Therefore, the ‘negative’ definitions appearing in the ECHR must be regarded as also forming part of the Charter:

a) Article 2(2) of the ECHR:

‘Deprivation of life shall not be regarded as inflicted in contravention of this Article when it results from the use of force which is no more than absolutely necessary:

in defence of any person from lawful violence;

in order to effect a lawful arrest or to prevent the escape of a person lawfully detained;

in action lawfully taken for the purpose of quelling a riot or insurrection.’

b) Article 2 of the Protocol No 6 to the ECHR:

‘A State may make provision in its law for the death penalty in respect of acts committed in time of war or of imminent threat of war; such a penalty shall be applied only in the instances laid down in the law and in accordance with its provisions…’. }

The politicians have managed a 100% reversal of our traditional rights, whereas we used to have a list of the things that are not acceptable (and consequently everything else was), we now have a list of the things that are acceptable (and what is left unsaid are all the things that we cannot do)... The cynic might consider these to be the things that government/bureaucracy has not yet managed to derive a revenue stream from.

As Johnny Rotten once said.... Ha ha... You've all been conned.

UK's secret surveillance regime 'does not breach human rights'

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Human Rights? Societal Wrongs!

This case admirably demonstrates why WE DON"T NEED HUMAN RIGHTS!

Before we had a European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), every individual was born free, the only people that had to be kept informed of their limits were governing politicians and civil servants. An individual, was subject first to his parent's rules and then as an adult, to the rules of the state, these rules describe the things that as a member of a household/society, you may not do; everything else was legal.

Then along came some very clever politicians (socialists, fascists and control freaks in general) who thought it would be a good idea to reverse the above situation. So we have now morphed from a society which has Magna Carta (which describes the limits of government) to a society with an ECHR (which describes the limits of human freedom), basically it is a list of the very limited number of things that we are allowed to do. This has been the case since around 1948, but it has just been reinforced, as it is enshrined within the Lisbon Putsch.

All the time that the Tories were in opposition, they had a policy of repealing our adoption of ECHR... This was actually the usual mealy-mouthed Tory crap, but along with a referendum on the Lisbon Putsch (which was also abandoned), it might have had some legs in what should be the universal quest by us (the hoi-polloi) to retrieve our real rights, which is the right to do anything we like except what is expressly proscribed by the state.

Of course as the CON-servatives always do, they have reneged on everything immediately, only they didn't even win the election, they have had to invent a majority and then devise a new rule (here comes Godwin!) to maintain a hypothetical majority, just like Hitler's "Enabling Act".

Anyone who thought that Gordon Brown was bad has not seen anything yet, this new bloke is dangerous...

Dangerous Dave!

The myth of Britain's manufacturing decline

Stephen Jenner

He might be a member of UKIP but he is still talking bollocks for a living.

As a supporter of UKIP, I am becoming increasingly annoyed by the hijack of our brand of conservatism, by Tories. What UKIP want, is a low tax and independent nation which governs itself (the people govern!)... it is called direct democracy.

The real waste in our nation is that caused by government, they take most of our money in taxes, and then they spend it on shit that NOBODY wants.

The other night on Question Time, Ruth Lea a prominent Tory "economist" was attempting to justify the closure (aka "mothballing') of the Corus steel plant in Middlesborough. This plant is making the sort of high quality, technically superior product that Worstall talks about here, it can't keep up with the potential orders, and yet, Corus are opening a plant in the Netherlands, with a massive subsidy from the EU. Apparently, it is more "green" to chuck 3600 workers onto the scrapheap and then invest our taxes in Dutch building and steel workers, whilst throwing a few titbits to our 3600 highly skilled and newly unemployed workers.

It really is very simple, in the early days of the industrial revolution, we made EVERYTHING, then the others learned how to make stuff which levelled the world playing field a bit. Then gradually, as government became more invasive and more efficient at stealing our money, we put ourselves at the bottom of the manufacturing league, as others have pointed out here, we make doodly-fucking-squat in this country, and most of this decline has happened whilst the Tories have been in the driving seat. Add to this the idea, that the socialists have that rather than undoing Tory failure, they should take EVEN more of our money to spend on their hopeless schemes, and we are definitely doomed.

So your comment "It looks like we won't have to worry about UKIP for several millenia." though clever, is probably the reverse of what is actually good. We need a government that will take its nose out of our business and its hands out of our pockets. The only political party in this country that is proposing LESS government is the UKIP. Unfortunately, there has been a mini hijack in progress recently, disaffected Tories have been joining and instead of playing UKIP style, they are attempting to create a new Tory party. It is not only about what government steals from the people, it is what it does with the cash that it has stolen too.

More problems for Apple's top desktop

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27" iMac?

Three weeks ago, 23/12/09 I had a home built PC, with an Intel Motherboard and Pentium 3.2 CPU. I put Windows XP Pro onto a WD Digital Raptor and my data onto two half terabyte Caviars. I had 512mb on an AllinOne ATI card and I had a CardDeluxe soundcard. I had been using this for four years, an incredibly good machine.... And then boom! my Zalman power supply blew up and took the Raptor with it.

So on the 23/12/2009, I walked into my local Apple store and I bought the dual core 27" iMac, off the shelf.

I have absolutely no problems, it is brilliant. No flickering, no cracks, no waiting, no loud fans. I have forgotten Windows completely. As "His Jobsness" used to nearly say, "It (nearly) just works". I am sure he would agree that NOTHING IS PERFECT (and I am talking glossy screens here), so 9.5 out of 10.

McKinnon: The longest ever game of pass the parcel

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Remember the Lisbon Treaty!

"Conservative leader and PM in waiting (if opinion polls are to be believed) David Cameron has publicly backed McKinnon."

So that is OK then, following a cast-iron guarantee from "Dave", McKinnon is perfectly safe, just like our referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

With "Dave's" kind of reliability record, it wouldn't surprise me if McKinnon isn't marched onto a military plane and off to the USA in chains the day after the election. Dave will say something like, "we have to move on, the material facts have changed, we have to deal with the situation as it is now," etc. etc.

Italians take the 'p' to fight back against Big Brother

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revolution is needed...

You said it yourself , while we still can we should vote for one of the minority parties; preferably UKIP.

Revolution would be put down very quickly, but just at the moment, the weak spot for the totalitarian police state that is rapidly being built, is that votes STILL count... for now anyway!

I take your point about being fixed on one issue, but that is not true, it is what the media would like you to think. The media makes a point of ensuring that everybody knows that the BNP is racist, they also like to persuade people that they are somehow "right wing", the truth is that they are "old Labour" with a shovel full of racism thrown in, their target audience is the white working class.

On the other hand is the UKIP... they're the ones who are obsessed with the EU aren't they, they've got a toff who fiddles his expenses running them... haven't they?

Well no actually... They are a right-wing leaning party of (small c) conservatives, classical liberals and libertarians... very few of them read the Daily Mail. The EU thing is the first step because it is, but it is in no way an obsession. It requires a one line act of Parliament to deal with... the repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act. Then we get on with the business of destroying the police state.

If anything, their obsession, is removing power from the state and ensuring that it is placed in the hands of Joe Bloggs, with the tools of direct democracy attached, to ensure that no assumptions by the political elite can ever be made again.

Gov net disconnections could breach EU law

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Confused Commentators

Yes... Brown is a total wan*er and so is his government, and next year the voters that gave him his power, will take it away.

I would like to see them perform the same trick with the EU!

Oh, has anyone here actually read the Lisbon Putsch?

McKinnon’s mum 'snubbed' by Home Secretary

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Jason Bloomberg Posted Wednesday 11th November 2009 18:02 GMT

"Could it be that New Labour have sold our sovereignty to the US of A ?"

No... Our government is already paying the equivalent of £40 million per day and rising, for the European Commission to take it off our hands!

Intel to EU watchdogs: 'It's AMD's fault'

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So the bribery hasn't worked then!

Intel have interfered in the politics of Ireland, they have invested several hundred thousand euro's into the "Yes" campaign in the somewhat anti-democratic second vote on the Lisbon Putsch (treaty?). Usually in a democracy, the majority wins, in the EU, a second vote is required if the "people" vote the "wrong" way.

So, what next?

Turkey is nice I believe, and not in the EU yet.

Conservative US shock-jock to sue Wacky Jacqui

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Corporeal Presence

Just been listening to this bloke interviewing Christopher Monckton. Seems pretty balanced to me...


Anyway, the point is, I can hear him and probably if I looked around a bit more I could see video of him. If he were to actually physically come to this country, I would not get a chance to meet him, I am a nobody!!

So, what is the point of this action by the lovely Waqui? Perhaps she just want to inflict her corporeal presence on me by getting her lardy image on the telly.

By the way, there seems to be a divergence between the US and the UK over the meaning of the words, conservative and liberal. In the UK conservatism and liberalism are very similar, the main difference being that conservatives believe in hang 'em and flog 'em, and liberals don't (and I am not talking about the LibDums here, they are social democrats).

Also, I didn't notice that scion of good behaviour, Robert Mugabe on Waqui's list; perhaps he is one of the unmentionables.

UK.gov denies 'Google tax' plan

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More European Commission Bollocks.

This is the normal way for introducing new EU directives or regulations here.

Step one, a newspaper or broadcast tells us that something dreadful is about to happen; the government denies any possibility that this could ever happen here.

Step two, the government and opposition tell us that if it does become law, it will not change or alter our traditional "rights", but anyway our government are doing everything they can to ameliorate the impact of said new regulation/directive. Meanwhile they are busy drafting a white paper that gold plates and unnecessarily complicates the crap anyway.

Step three, the real opposition (this opposition is not that group of wankers that sits opposite Mr. Bean in the commons) realises that "what could never happen here" is actually about to happen, and panics.

Step four, the government points out that it is our own fault, we had plenty of time to debate and reject the new legislation, and it is too late now.

NB; if you do not believe that this rumour emanates from the EU, see here:


Under this legislation (which was debated in the EP yesterday 6th May), splitting the internet into different chargeable "services" becomes a reality. So a google tax is definitely possible/probable sometime soon.

Yesterday the EP delayed the process that they laughingly refer to as voting (ie seven hundred waving hands) at a rate of several hundred votes per voting session. Exactly why, I do not know, but this bollocks is coming to a computer near you and it is coming soon.

Even if the European Parliament was capable of stopping the never ending stream of crap that emanates from the unelected/antidemocratic European Commission, which it isn't, the EC would find another way of doing whatever they wanted. For a very serious example of this, witness the Lisbon Putsch, which is the final take over and dissolution of the nations of Europe and the creation of a nationalist Europe. Despite votes by the French, Dutch and Irish to halt this "treaty" most of it has already been invoked.

Farmers furious at EU's sheep-chip scheme

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@Cris Page:

“today the sheep tomorrow the sheeple who voted these cretins into positions of power”

FYI… Nobody voted for the European Commission “cretins”, they just created themselves and told everyone they were real and important. The reality of course, is that they are unproductive Pooters, and it is about time that people realised that the only way to get rid of them is for all of us to vote for a party that will leave the European Union immediately.

There is only one party that will do this…

The UK Independence Party.

Brussels to sue UK over Phorm failures

Stephen Jenner

What's good for the goose...

Many commenters seem to think that the EC is the good guy here...

What they are really saying though is that the EU wants the monopoly on data retention and mining of ALL users browsing and online comms. Under the EU Data Retention Directive 2006, the EU obliges the UK to collect this data for their client, the UK government, to do whatever it wants with. The UK government is merely privatising this practise. The UK government and the EU are already sticking their big nose in where it is NOT wanted, the only difference being that the EU is not getting a cut from Phorm's activities, The UK government will tax Phorm's profits, so the EU is either going to make sure it is stopped, or at least get a piece of the pie.

This is normal practise for the EU, it issues a directive or regulation, and when the UK government enacts it (plus the usual gold-plating), the EC comes flying in to make sure that it looks like the saviour of ordinary folk, as opposed to the anti-democratic beast that initiated the whole process in the first place.

Pirate, because that is what the EU/EC/UK government is.

The mobile phone as self-inflicted surveillance

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We need to change the way we govern ourselves!

The real question is… Who gets the most benefit from this technology?

Do we really need to communicate with our contacts instantly? The answer of course is that we did not have mobile technology at all (apart from braces wearing city folk) until the mid 1990’s and we survived very well for thousands of years before this. So the benefit is at best, marginal.

However, because the “authorities” are hell-bent on continuous surveillance and ordinary folk are becoming irritated by the emergence of the police state, we need to find a solution, and just switching these devices off is rather Luddite and won't work anyway, because they will think of something else. When the Romanians had finally had enough of Ceauşescu, it was because he had been working against the interests of the people that he had been ruling and no guns, police or armies can stop a determined people from overthrowing or modifying the behaviour of government.

In a so-called “democratic” country, we have the concession of being able to vote for a new form of government (not so easy in a personality led dictatorship), so we need to create a political party that is prepared to change the way we do things and then vote for them, en-masse.

A good model, though not perfect, is the form of government that is operated in Switzerland. This form of government is maintained by a system called “direct-democracy”. Here, the people control the government, and power rises bottom-up from the lowest common denominator, which is the individual. It must work, because they have been using it peacefully for more than 700 years, and everyone (in their mainly Germanic way) seems to be reasonably happy.

The top-tier of government still acts in an arbitrary manner at times, but the people smack them down with a vote (not of no confidence) but NO, you can’t do this creepy thing (whatever it is), and they go away and think of something else. There are so many benefits to this form of government, that it beats me, why we have not got it in more places, after all, there are far more reasonable folk about than there are "Millipede or Blears" types. The central government is a permanent coalition of conservatives, socialists and greens, and they rarely take a step too far. The people have stopped the government from joining the EU or creating a standing army on many occasions, because they know that they like their boring, peaceful lives, and what is more, the Swiss are the most prosperous people on the earth, and yet, apart from snow, they have no natural resources.

One more thing, this form of government is cheap, most taxes in Switzerland are raised for the benefit of people (they have one of the most comprehensive welfare systems on earth), not for the benefit of government, the central government is actually part time, they only meet four times a year, the rest of the time they do “proper jobs”, and this effect can be seen right down to street (commune) level.

What we need, is a political party that has never operated the normal levers of power that is willing to introduce this form of direct democracy. Step forward, the UK Independence Party, it is already in every manifesto that they have produced, and it is why the powers in this country go to great efforts to smear them with labels, like racist, or far right (fascist!) and try to compare them to BNP at every opportunity. They are nothing of the kind, they are ordinary folk, some traditional liberals and conservatives, and some socialists and hang ‘em and flog ‘em types, and they are all focussed on a couple of things, getting out of the EU, the precursor to freedom, and then changing the way we govern our newly re-acquired nation.

MPs battle to save great British pub

Stephen Jenner

Got a problem, get the government to sort it out!

The problem with pubs is that ordinary people socialise there... And we can't have that, can we?

Honestly, it doesn't bear thinking about, it was MP's that caused this situation by continuous meddling and one thing is for sure, further meddling is only going to make it worse for the customers (remember them?).

Tories fear legal dodge over comms überdatabase

Stephen Jenner

Banging on about Europe.

There go the Tories again... Banging on about Europe... When is Cameron going to get control of his party?

Ofcom gets puffed out over wind turbines

Stephen Jenner

Tongue... Meet Cheek.

Wind farms are VITAL if we are to meet our power generation needs for the future... We need to replace Drax, and our government has a cunning plan to build 7000 offshore wind turbines (one per day until Drax shuts down) sadly this is not possible and is not being done either, the tools are not available. Even then, the wind does not blow all of the time, so a "conventional" power station will need to be kept on standby to step in at these times.

I've just had a mad idea, why don't we just build the conventional power station and forget about the 7000 useless wind turbines, with the money saved we could build another dozen "conventional" plants and sell electricity to the French.

Remember, even microwave systems won't work if we don't have the power and without the wind turbines we won't have to concern ourselves with cigars.

As far as "renewables" go, we live on an island with the second highest tides on the globe, so tidal power would make more sense.

Lights out, Britons told - we're running out of power

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Old News

Christopher Booker has been writing about this in the Sunday Telegraph, Private Eye, and in his books for at least ten years now.

Please do not expect wind power to come to our aid either... every kilo-watt of wind power has to be backed by some form of "conventionally generated" reserve power to cover the 73% of the time when the wind does not blow.

If the lights are to stay on, we need new nuclear and coal fired power stations and a hefty supply of "bought-in" energy from the continent.

Just like all of the previous labour governments here, this one is ending in complete disaster.

Instead of hoodwinking the public into thinking that wind power, plus conservation in the form of low energy devices would be sufficient, they should have been continuing Margaret Thatcher's policy of building nuclear plants, which was what her famous "green speech" was all about. We should also have been applying major research into tidal power, the one force of nature that we can guarantee.

It is not completely mad to actually accuse government in this country of criminal behaviour either, because they are fully aware that wind power is/was never going to solve our energy needs, and yet it has willfully rigged the market to encourage the construction of these abortions in our landscape. It has provided the wind generators with all sorts of financial incentives (all paid for by us) in order to enrich themselves and their cronies.

Minister trashes ex-spook chief's liberty warning

Stephen Jenner

"Socialism" needs a police state to operate.

"and wrong to suggest we have somehow stumbled towards a police state"...

We didn't stumble, it has been deliberate.

As Churchill once said...

"No Socialist Government conducting the entire life and industry of the country could afford to allow free, sharp, or violently-worded expressions of public discontent. They would have to fall back on some form of Gestapo...Socialist policy is abhorrent to British ideas of freedom...there can be no doubt that socialism is inseparably interwoven with totalitarianism."

US intelligence predicts EU 'hobbled giant' by 2025

Stephen Jenner

And now for news from Eurasia...

The NOW (New World Order) mob are at it again…

They are predicting that if The EU, China, Russia and India do not merge with the USA to create the NOW… “We are all doomed Captain Mainwaring… doomed”. The powers that be, have such tiny ape-like minds that they believe that their form of “intelligence” is somehow superior to that of ordinary folk; consequently they have been milking this “tyranny of the majority” form of democracy, for all it is worth, and perhaps what this US “intelligence” organisation sees, is that the people of the EU may increasingly be seeing that it is a piece of crap.

This is just a symptom of what happens to all imperialist empires, and the USA is no exception, they will become ever more belligerent, and will continue to attempt to “democratise” the world. The USA version of democracy, also shared by the EU government, is to get everyone to vote on a regular basis, but simultaneously ensure that the vote is completely meaningless.

The EU is having trouble with this at the moment, they have until recently been of the view that sham democracy is vital to the future of Europe, but with the recent referendums in France and The Netherlands have realised that it merely retards the onset of the NOW.. They thought they had overcome this by producing the Lisbon document, which superficially says that every sperm (human right) is sacred, however when one scratches just below the surface, one finds the EU version of the NOW lurking. Then, along comes little Ireland and exercises a bit of democracy, and the powers that be, realise that even the smallest sliver of genuine democracy has to be removed from the EU. The EU council of ministers is frantically working now to eliminate this threat ever rearing its ugly head again. We don’t yet know how they are going to attempt to hoodwink the Paddy’s, but they going to attempt it soon, they see that getting their own way is vital to protect their own unproductive existence.

They have been successfully ignoring people’s votes in the other large national blocs for centuries, so no problem there.

The ONLY place where democracy is taken seriously is Switzerland, where people of all racial, religious and demographic backgrounds live peacefully side by side, and quietly control their federal government, whilst at the same time being the richest per capita in the world, even though they have nothing more than ice and rocks for natural resources. What is more, they have been doing this for more than 700 years.

For the USA and EU, this is a horrific prospect and a model which has to be downplayed at every opportunity (they are all mad… they are really boring etc. etc.), imagine the prospect of the president of the EU or USA, driving his/her own car, having to do a proper job for most of the year because the pay for being a part-time president is not enough to live on, at least to the standard which befits their lofty status, of not having any bodyguards, or horror upon horror… being told what to do by the voters!

So basically this document is just the usual shit from an ironically named organisation of a type that exists in all the large power blocs, an “intelligence” think tank ha-ha… ha-ha-ha- ha- ha…

Ha – ha – ha – bloody - ha.

The real truth is that the future of mankind lies in the smallest possible demos (perhaps a few hundred) co-operating peacefully with its neighbours, and one achieves this, by only passing up competences that cannot be managed at this smallest level. The most important competences that are not passed up, at any cost, are the ability to change the voting system, and the ability to make war.

MacBook buyers bite Apple over copy protection cock-up

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A recent convert... converts back.

I bought a MBP (early 2008 model), not bad, all in all.

However, the more I read about the company's philosophy, the less likely I am to buy another Apple product.

This latest piece of crap being just the latest example.

Roll on something decent for the desktop, that actually works and does not seek to enslave it's user.

Nissan to debut anti-prang tech next week

Stephen Jenner

Nissan equipped with the latest tech...

I am sorry Dave... I can't do that...

Stephen Jenner

Nissan equipped with the latest tech...





Fines all round! EU blames everybody for illegal employment

Stephen Jenner

Tribute to Peter Simple.

The EU is a solution in search of a problem. Whatever the question, the answer is always more EU.

It would be better to apply sanctions to the EC, than to pay any regard to their banal wittering. If the recent financial turmoil has anything to teach us, it is surely that, politicians’ and their bureaucratic grease monkeys have absolutely no concept of business or markets. There really is, no point to their existence.

As Dr. Kiosk used to say (at every opportunity)… “We are all guilty”. We are guilty because we let them get away with it. However as Kiosk also used to say, “There is light at the end of the tunnel”, this is because more and more people except apparently our politicians (who seem to have a totally different agenda to the rest of us) are waking up to this reality, and hopefully they will be voting accordingly at elections everywhere across the EU member states.

Ireland has already voted “NO” to further integration into the EU “project” (along with France and the Netherlands who were completely ignored) and next year there will be elections for the toothless EU parliament and maybe (just maybe), the people’s vote will be used as a great big NO to further integration, since the remaining 24 member states, have so far been ignored on this subject.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and I think that they have sat at the table and gorged for fifty years too long. As the recession begins to bite, it should not take much of a leap of the imagination for us to realise that we have to cut costs or starve, and one of the best places to start would be to ignore (and then remove) the supranational layer of useless government and regulation that is currently known as the EU.

Jolly Roger, because this is the most appropriate flag for the EU.

Revealed: How the Beano de-menaced Dennis

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A matter of commercial expediency.

Viz does and always has gone out of its way to be as non PC as is possible, the net result... success.

Surely it makes sense for society to ignore the crap government that we seem to have had in this country since WW2 and just get on with laughing at British humour.

Women, mother's in law, wives, men, blacks, whites, Jews, Muslims etc. etc. are all perfect targets.

I think I just mentioned the war... but it's ok, I think I got away with it!

UK launches major road signage review

Stephen Jenner

Wrong side of the road.

What a great idea, we do not, currently have enough road signs, and it should be noted that they are not "harmonized" with those of the EU.

Last point, while we are at it, we should put the signs on the right hand side of the road, in preparation for a phased move to comply with the European Union standard.

Ofcom considers termination charges

Stephen Jenner

It is just a coincidence that...

the EU and Ofcom are looking at termination fees at the same time?

I think not!

One ring to rule them all, one ring to bind them...

George Orwell joins blogging fray

Stephen Jenner

The most interesting places in our cyberworld....

are where there are journo's raising subjects, and commentators responding to both the original thread, and other commentator's comments, if you are still following (I'm not).

It is an absolutely brilliant wheeze for "The Orwell Trust" to start a thread by this pre-internet blogger, he was not only very talented (quality of writing), but actually had something to say about the human condition.

Perhaps a corner of the Register could be devoted to publishing the musings of some of the more interesting philosophers and writers from the past that did not have an internet. I am thinking of characters ranging among Mohandas Ghandi, Leo Tolstoy, Robert Anton-Wilson, John Ruskin, Bob Dylan, Bugs Bunny etc. etc.

As it is, we hear far too much from "professional politicians" and the various other parasites that infest our world.

Sumerians cracked world's oldest joke

Stephen Jenner

What do you call...

a fly with no wings?

A walk.

Trousers Brown Counterpoint: Is Gordon right?

Stephen Jenner

Notes from a conservative libertarian hippy.

Without doubt, the biggest energy drain is that caused by bureaucracy and government; much of our effort is spent satisfying the various departments that everything we do is above board and legal (according to their ever increasing portfolio of shit laws!).

Add to the above, the fact that they start ALL of the wars, and build ALL of the useless weapons; as the author suggested, the most effective weapon is the low-tech Kalashnikov, and I would add that a chainsaw is pretty dangerous too. Against the might of the American empire (which I actually support, even though they are specialists at muddled thinking (intelligent design anyone?)), the Afghanis and the Iraqis seem to be holding their own.

Ergo, get rid of Mr. Bean and all of his unproductive mates and we will be able to bath in spare energy. These morons can keep their subsidised wind energy, their nuclear energy, their wars, their weapons and their taxes, and go and boil their bottoms. If by some miracle, we managed to sideline these cretinous pygmies, we would probably only need to work for about one or two days a week, and be able to spend some of our new found spare time, growing non-intensive crops at home.

Notes: The Adam Smith Institute have stated that our overall tax burden is at least 75% of our effort, I think it is more (nearer 95%), because as I suggested above, we expend much of our energy on satisfying the government that everything we do is kosher. The Joseph Rowntree Trust has pointed out that since the Attlee government, (which was really the start of ideological and energy sapping government), the whole basis of their existence has been a waste of effort; the gap between those that are relatively rich, and those that are relatively poor has widened significantly.

Geldof backs Davis 'For Freedom' by-election

Stephen Jenner

A man of huge character.

If David Davis is prepared to put his ministerial career on the line, it demonstrates that he has a spine.

Effectively, he has called a local referendum on whether his constituents support this anti-terrorism legislation.

Unless it has changed, the majority of the "hang-em-and-floggem" press supports Brown's 42 days sh*te, so he has taken a big risk.

Now... Imagine a situation where one hundred plus Conservative and Labour MP's resigned and put themselves up for re-election over the lack of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty?

Asus readies iMac attack with all-in-one Eee

Stephen Jenner

iMac... one too many all-in-one.

Why Acer wants to emulate a naff idea like an iMac beats me.

Personally, as an Apple user, I would like to see Apple produce a conventional, tower or desktop shaped box, with standard components inside, but well built like the Mac Pro. This, along with their superb design ethic and OS, at the iMac price point (either end), would be a PC killer.

Davis faces North Korean victory margin in civil liberty vote

Stephen Jenner

UKIP are liberals.... NOT fascists!

@Nick Palmer

“..given that they were among the odious cortège of opportunists filing in to beg scraps from the New Labour table in exchange for supporting the 42 day travesty.”

I suggest you get your facts right before you spout your ignorant witterings. Bob Spink who voted with Labour on the 42 days caper is not an elected UKIP MP (they don’t have any yet), he is a right-wing Tory who has found safe harbour within UKIP, I suspect his vote was more to do with a wish to vote against his old party than anything else. UKIP is treated with disdain by the other parties, because it stands for liberalism and independence and as such, any bribes being offered by Labour would not be on the table for UKIP.

I hope that David Davis wins, and wins big, in the forthcoming by-election, which as far as I know will not be contested by UKIP, since they agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Davis. I hope, (but do not expect) Mr. Davis to widen his civil liberties argument so that it encompasses the Treaty of Lisbon and the predictable reaction of its bigwigs at the EC and the Labour government, to the Irish referendum. Ireland was the only EU member state to have a public vote, who despite the machinations of their own government, when asked, voted overwhelmingly against it, (that is 33 constituencies voted no and 9 voted yes (one of those came out yes by a majority of only 4 votes)). DeValera, the old leader of Ireland and the originator of the Irish constitution knew a thing or two, when he added the clause about the rights of Irishmen to have a referendum when their new constitution and Irish independence was under threat. I wonder whether he foresaw that Ireland’s own government would be the biggest threat to this independence.

@Richard Gadsden

“Both our fascist parties are opposed to 42 days detention and neither of them will be standing against David Davies.”

Your point is essentially correct, UKIP will not be standing in this by-election, in fact Godfrey Bloom MEP and other UKIP supporters will be campaigning for David Davis.

However your suggestion, that UKIP is fascist, could hardly be further from the truth, they are conservative libertarians. The fascists in this country are those that knowingly and wholeheartedly support the EU, which is by definition, anti-democratic and fascist.


“As for the UKIP, they were the real Conservative party, favouring free markets, grammar schools, and all that good stuff as well as independence from the EU. However, their only MP at Westminster, Bob Spink, voted with the government in support of 42 days' detention.”

Bob Spink is a free man and he voted with a clear conscience the way he voted, but he did not have the support of the vast majority of the membership of UKIP (which is bigger than the membership of the Conservative or Labour party’s), with this action.

UKIP policy, (see their manifestos) is not to invade foreign countries or to support the incarceration of citizens (suspected terrorists or not) without sufficient evidence. They are famously against the traditional European (Napoleonic) legal system of corpus juris. This is where a suspect is detained for six or more months whilst the government “gathers” evidence, which effectively puts the “42 days” into the puny category; instead they support the traditional British system of habeas corpus, where the onus is on the state to produce the evidence to a court more or less immediately. This is a consequence of Magna Carta, where King John was imprisoning everyone and anyone on a whim.

As a point of interest, once the Treaty of Lisbon, that Labour support, is law, corpus juris will become the de-facto system of law in the UK, and we will laugh at the day when we argued about the coward Brown and his “42 days”.

Apple's Snow Leopard to cut the bloat from Mac OS X

Stephen Jenner

@jason • Tuesday 10th June 2008 17:17 GMT

Absolutely correct, but we are not going to see this, all the time we keep bashing away at unix variants, its text based concept is inefficient, and this is BEFORE one line of code is written.

I believe that something is in the pipeline, but we will have to wait a little longer. Until then, I suppose the best thing is to stick to whatever bloat we are used to.

9/11 an inside job, says Irish pop folkster

Stephen Jenner

Vote "NO"!

My tuppence worth… Whether the conspiracy theories about what happened on 11/9 are true or not is pretty much irrelevant here, because it has already happened and you can’t turn back the clock.

The Lisbon treaty, on the other hand, is a very real conspiracy yet to be effected.

The conspirators (most European politicians and Journos), are very pissed off that the Irish are holding up the show by having something known as a referendum, which is a sort of democratic thingy.

This is the total antithesis of what the Eurocracy wants to see, and if the Irish vote “no”, they will have to go back to the drawing board to find some other way of sliding their “post democratic era” crap under the door.

As for Jim Corr, I don’t know him, but I would say he has been duped into talking bollocks by an interviewer, who is obviously pro-EU. After all, it’s not difficult to loosen a non politician’s tongue, if you know which buttons to press, and popsters are not known for being the brightest of sparks… are they?

BBC's Today Programme shutters message board

Stephen Jenner

The BNP is Left Wing....

Writing as a right winger, I wish to point out to the author that the BNP is NOT right wing. It is very much; a party of the left, the policies of this party are largely an extreme version of left wing, socialist ideas... In fact their heroes are remembered for having the word "socialist" in the title.

People that vote for this party, are nearly all, disgruntled Labour supporters. They believe in big oppressive, nanny state government, which is quite the opposite of the right, which are libertarian, liberal and want the government to leave them alone, we don't want to know, we don't want nationalised industries or "services", neither do we want to get involved in foreign wars or nationalist ideals. We don't want ID cards, or to pick on foreigners in our midst, although right wingers are known for wanting controlled immigration, which is something quite different, and nothing to do with controlled emigration, as practised by NAZI’s, ZANU, and espoused by BNP.

The traditional battles between BNP and the ANL of the 1980's or The NAZI's and the communists of the 1930's were merely factional fights, one bunch of leftists fighting with another, Hitler was a member of the communist party before he formed the NAZI party, Mosely was a member of the Labour party before he formed the BUF.

The parties of the right in this country are indeed a rarefied thing, since the Conservative party has been hijacked by the left, but there are a few remaining right thinkers there, for a list see:


Another right wing party would be the UKIP, and there are many right wing organisations, like the Libertarian Alliance and various "think tanks". We are indeed a fractional lot, freedom comes in many flavours.

From the good ole USA I would identify Ron Paul as a right winger.

Please excuse my pedantry, but I just thought I would keep you informed.

US Congress questions legality of Phorm and the Phormettes

Stephen Jenner

The difference is due to the British experience.

I suspect that people and the press in the USA are currently not making much fuss about the “Phorm” type tactics, because they, (unlike us Brits) have not previously been subjected to ten years of the police state.

Our government has progressively introduced more and more of the instruments of surveillance, usually on the basis of "our safety". Many people, said and still do, something along the lines of "I have nothing to hide, so why should it concern me", when they introduced SEESEETEEVEE, ANPR, DNA, and the burgeoning EU inspired (and UK government gold-plated) ID card initiative etc. etc., but sooner or later, as in NAZI Germany and communist eastern Europe, EVERYONE has something to hide.

I signed up to Virgin's cable services, and promptly left them (three days later!), when I read in “The Register” of their plans to get into bed with Phorm, which is a great pity, because they seem to have the monopoly on high-speed internet connection. I took the view that a clunky ADSL connection that is not subject to download limits, traffic shaping and Phorm tactics, is not only preferable, it is a statement that I am not going to support an unholy alliance between the forces of big business and big government.

I urge any current user of BT, Virgin, Talk-Talk and any other similarly minded ISP to do likewise.

Information Commissioner: Phorm must be opt-in only

Stephen Jenner

There will be a reason why customers will WANT to opt in.

I don't like Adobe Flash adverts rolling or snaking across my display, when I am trying to read The Register. So I look at Flash configuration and discover, that I can opt in, or opt out....

So I opted out....

Great , no silly, irritating ads.

Also, some time later.... I discover... no Youtube either, so I have to opt back in.

You see what I am getting at, if ISP/Phorm REALLY WANT you to opt in, they will find a way.

The only way to really protect yourself from this sort of crap is to use an ISP that doesn't get into bed with the likes of Phorm.... I like Zen.

Stopblair.eu tries to halt Tony's march on Brussels

Stephen Jenner

Sorry.. many typos... plus

I cannot remember voting for Barosso..... he emerged, like a slug from the dark recesses beneath a stone.

Do you think it will be any different in the case of Blair?

BTW: the only national political party in the UK that is unequivocal about withdrawal from the EU and the institution of Swiss-style democracy in the UK is the NON-RACIST, NON-SECTARIAN, UKIP..... Fortunately they are run by a bunch of amateurs that just have a sense of outrage about these things, they all come from non-political background (which makes them reasonably honest) and they all come from different viewpoints to unite around the main point. Amongst their prominent members are former card-carrying members of the Socialist Workers party, the original Liberal party (not LibDums), Labour and Conservative parties; none, apart from Roger Knapman (a former Conservative party whip) have ever been active career politicians in their former lives.

So, for anyone that is outraged at the total lack of democracy that is espoused by the so-called main political parties, I suggest that at the next general election, we deprive these parties of a vote and instead chuck your vote at UKIP (the fourth biggest national party)..... it's that, or the full implementation of an Orwellian nightmare scenario.

One further thing, if anyone is pinning their hopes on the Conservative party at the next (and probably last) UK general election, it is worth noting that one of the only honest members of the Conservative party has just been thrown out of the EPP (the EP version of the Conservative party), for daring to suggest that the cynical overriding of EP rules, was akin to the enablement act that took place in the Reichstag during Hitler's rise to power. This was where parliamentary dissent was abolished in order to make his stranglehold seem unanimous.

For an IT angle, see


this film about software patents and how the EC operates in regard to democracy.

Stephen Jenner


I cannot remember voting for Barosso..... he emerged, like a slug from the dark recesses beneath a stone.

Do you think it will be any different in the case of Blair?

BTW: the only national political party in the UK that is unequivocal about withdrawal from the EU and the institution of Swiss-style democracy in the UK is the NON-RACIST, NON-SECTARIAN, UKIP..... Fortunately they are run by a bunch of amateurs that just have a sense of outrage about these things, they all come from non-political backgrounds (which makes them reasonably honest) and they all come from different viewpoints to unite around the main point. Amongst their prominent members are former card-carrying members of the Socialist Workers party, the original Liberal party (not LibDums), Labour and Conservative parties; none, apart from Roger Knapman (a former Conservative party whip) have ever been active career politicians in their former lives.

So, for anyone that is outraged at the total lack of democracy that is espoused by the so-called main political parties, I suggest that at the next general election, we deprive these parties of a vote and instead chuck your vote at UKIP (the fourth biggest national party)..... it's that, or the full implematation of an Orwellian nightmare scenario.

One further thing, if anyone is pinning their hopes on the Conservative party at the next (and probably last) UK general election, it is worth noting that one of the only honest members of the Conservative party has just been thrown out of the EPP (the EP version of the Conservative party), for daring to suggest that the cynical overriding of EP rules, was akin to the enanablement act that took place in the Reichstag during Hitler's rise to power. This was where parliamentary dissent was abolished in order to make his stranglehold seem unanimous.

Stephen Jenner

Blair... Ideal placeman.


By nickj

Posted Friday 8th February 2008 12:28 GMT

Don't vote for him.”

Simple indeed, whoever heard of a vote by EU plebs for anything that has any teeth, even the EUphiles understand that, hence their campaign.

Sorry if I have repeated what others have written here, but the point is that democracy is NOT the name of the game. Incidentally, I predicted this push for power by the shape-shifter Blair, before he resigned as UK PM, in several of my blogs in the Daily Telegraph. This being the case, Blair is the ideal candidate for “EU president”, he will do and say, anything that the faceless dictatorship that is the European Commission wants him to.

By the way, I am no “little Englander”; in my view the UK government (what is left of it) is/was less democratic than the EU. However, since the EU is by design, “anti-democratic”, that is not saying much.

The real choice is between fascism (EU/UK etc.), and democracy, as applied and practised in Switzerland. The trouble is, the only organic life-forms that have any say in the matter are the money-grabbing fascists that are our European politicians and bureaucrats, (I say organic life-forms because to describe a politician as human, somewhat over-eggs the pudding), and we know what they want... they want to line their pockets.

Clarkson's 'steal my ID' stunt backfires

Stephen Jenner

Analogue v Digital?

I have always thought that as a general rule, any retained data, by any agency, especially government, should be analogue. If some daft or dishonest clerk loses, or gives away a document that he is entrusted with, the potential for damage is far more limited than if the same document had been stored digitally.

I remember an organisation called the "Economic League" years ago, who understood this distinction. Their business was to collect and share information (for a fee) about senior executives amongst prospective employers. For good or ill, under the original data protection act, they were exempt from declaring this information, because they kept their records on a rolodex, not a computer.

So, if one agrees with such a thing as the NHS in its current form (I do not), we should resist the digitalisation of our medical information.

Likewise we should resist the introduction of digitalised ID cards, passports and voting systems.

On the other hand, if the banks were playing an honest game, and they wanted to continue to deal with money electronically, for their and their customers benefit, they should also continue to offer guarantees against fraud, (after all we pay for it anyway). The introduction of chip and pin, if anyone remembers, was accompanied by a modification of the rules in the banks’ favour, they would no longer honour their guarantee to the retailer or the customer if there was no digital signature, we all know that this is not secure, but it is genuinely convenient for us and profitable for the banks and retailers.

I do not know whether this was the case with Jeremy Clarkson, (no digital OR analogue signature) but by highlighting this, he has done us all a favour, albeit unwittingly, hasn’t he?

The problem is that government by nature, is always dogmatic, just because there might be an advantage for citizen and government in storing some information digitally, it does not mean that it is ok to store ALL information in this way. Essentially, we should resist “modern” “joined-up” electronic government at every turn, until we know what the ramifications are for digitalised storage of a particular form of personal information.

UK gov sets rules for hacker tool ban

Stephen Jenner


I understand what you are saying, but as I see it, the Swiss have got the government that they want, up to a point, they seem to want Blocher, he led his party to a massive victory in their last general election. The thing is, if he tried to institute laws that the citizens did not support, they could knock them back.

Remember that the vast majority of Swiss people are of Germanic descent, so they have got a German government at confederate level. As for Blocher, he was removed by inter party warfare, so he may well be back sometime soon.

I don’t get what you are saying about being a foreigner, surely, if you are a foreigner or a guest, you just play the game, if you stay for fifteen years, you can apply for citizenship, and cease to be a foreigner?

Anyway, the main point about Swiss democracy, is that it works from the bottom up, unlike any other system in the world, and given that scenario, it is not long before stupid legislation gets repealed.

Stephen Jenner

@kissingthecarpet and others

The problem is not the politicians, or the parties. The problem is the system that they perpetuate in order to butter their swollen egos.

Remember, you only take up politics when you realise you have no other talent, other than lying beautifully, and some of them can't even do that. They are just about the only employees that ritually ignore their employers.

What we need to do is to modify the system that politicians euphemistically call democracy, so that politicians are reduced to a purely functional role. The system exists and is fairly successfully used in Switzerland, it is called direct democracy. The system works by employing two powerful tools, known as referendum and popular initiative.

The trouble is that under our present system, we would have to depend on a political party that has a realistic chance of being the governing party to pass the necessary legislation.... like turkey's voting for Christmas really!

Instead, they would rather spend our money interfering in everyone else's business, and always getting it wrong.


US Army loads up on Apples for 'better security'

Stephen Jenner

Keep It Simple Stupid!

It seems to me that there are two problems with security on “modern” operating systems.

• The complexity of the system.

• The erection of a “brick wall” as the main deterrent and defence.

Taking a brief look at the major modern systems that are available, one can conclude that the most complex systems are the various flavours of Windows. Each version becomes more complex. Is it any wonder that take-up for Vista is so slow? I suspect that the biggest problem for its manufacturers was that even they do not know what happens inside their OS, which leads to the sort of problems presented by Vista, for example, very late delivery of a half-written product, a cack-handed approach to security (i.e. ask the user before any operation is carried out), and virtually all of the promised new features dropped from the specification. A reasonable half-way house for Windows users is XP, which though full of holes and the same complexity, is the devil you know, it has reached a sort of maturity.

The other systems in general use are all unix type systems. These have many benefits, regarding security, and as a previous contributor suggested, the best one has to be the simplest one. His suggestion, particularly in the way he is using it, is Open BSD, being used as a firewall. If you examine the nature of Open BSD, it is a system that is totally user configurable, and you only load what you want. Therefore, it is relatively simple for a code oriented user to protect the machine from external attack.

Even the most complex unix system, probably Darwin/Aqua, is a lot easier to understand and protect than a Windows system. You can be pretty sure that even if 98% of its user base hasn’t got the faintest idea of what is going on in there, Apple has, and it is in their commercial interest to keep it that way.

So what we have are two main methodologies, unix which relies on simplicity, (this is not genuine simplicity, but simplicity relative to its main competitor, Windows), and Windows which relies on the erection of a defensive wall.

The problem with a defensive wall is that once a programmer with malign intent is over, under or around the wall, fuck knows what will happen and there is no one around to help, ‘cos even the manufacturers do not have the foggiest.

So, in conclusion, the safest system is probably the simplest one, that is configured by the company techie or the keen amateur. He/she should never rely on a brick wall as a defence, and he should in the words of the erstwhile president of the USA…. KISS – Keep it simple stupid.

Of course the best alternative is for someone, somewhere to produce a very simple binary based system (NOT text based as in unix and Windows), generated with the leanest code (assembler), one that is simple to configure by the average user, one that is designed from the ground up, to be penetrable. Let’s face it, if you can see someone nosing around you can hit them in the goolies, before they do any damage.

Watch this space!

MEPs slate EU's terror assault on our data rights

Stephen Jenner


Whilst you have arrived at the right conclusion, try to find a politcal party that supports less government surveillance. Actually there is one, it is called the UKIP, but the last time I mentioned this, some ignorant anonymous bastard wrote this:

"The reason not so many people vote for UKIP is because they come across as hateful fucking bigots, by and large, one step short of BNP in a sharp suit."

I say ignorant, because this person has done exactly what I said (which is very common), and judged them on what the tory press and the socialist BBC says about them, and lumped them in with the hateful and racist BNP.

Incidentally, the UKIP had a clause in their 2005 manifesto that would enable the UK to have referendums on any subject, at the instigation of the public. The other parties grudgingly agreed to have one on that recipe for war, the EU nottaconstitution, and then reneged!

So who are the "hateful fucking bigots" in "sharp suits" now?

'Swiss DMCA' fears overblown, says copyright authority

Stephen Jenner

Direct Democracy in Action.

So nice to witness true democracy in action, if Florian Bösch can get his 50,000 signatures he can force a vote across Switzerland, and that would demonstrate whether the new law is too draconian or not.

Public says no to ID cards, No2ID says 'starve the beast!'

Stephen Jenner
Paris Hilton

ID cards: just more of the same old, same old!

Anonymous said, “Vote for the party that has a policy of not having an ID card scheme”, as far as I know, in this country there is only one party that has that in a manifesto, and that is the UKIP. They also have a flat tax rate for central government funding and a local sales tax for local government funding. They are planning to introduce local direct democracy, and education based on ability, not parents bank balance or some arbitrary percentage of the population. VAT would be abolished, because it is the principal source of funding for the EU, and is largely controlled by the EC. They do not accept the concept of “road pricing” nor that everyone should be photographed all day and every day, they were also against the war in Iraq.

Here is the fun thing though, not enough people vote for them in any given constituency to get a seat in parliament, so when the Sensible (Tory), Silly (Labour) and Very silly party, all unanimously agree to introduce state funding of political parties on the basis of the number of seats held by a party, the UKIP will disappear in a puff of smoke.

When government becomes obsessed by spying on its own people, you know they have lost the plot, and that has been steadily happening here since the Attlee government, paranoia is a sister to socialism.

So what has happened after sixty years of this crap from both Tories and Labour? The gap between rich and poor is wider than ever, social mobility is more or less non existent, and we are continuously being frightened by:

Reds under the bed

Nuclear war

Ice age

Salmonella in eggs


Mad cow disease

Millennium bugs

Passive smoking


Leaded petrol


Global warming;

All of which have been unnecessarily exaggerated for the purpose of gaining more control. Out of this list, none have proved to be true, and global warming will be no different, terrorism is caused by government. In my view, this is a product that is a long way past its “sell by date” and we should chuck it out before it causes irreparable damage.

How refreshing to vote for a party that is led by a man who drinks too much, smokes too much and would certainly not be against entering Paris after a night out on the town.

Apple Macs

Stephen Jenner
Thumb Up

@Anonymous Coward • Thursday 29th November 2007 23:12

So, DOS then? No not quite!

In my first post on this concept, I suggested that the "old stuff" would run 20 or so applications concurrently, as far as I know Dos only ever ran one..... and very crudely at that, but if your requirement was to run just one game in a 16bit real mode environment, then why not? I am suggesting that we could have 16 or 32bit real mode, or escape from that and call 16, 32 and 64 bit protected mode apps, in their own genuinely isolated environments.

More like this: You are analysing a database containing highly sensitive data which it would be very dangerous to compromise. You are doing this, one record at a time (batch processing), removing for instance, bank account records, before you send the file to the auditor. Inadvertently publishing or losing this sort of data could lose you your job (unless you are a politician!). This application, does not have any networking/internetworking capability, because for the reason stated, you did not load it. It does not have any gui, you did not need it.

It is your lunch break, you decide to check your email and surf the web for a while. Easy... start a child window loaded with the tools you need for this, assign a different area of memory and a separate core if you want to.... any crapware that gets into this environment is completely isolated from the first, "highly sensitive" one. There is so little loaded overall, that there is nowhere to hide for any little viral monsters, or spyware.

Back from lunch you decide that while the batch process is still running (you only gave it a small piece of the available system), you are going to compress a full motion video that you promised a friend. Start up another child window, load the data, and set the compression running, this might require 64bit addressing, again, this runs completely independently from the other two apps that are running.

In other words the user is in control, not the OS, or some script kiddie hacker in a cyber cafe in Timbuktoo or Lagos.

As I said, this concept is not supposed to be a replacement for the MacWindows model, just an alternative. The biggest problem with these, is that they make your hardware a prisoner of the OS, they make themselves into a piece of virtual hardware.

This modular approach to system management is actually under development at the moment. Probably, in my old blokish and amateur way, and due to lack of space, I have not done justice to it either.

I have wittered on, completely off topic, from what really just started as an aside, for far too long now. So back on topic, the choice as to whether to buy a PC or a Mac, and which Mac, etc. really must be up to the individual. I was merely saying, I have owned/used all of them, and they are all equally poor, and it is not due to the hardware, which by any standard, is fantastic.