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Microsoft smooths Windows 7 snafu

Gates Horns

Hope you've all read the readme?!

Lock down your MP3s! There's an issue in the readme, which we know no-one ever reads, unless they're accustomed to testing pre-release (and post-release) software:


"When MP3 files are added (either manually or automatically) to either the Windows Media Player or the Windows Media Center library, or if the file metadata is edited with Windows Explorer, several seconds of audio data may be permanently removed from the start of the file. This issue occurs when files contain thumbnails or other metadata of significant size before importing or editing them."

Now I know this is beta software and all, but it looks like all the folks who're pissed off with Vista are seeing this as a lifeline, not a beta review of an OS. Any sensible beta tester takes precautions before proceding with something like this, but I know I'd be a little ticked off if several seconds of audio were removed from the beginning of any of my tracks (despite the fact they're backed up offsite). There's a fix - but how many people will apply it before letting it see their mp3s? I turned off my NAS media server until the puppy was patched up.

MS takes Windows 3.11 out of embed to put to bed


Yep, I'm still here too

My claim to fame at that time was creating a standardised platform for an office of 20/30 users using 3.11. It was installed on a Netware server mapped drive and the PCs had no local copy. They booted to Dos, connected to the network, and then ran Win.bat which pointed them to this shared installation. The server RAID array was quicker than their local HDDs, so it loaded really quick and their desktop was always the same, locked down. Office was on there too.

The performance and stability was no different to running locally, with the advantage that it was centrally managed.

Who said you couldn't do cool things in those days (on a shoestring too)?